Queer Literary Showcase All The Writers I Know with Michael Garabedian, ellie navidson, Sam Lowry, and H Melt 8/10

Aug ’13
7:00 pm

ATWIKQueer literary salon All The Writers I Know returns Sat, August 10th for their newest showcase, .” Readers include , , , and . Based around the idea of storytelling as a community-building act, producer Mar Curran wanted the event to continue ’s efforts to foster queer-positive space to share written work around the idea of not only surviving obstacles in life but overcoming them to thrive. This topic is something Curran and guest co-producer poet H. Melt felt was important to highlight and celebrate at an event described as “part grown-up story time, part poetry cipher, part cocktail party.”

“Many people in our community face huge challenges, both related to and independent of their queer identities,” says Curran. “Coming together in a safe space to read work about rising above these challenges is hopefully a way to encourage others in the audience to do so themselves.”

Created in 2011 by Patrick Gill and Rosy Phinick in Gill’s living room, ATWIK was started with the hopes of creating a safe space for Chicago queer writers to share their work with one another. Two co-producers aimed to create a space that “lets you feel as comfortable as you would in your own living room.”

For more info: Contact Mar Curran at mcurr7(at)gmail(dot)com or like the All The Writers I Know Facebook page

Saturday, August 10th, 7pm – Free Event