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Larry-bob Roberts Reads From The International Homosexual Conspiracy

Oct ’10
7:00 pm

IntlHomoConsLarry-bob Roberts is into sparking culture, politics, and creating fusions between the two. Since 1989, he has been publishing in print (and now online) the queer culture zine, Holy Titclamps. In The International Homosexual Conspiracy, a series of cultural polemics on an unexpected array of contemporary topics — from mistaken first impressions (“Presumed Hetero Unless Proven Gay”) to sustainable yet unaffordable pants (“Socially Responsible Pants”) to critiques of bourgeois mindsets (“Middle Class Writer”) — author Larry-bob Roberts offers hilarious insights into the absurdities of modern life and queer culture. His humorous observations are destined to jostle readers’ complacency and confirm their worst suspicions.

Straight people need this book to learn what one of those freaky queers thinks. Mainstream gays need this book to see that there are other ways of expressing homosexuality culturally. Non-mainstream queers need this book to read something that reflects their own points of view. Readers with short attention spans need this book because the chapters are in bite-sized pieces. Fans of satire need this book for a good laugh. Fundamentalist Christians need this book as evidence of the decadence of modern society. In a humorously confrontational way, The International Homosexual Conspiracy is not only raging, but also engaging.

“Astute, as well as relatively ego-free, Roberts is one of the gay anarchist movement’s clearest
thinkers.” — Dennis Cooper, author of Closer

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Richard Thomas Reads From Transubstantiate with Otherworld Authors

Oct ’10
7:00 pm

TransubstantiateRichard Thomas’s Transubstantiate constructs a collection of voices that reveals a disturbing futuristic vision of terror and beauty. The novel’s island paradise, its imprisoned inhabitants, and the digital presence that works to control them, merge with ancient forces of rite and belief to create a surreal and devastating collage. This is a work that captures a world we almost know, its realities enough to raise an uneasy sense of potentiality. Richard Thomas was the winner of the ChiZine Publications 2009 “Enter the World of Filaria” contest.  His short story “Maker of Flight” was chosen by Filaria author Brent Hayward and Bram Stoker Award-Winning editor Brett Alexander Savory.  Some of his publishing credits include Cemetery Dance (Shivers VI, early 2010), Living Dead Press (Eternal Night: A Vampire Anthology), 3:AM Magazine, Word Riot, Dogmatika, The Oddville Press, Colored Chalk, Cause & Effect, Gold Dust, Vain, Nefarious Muse, Troubadour 21, Cherry Bleeds and Opium. In his spare time he edits and designs for Colored Chalk and Sideshow Fables and is a workshop moderator at The Cult ( He is currently writing his second novel, a neo-noir, transgressive thriller entitled Disintegration.  Richard is also a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Transubstantiate is, is — it’s a visual: that 2001 baby opening its eyes in the monolith, but the monolith is shrouded in this story of loss and hope and identity, and encoded in the cadence of that story, if you listen close, is the genetic map with which to draw this impossible celestial infant, opening its eyes on the page, looking right into you.”  Stephen Graham Jones, All the Beautiful Sinners, Demon Theory, The Ones That Got Away

Transubstantiate is an intricately-woven dystopian thriller, with every thread pulled tight. This is a solid debut from Richard Thomas.”
—Craig Clevenger, The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria

Also joining the bill is Chicago author Laura Griffith, who will read from her book Remember, David Rosenstein all the way from Colorado to read from newly released The Silk Worm, and Nik Korpon from his soon to be released Stay God! (Otherworld Publications).

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Active Transportation Experts Jason Rothstein and John Greenfield

Oct ’10
7:00 pm

Two of Chicago’s experts on “active transportation” adventure come together to discuss the joys of exploring your environment without stinking up the environment. Jason Rothstein and John Greenfield read from their books celebrating car-free travel, Carless in Chicago and Bars Across America.

Carless In Chicago: Survive and Thrive Car-Free In the Windy City by Jason Rothstein

carlessImagine living in Chicago with more money in your pocket, a smaller bulge around your middle, and less stress about getting from point A to B. Whether you’re an autoholic or a motorphobic, carless by choice or carless by circumstance, a savvy native or adventurous visitor, Carless in Chicago is the indispensable reference and guide to enjoying the city without that money-eating, gas-guzzling, smog-emiting two-ton monkey on your back.

Carless in Chicago is the most comprehensive guide to getting around Chicago I’ve ever seen, covering every aspect of travel. It’s an invaluable resource.” – Andrew Huff, Gapers Block

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BarsAcrossAmLoResBars Across America: Drinking and Biking From Coast To Coast by John Greenfield

In Bars Across America, longtime Chicago green transportation advocate John Greenfield tells of his 5,000-mile bicycle journey from Astoria, OR, to Portland, ME, stopping to check out 48 taverns along the way. Part travelogue, part guidebook, part ode to the vanishing community tap, Bars Across America is the story of one man’s two-wheeled trek in search of the perfect pint.

“As John spins his yarn across the U.S. via roads, paths and pubs, you’ll wish at some point you’d gone along.” – Dave “Mr. Bike” Glowacz, author of Urban Bikers’ Tips and Tricks

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Michael O’Flaherty Reads Shiny Shiny

Oct ’10
4:00 pm


Shiny, Shiny: A Novel by Michael O’Flaherty is a retooled, rocket-fueled Alice In Wonderland for the grandchildren of Marx and Coca-Cola.

In his critical essays on rock and roll for The Baffler, Michael O’Flaherty investigated the complex attempts of human subjectivity and imagination to transcend the political and social constraints of everyday life. Now, in his novel Shiny Shiny, that exploration broadens and deepens into the realm of dreams and possible worlds. The narrative tracks the protagonist, Jane, as her quest for a place to open up and become one takes her from memories of her ‘70s/‘80s girlhood, to exurban family life, to armed communist revolution, only to end in the one destination she never expected….

When put on the spot, O’Flaherty will cite writers like Jane Bowles, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Jean Rhys, and Eduardo Galeano as having influenced his work.  But comic books, punk rock, and the wide world of TV (sometimes observed while semi-conscious) have played an equally important role in his writing.

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