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Help the Quimby’s Bookstore & Photo Gallery NYC Upgrade!


Help the awesome Steven Svymbersky pay for custom-made, hand-painted Chris Ware signs to be displayed outside Quimby’s Bookstore NYC! It’ll look so great, you’ll help pay for it, and you’ll get cool swag. Also, did we mention there will be gold-leaf rays, a “donut-shaped” sign, and a “fake” sign on the building over the window that advertising Svymbersky’s Cabinetry and Conveyance? Oh yes. Indie-Go-Go campaign here.

Info courtesy of Quimby’s Founder Steven Svymbersky!

“From book release parties to photo galleries celebrating NYC’s oftentimes ignored buskers, Quimby’s is becoming a proud Brooklyn community member. The owner, Steven Svymbersky has dedicated himself to designing a magical shop to match its magical patrons. The creation of the store was completely funded by Svymbersky up to now. While we do have a disco ball, this design project is not complete just yet and we at Quimby’s need your support to put the finishing touches on the front of the store.”

For more info: Quimby’s Bookstore & Photo Gallery NYC Upgrade Campaign.


In the Big Apple? See Jenna Citrus Release Party at Quimby’s Bookstore NYC 4/8

Quimby’s Bookstore NYC is at 536 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, (718) 384-1215. @quimbysnyc

Jenna Citrus is traveling to Quimby’s in Brooklyn, New York to release two new books: The Hand Painting Series and An Opened Book End on Sat, April 8th at 2pm.

According to the artist:

“The Hand Painting Series showcases a selection of the best images from my hand paintings. I worked with a variety of individuals to create three finished pieces: a photograph of their hand, a completed 11×14 canvas painting, then a digitally created pattern for use on clothing or other surface design pieces. These images are exhibited in this full color book with over 40 images from the series.”

An Opened Book End weaves a fabric of dreamlike streams into fragmented realities. Pursuing memories from the past and turning experience into verse, Jenna Citrus recounts her years from 15 to 22. Allusive references are made to relationships, trust, heartbreak, family, technology, women, art, culture, creativity, society, inner being, sexuality, and culture’s influence on current existence through internal thought and reflection.

Jenna Citrus has always been a hands-on type of painter. When she first started creating her painted designs in 2007, she rarely used brushes. Instead she used her fingers, palms, and sometimes pallet knives. As her work progressed, she found herself pulled toward splattering paint from the paint that pooled in the palm of her hands, creating mixes of colors that were pure and bold. Citrus has worked in a variety of media including graphic art, photography, and portraiture. Jenna wanted to find a way to incorporate the process of how the hands could sometimes be more of a masterpiece than the canvas they were working on. She created a series of images utilizing hands as her canvas. From the age of 10, Jenna enjoyed writing short stories, around 14 her interests shifted to poetry and painting, in a few years she added photography to her craft. She graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2015 then was awarded the Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship in 2016. She is currently working as a full time creator.

To see a preview of the books, check out her Kickstarter.

Here’s the link for the Facebook invite for this event!

Quimby's Bookstore NYC logo


Feb ’17
7:00 pm




7:00 – 10:00

At 7:00 PM, Steven Svymbersky will give a short slide show talk on the history of zines followed by champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

This event is also the opening for the first major survey of works by sculptor and collage artist, Eric Kirsammer.

Quimby’s Bookstore NYC

536 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211



quimbysbookstorenyc can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr

Quimby’s Bookstore NYC joins Desert Island Comics on Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg to bring you every cool, queer, sick, rad, aberrant, dope, weird, impossible publication available, something you never knew existed but that now you need.

Steven Svymbersky originally opened Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood in 1991.  That store recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Quimby’s specializes in zines, alternative magazines and underground books. Subject matter includes LGBTQ, Anarchism, Tattooing, Creative Resistance, Drugs, Minority and Women’s Issues, Taxidermy, Occult, Punk Rock, Cycling, Urban Farming, Vegetarianism, Morbid Anatomy, as well as the more outré artists working in fiction and photography. 

In December 2016, Svymbersky opened the second Quimby’s location next door to Desert Island Comics (Best Comics Resource, Village Voice 2016). Desert Island has been on Metropolitan Ave over eight years.  Founder, Gabe Fowler is also the publisher of the comics anthology Resist!/Smoke Signals and every year in November organizes New York’s largest underground comics convention, Comics Art Brooklyn.

Quimby’s Bookstore NYC OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!

It’s true!!!!!

536 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (right next to Desert Island! Like an awesome independent publishing extravaganza!!!!)

Quimby’s Bookstore NYC Hours:
Sun noon-7pm
Mon 2-9pm
Tues-Sat 12-9

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Wanna consign stuff? Here’s a link to the consignment form as well as what Quimby’s Bookstore NYC will and won’t take.

Quimby’s Bookstore NYC ALMOST OPEN!

qbnycIt’s true! It’s true! Quimby’s Bookstore in New York is almost open!!!!! And your zines are wanted there!!! Here are words from Steven Svymbersky, who wants them from you to sell there!! Words form him below, as well as the consignment form. Yeah!!!


Quimby’s Bookstore NYC is ready to start receiving your zines and books on consignment. There are two important things you need to know before sending me your publications:

1. The trademark “Quimby’s” and the trademarked logo are used with the permission of the  mark’s owner, Chicago Comics Inc., which owns and operates Quimby’s. Neither the Chicago-based Quimby’s Bookstore or Chicago Comics are in any way responsible for transactions made with Quimby’s Bookstore NYC, a wholly independent company and sole proprietorship of Steven Svymbersky.

2. Quimby’s Bookstore NYC will not accept/sell graphic novels, comic books, comic-related art, zines,books or novelties. Quimby’s Bookstore NYC is located next door to Desert Island Comics, a retailer of all the finest comics and graphic art publications. To sell your comics/graphic arts we encourage you to contact Gabe Fowler at desertislandbrooklyn@gmail.com for more information on how to consign your comics and graphic arts publications.

For any comics publishers that may be disappointed that there is not a new store to sell their wares, you need to know that there was no way I was going to be able to afford enough space in New York to carry all the publications that the much larger store in Chicago can handle. Had I moved somewhere farther from Desert Island and carried comics I would have had to make very hard decisions about what publications I could take and I would have had to turn a lot of publishers away. Finding this space next door to the best comic book store in New York is a huge blessing. Now fans can find all the great alternative publications they want in one easy to reach location. And between the two stores we can be all-inclusive. Gabe Fowler has been completely supportive and encouraging to my opening next door and in the spirit of true collaboration I do not want to compete with Desert Island in any way.

If you want to sell your graphic novels, comics and graphic arts publications and novelties you can write to Gabe Fowler at desertislandbrooklyn@gmail.com.

If you have non-comics or graphic arts zines, books or novelties, you can write to me, Steven Svymbersky at quimbysbookstorenyc@gmail.com.

We are excited to provide a one-stop location for every amazing publication out there. Send us yours and if you’re in New York be sure to come and visit us at:

Desert island Comics540 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Quimby’s Bookstore NYC, 
536 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Consignment form for zines below!)

Steven Svymbersky