Yama Moonbow Accessing the Eye of Wisdom

Apr ’05
12:00 am

Yama Moonbow reads from
Accessing the Eye of Wisdom
Tuesday, April 19th, 7PM
Yama Moonbow is the author of Accessing the Eye of Wisdom, A practical guide to Ultimate Reality will be on hand for a booking signing and discussion. He is a Tattoo Artist who attained enlightenment in May 1998, with his book he hopes to offer a unique perspective on the subject.
This book is not a summation of knowledge comprehended from thousands of books or decades of monastic and ascetic living. It has been written from that place of intuition and inspiration, which exists inside of each of us that, can only be experienced directly. The mission statement of this book is to assist one in having that experience.
Where many books are open ended and leave room for a sequel, this one does not. It is broken down into three parts beginning with the end, then the means of getting there and then the various truths that may be seen after attainment. If life were so simple this book would not be necessary. Although the book is relatively short in page numbers, every word is powerful and the reader will not go away hungry after digesting the contents held within the cover.
From the Author
In May 1998, this direct experience was attained. At that time I did not realize that I had stepped through the mystical door that leads to Universal Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding and Ultimately Wisdom. Though I have had many successes in life, I can only say that this has been the greatest One. It is my intention to revise that statement and say; “the greatest success I have had is to help others attain Ultimate Reality”.
The reason I do not sport my photo on this book is because it is not about me but about you and the experience. This experience is available to everyone regardless of sex, race, nationality, religion, education, etc. Therefore my personal race, nationality, religion, education and so forth are irrelevant.
I can only hope that those who seek will find the answers contained within these pages.