Sam Prekop signs PHOTOGRAPHS at Quimby’s!

Nov ’07
7:00 pm

Sam Prekop signs PHOTOGRAPHS at Quimby’s!

Saturday, November 17th, 7:00 PM

Join Sam Prekop as his signs copies of his new art book Photographs.

This is the first photography book by front-man of the band, The Sea and Cake and all-round artist Sam Prekop. A monochrome photographic journey into Sam’s observation of Chicago cityscape where he resides combined with his continuous spontaneous experiments with geometrical patterns. Experience the subtle and fleeting beauty of the moment.
Comes with CD of original instrumental music by Sam Prekop.


As a long-time admirer of Sam Prekop’s music and his paintings, I was surprised to find that he also takes photographs, though I wasn’t surprised to discover that they share the same relaxed, unpretentious beauty of his more familiar work. To me, the images in this book perfectly capture the utilitarian litter and clutter of Chicago life both inside and out, though distilled into moments of happenstance clarity by his sharp, and apparently unerring, artistic discrimination.
– Chris Ware, 2007

Singer-songwriter Sam Prekop is a man of diverse and impressive talents. During the past decade, Prekop has made a name for himself in the art world that is nearly as prominent as it is in the music world. His paintings have been shown at the Clementine Gallery in New York, the MCA in Houston, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Modern Institute in Glasgow, and many others. He is a musician in the band The Sea and Cake and lives in Chicago.