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Chicago Zine Fest Open Meeting: Sat, Nov 17th at the Chicago Public Library, Logan Square Branch

While planning for Chicago Zine Fest 2013 is already in full swing, CZF would love to get input from you! They’re holding an open meeting to gather opinions & ideas for the upcoming fest. (If you don’t live in Chicago but want to send suggestions, email them at chicagozinefest@gmail.org)
Saturday, November 17 at 2pm
Chicago Public Library: Logan Square Branch
3030 W. Fullerton Ave.
Click here for the Facebook event for this meeting.
Please note: this meeting is NOT at Quimby’s.

And also! Check out the official 2013 artwork for CZF at chicagozinefest.org by the talented Laura Berger.

Punk Rock Karaoke Fundraiser for Chicago Zine Fest

And hey! Chicago Zine Fest is march 8th-9th, 2013. Click here for more info.

Not at Quimby’s: Hallow-Zine Chicago Zine Fest Fundraiser

Come get spooky at Hallow-Zine, a fundraiser to benefit the 2013 Chicago Zine Fest! This all-ages event will feature zine readings from local ghouls, some monstrous tunes, and tarot readings for a little extra cash. $5 suggested donation, October 25th, 8pm, at 2110 S Halsted (enter through the alley).

Featured readers include:
Brenton Harper-Murray (Dead of the Union: A Historical Zombie Novel)
Jim Joyce (Let It Sink)
Edie Fake (Gaylord Phoenix)
Dave Roche (About My Disappearance, On Subbing)
Gas Mask Horse (Start Your Own Haunted House)
Rosy Phinick (Bacterial Turned Viral),
scary songs performed by Dalice Malice (Curioddity)

Want more info? Check out the Facebook event page for more details.

Want more info about Chicago Zine Fest? See chicagozinefest.org

Guest Blogger: Chicago Zine Fest Co-Organizer Johnny Misfit, on CZF 2012

Top 5 Memories of Chicago Zine Fest 2012
by Johnny Misfit

As an organizer for Chicago Zine Fest, my vantage point is quite different from the view I was once used to, sitting behind a table as an exhibitor. My fellow organizers and I were concerned with making the festival the best we could for everyone, and this meant busying ourselves from September to March, and during Zine Fest weekend, running around and putting out fires (not real ones thank goodness). But now that the fest is over, I wanted to take a minute and recall some of the great things I remember and share them with you. Feel free to share yours with me too.

5) 2012 Artwork by Lilli Carre
From the moment Lilli sent us the artwork, I was in awe (immediately making it my laptop’s desktop background). We all realized its splendor, and used the imagery for everything from our website to the large banners we had printed up to use at the fest. One of the great things we have continued to do is incorporate amazing artwork from talented local artists and zinesters. If you haven’t gotten a silk screen poster yet, there are still some left. Thanks Lilli.

4) Silver Tongue Student Reading
As one of our sponsors for the past two years, Columbia College Chicago’s Silver Tongue Reading Series has been overwhelmingly accommodating to helping make our vision for zine fest events a reality. The Silver Tongue panel gives our invited guests another way to interact with their fans, and allows the audience to be active participants, engaging in the conversation. This year’s panel was no exception.  As part of Silver Tongue’s contribution, they curate a cast of student readers that perform before the panel. The 2012 Silver Tongue Student Board really stepped it up this year. Their selection of five female readers brought the goods. The emotions ranged from quirky, silly, emotional, to a bit racy. Booking a lineup of great readers is a difficult. High fives to all involved (Thanks Ian and Fran, Mairead and Jill).

3) Art Noose at the 2012 Exhibitor’s Reading
First off, mad props to Art Noose for traveling from Pittsburgh, PA, while pregnant. That’s dedication. But what do you expect from a zinester who has released 94 issues (and counting) of the letterpress zine Ker-bloom! Art Noose’s story (which will appear in issues 94 and 95 of Ker-bloom!) was a touching yet outrageous personal narrative about her decision and ensuing adventure to conceive her baby. Her tone was genuine and the story’s movement made everyone root for a happy ending. Her reading at zine fest was one that someday she will share to her child with pride. Thanks Art Noose!

2) Ayun Holiday’s performance at the Karaoke After Party
This was the event of the weekend that moved me the most. I never met Ayun, who is such a genuinely positive soul. At the fest, I was crammed into an elevator with her and half a dozen others. Instead of bemoaning the situation, she laughed it off, striking up a conversation with us all. If you scan through any of the zine fest photos you will come across Ayun immediately. She’s the woman with the headband that reads ZINES. Now jump to the karaoke after party. By this point in the weekend, most everyone (including us organizers) was so burned out. This wasn’t the case for Ayun. Before she took the stage to deliver her rendition of “These Boots are Made for Walking,” Ayun made a joke about bagels, fitting from the woman who penned the Zinesters Guide to New York. Everyone around the stage about lost it. It was one of those you-had-to-be-there moments. She kept smiling and laughing during the whole performance. Her enjoyment was genuine. It was apparent Ayun was happy to be part of this event, this weekend. Her emotion made me glad to be part of it all of this too. I was filled with excitement for being part of this community. People still care. Seeing everyone enjoy this weekend made all the extra effort planning this festival worth it. Thank you, Ayun.

1) Billy da Bunny as Zine Olympics Referee
For this, I have no clue where to begin. Billy was one of the reasons I got into zines; the main reason I found out there was a Chicago zine community. He lives in Albuquerque, NM, and has established the Zine Olympics event at the ABQ Zine Fest. Chicago Zine Fest organizers worked directly with Billy to develop the competitions and rules for this version of the Zine Olympic Games. I hadn’t seen Billy since probably the 2010 zine fest but from the instant I walked into Quimby’s for the Olympics he was easy to spot with his set of fuzzy bunny ears bobbing through the crowd. He wore a black and white referee shirt accessorized with a swinging silver medallion. Once the Olympics events began, Billy was non-stop energy. As the official, he was stern, unbending, and entertaining. In the precision folding competition, most notably the tri-fold section, Billy’s judging rung with authority built from his years of being a zinester. Then there were the explanations he gave to support his judgments such as, “Would you send this through the mail?” or “Does this look correct to you?” He was unrelenting. The energy he put forth made the contestants compete hard and kept audience captivated. This event was entertaining for zinesters and spectators alike. Billy was a complete part from the design to the execution of this event. This was my personal favorite event of the weekend. Thank you, Billy.

Photo by Oscar Arriola / fotoflow

0) Organizing with my fellow organizers
This may seem a bit self serving, but I wanted to take a small opportunity to thank my fellow zine fest organizers for helping put together such an overwhelming weekend. For all the countless days and hours we put into this, for all the memories that this fest generated and for all the smiles that came about, I wanted to thank you for making this year possible. Thank you, Leslie, Jen, Oscar, Heather and Neil.

(CZF organizers LtoR: Jen Twigg, John Wawrzaszek, Leslie Perrine, Neil Brideau, Heather Colby, photo by glitter guts)

John works at Columbia College as Recycling Manager and is a Fiction Writing student. He self-publishes the Muse, the News, and the Noose, curates the reading series Two Cookie Minimum and is a contributing writer to Gapers Block.

Chicago Zine Fest Volunteers Needed!

The Chicago Zine Fest is run entirely by volunteers, so your willingness to pitch in is sincerely appreciated. Here’s the announcement from the nice folks at CZF:

CZF needs volunteers the weekend before the fest (March 4th) and for the actual tabling day of the fest (March 10th). Below you will find descriptions of the volunteer opportunities available and the times we need help. Please read through the information and if you are able to participate send us an e-mail to chicagozinefest(at)gmail(dot)com with your full name, phone number, the type of volunteering you’d like to do, & what day/shift you prefer (please list three choices for shifts that you are interested in — if your first choice has been filled, we will move to the next available shift on your list). We appreciate your excitement and willingness to help, and will work around your schedules.

Volunteer opportunity available in preparation for the Chicago Zine Fest:

Sign Making Party! It has become a Chicago Zine Fest tradition to host a Sign Making Party the weekend or two before the zine fest. By this we mean the creation of informational signs to be hung at the venues i.e. “Information Table”,“Restroom This Way”, etc. The Sign Making Party will be held on Sunday, March 4th from 3-5pm at the Read/Write Library (914 N. California). We’ll supply all of the materials needed — all you have to do is let us know you are coming!
Volunteer opportunities for day two of the fest, Saturday March 10th at Columbia College, 1104 South Wabash:

Set-up volunteers. This will involve helping set up chairs and tables, putting up posters and signs, etc. You’ll have first crack at the free coffee! This shift is from 9-11am.

Information/Registration table volunteers. You will be responsible for maintaining one of the information tables at the zine fest exhibition. This includes handing out programs and answering any basic questions exhibitors and visitors have. Shifts are as follows:
Shift One: 9:30am-12pm
Shift Two: 12-2pm
Shift Three: 2-4pm
Shift Four: 4-6pm

Exhibitor food room volunteers. We will be offering free snacks & lunch to the zine fest exhibitors and volunteers. You will be responsible for maintaining the food room; refilling supplies as needed, making sure nobody eats a days worth of food or stuffs a tote bag full of chips, and cleaning any messes or spills. There will also be a coffee service by employees from Wormhole coffee shop. You may be asked to assist them with refilling water, cleaning up or where needed. Shifts are as follows:
Shift One: 11-1pm
Shift Two: 1-3:30pm
Shift Three: 3:30-6pm

Workshop volunteers. Tasks include helping workshop presenters with any sort of set up or breakdown (i.e. moving chairs around), monitoring the time and signalling to the presenter when time is nearing wrap up, cleaning up any materials left after the room is cleared. These shifts will be in blocks based on the length of the workshop, which vary.  Workshops start at 12pm and run until 5:45pm. If you are interested in helping with a workshop, let us know! We’ll email you the workshop list (with times) once it is finalized.

Art & Reading Room volunteers. This year’s zine fest will feature a room that features exhibitors’ artwork, as well as examples of the zines that are available for purchase at the fest. Tasks include handing out floor maps to folks interested in particular zines (so that they can purchase zines at the authors’ table), making sure no one steals the zines, making sure no one removes or tampers with the artwork, and answering general questions about the art or zines. The art show will begin to come down at 5:30. The last shift may require assistance with de-installing art pieces, returning zines or art work to exhibitors at the fest, and compiling all reading room zines into one box. Shifts are as follows:
Shift One: 9:30-12pm
Shift Two: 12-2pm
Shift Three: 2-4pm
Shift Four: 4-6pm

Kids table volunteers. The kids table will feature all of the materials that kids need to make their own zine on-site! Tasks include greeting the kids, encouraging them to make a zine, showing them the clip art/markers/etc, and taking pictures of their finished works. Shifts are as follows:
Shift One: 11-1pm
Shift Two: 1-3:30pm
Shift Three: 3:30-6pm

Roaming volunteer shifts. You will be available to attendees, exhibitors, other volunteers and organizers on either the first or eighth floor for miscellaneous tasks. Duties also include clean up of materials dropped on the ground (look for recycling bins throughout the building). You will be asked to direct patrons to where elevators, bathrooms, workshop/art rooms are. You might be asked to relieve an exhibitor from their table, thereby sitting at a exhibitors’ tables if they need to use the restroom, etc. Shifts are as follows:
Shift One: 10am-12pm
Shift Two: 12-2pm
Shift Three: 2-4pm
Shift Four: 4-6pm

Tear down/clean up volunteers. We only have one hour to close up shop! Tasks include breaking down tables and chairs, removing any zine fest signs posted on the walls (including adhesive), and general clean up of waste materials (again, recycling is key!). This shift is from 6-7pm.

(Please note that all venues are wheelchair accessible.)