Apr ’08
7:00 pm

On April 18, Chicago-based writer John Sheppard (author of the cult novel Small Town Punk), author/editor Luca Dipierro, and illustrator Rachel Bradley will be in Chicago reading from the anthology of short stories Santi: Lives of Modern Saints at Quimby’s Bookstore (1854 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL  60622). Reading starts at 7 pm.

Santi: Lives of Modern Saints is an anthology of short stories published by Black Arrow Studio & Press, edited by Luca Dipierro and N. Frank Daniels and illustrated by visual artist Rachel Bradley. Santi brings together some of the most original new voices in contemporary fiction from the US and Italy like Dan Chaon, Rob Roberge, David R. Matthews, John Sheppard, Grant Bailie, Roy Kesey, James P. Othmer, Greg Downs, Giona A. Nazzaro, Claudio Morandini and more.

Revisiting the ancient genre of hagiography (from ancient Greek: biography of saints), Santi: Lives of Modern Saints is a playful reinterpretation of religious images and myths. Twenty-six provocative tales of madness, murder, sin and redemption, fear and folly that peer deeply into the human psyche.

Poet and essayist Bracken Sparks wrote about the book: “The saints in Santi: Lives of Modern Saints are not the saints of eternity. They are the saints of the moment, saints of the small and undone. Their feast days are likely to be any Tuesday night eating Sam’s Club macaroni and cheese. They are sociopathic loners, cubicle prophets, natural heretics, and frayed at the edges, as if painted by Francis Bacon or Dana Schutz.”