Please Excuse Our Mess: Quimby’s is Upgrading!


Hello dear lovers of all things printed. The staff at Quimby’s wants to give you an update about the goings on at the store.

DID YOU KNOW that we’ve used the same computer operating system since 1999? Wow, yeah, I know.

But things are quickly changing here at Quimby’s. We have brand new computers and a brand new system to ring people up, check in merchandise, monitor sales and all the other Quimbly things we do here at the store.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means we have a lot of files to move over and a lot of work to do, as the entire staff needs to be trained to use the new system.

For you, dear customer, it means it may take us a bit longer to ring you up, answer your questions or fulfill your mail order.

And, dear consigner, it means it’s going to take us a while to get your new items out into the store and to pay you out for titles sold. BUT FEAR NOT. We have all your info on hand. It’s just going to take us a hot minute to transition.

PLEASE BE PATIENT with us as we weather this exciting new phase of Quimby’s. Think of it as Quimby’s 2.0. New and improved.

SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER: If you’re a consigner looking to check in,  get back in touch with us in July, maybe even mid-month. Have new stuff to send to the store? You’re more than welcome to still snail mail and bring stuff by in-person. But, hey, if you’re able to sit on it for a bit and give us a chance to get caught up, we’d sure appreciate it.

We’ll still be the same Quimby’s you remembered, just a bit faster, at least once all of this is through. No, no, we don’t have a self checkout now and we don’t accept bitcoin or anything. Let’s be real, OK?

All of these changes will help us serve you better as you shop, give you a better experience with and, ultimately, make the store even more weirdly awesome, just as you like it.

Thanks for being gentle with us. We appreciate it!

<3 Your Favorite Quimbsters