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Adam Parfrey R.I.P.

With deep sadness we learned that landmark publisher Adam Parfrey of Feral House has passed on May 10th (as reported by the FH Facebook page). FH has always been the resource for underground, extreme and forbidden knowledge, and helped give voice to the voiceless. Without FH we would not be the store that we are. Deepest condolences to all in the Parfrey Feral House family.

Quimby’s Bookstore Podcast Episode #8 With Adam Parfrey & Peter Sotos Now Available

This episode is entitled “We’re Having a Good Time With That Goat, Wish You Were Here: Decadence With Adam Parfrey and Peter Sotos.” Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey, talks about his book Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society: A Visual Guide, and controversial local writer Peter Sotos talks about his book Pure Filth.

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A Night of Ritual Filth: Adam Parfrey & Peter Sotos at Quimby’s 10/17

Oct ’12
7:00 pm

Adam Parfrey Presents Ritual America & Peter Sotos Discusses Pure Filth

ADAM PARFREY presents the strange history of secret societies in America in a slide show.

“Adam Parfrey is one of the nation’s most provocative publishers.”—Seattle Weekly

Based in Port Townsend, Feral House and Process Media are two of the most adventurous, often surprising publishers in the U.S., with a bent for revealing the otherwise obscured, undisclosed or under-documented. Adam Parfrey, himself a writer but also the publisher of both these presses, comes to Quimby’s, to talk and show images from his own new book, Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society: A Visual Guide (Feral House)  co-authored with Craig Heimbichner. Ritual America illuminates the context and preponderance of American males who belonged to fraternal orders and the place of things today in new ways.”

Ritual America won a silver medal from the IPPY awards for American history.

For more info: feralhouse.com/ritual-america/

PETER SOTOS describes his collaborative effort with “Gonzo” porn maven Jamie Gillis.

Jamie Gillis appeared in over one hundred films, and as such was a primary performer in pornography’s “Golden Age.” Gillis is also known for inventing the “Gonzo” genre of pornography, played out in the film Boogie Nights by Burt Reynolds’ character.

Pure Filth appears as transcripts from the films Jamie produced during these early years of radical and highly personal pornography.

Extreme novelist Peter Sotos was a good friend of Jamie Gillis, and Sotos’ unusual perspective makes this volume possible.

Wednesday, October 17th, 7pm – Free Event