The R. Crumb Handbook! event with Aline Kominsky-Crumb,wife of the cartoonist R. Crumb, and Peter Poplaski

Apr ’05
12:00 am

Saturday, April 16th, 7:30PMAline Kominsky-Crumb, wife of the cartoonist R. Crumb,and Peter Poplaski, author of The R. Crumb Handbook!
The R. Crumb Handbook (MQ Publications) is a brand new take on the life,
trials and ideas of one of the most influential cartoonists of the last
forty years. Wry, self-deprecating, and candid, this is an exceptionally
revealing and unexpectedly moving visual biography. Written with his close
friend and fellow cartoonist Peter Poplaski, the new book allows ample room
for the ?father of underground comics? to express his ideas and opinions on
a variety of subjects: fame and celebrity, art and commercialism, sex and
drugs, age and death. At over 400 pages, this hardcover book features over
300 never seen before illustrations from his sketchbooks, 80 personal
photos, interviews, and a special CD of twenty songs of R.Crumb?s original
music. Not to mention it\’s practically a steal at $25.00. The books at the
event will contain a signed bookplate from Robert (who will not be there),
and Pete and Aline will sign the book too.
This event will also be a part
of the R. Crumb National Lookalike Contest where the winner will go on a
date with Aline Kominsky-Crumb. However, at Quimby?s, the winner will win a
signed copy of the R. Crumb Handbook! Also, word has leaked out that Peter
may dress up as Zorro, so if nothing else gets you here, we don?t see why
that wouldn?t do the trick.