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Nov ’04
12:00 am

Saturday, November 27, 11:00 AM
Oh my god, almost 10-13 years worth of vintage rare and old school zines go on sale today from the Zine Guide archives. Most of them will be priced at $1 to $2, so complete your collection or just come get some great holiday suprises. You are guaranteed to FREAK OUT. These zines will be out for sale for the next month or so, but we suspect the good stuff will disappear on the 27th. So wake up early and join in the hunt

Win, Lose, or Draw with Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, Paul Hornschemeier, and John Hankiewicz

Nov ’04
12:00 am

At 8:00PM on December the 17th join the Holy Consumption for Win Loose or Draw
The Holy Consumption consists of:
Jeffrey Brown, author of Clumsy, Unlikely, and the recently released Bighead. His work has also been featured in McSweeney\’s no.13, Drawn and Quarterly Showcase no.2, Blood Orange, and Kramers Ergot 4.
John Hankiewicz, creator of the series Tepid, and winner of the Xeric Grant for Self-Publishing. John?s work has also appeared in Arthur, Blood Orange, The Chicago Reader, and Kramers Ergot 4.
Paul Hornschemeier, creator of the series Forlorn Funnies and Sequential, as well as the graphic novel Mother, Come Home. Paul\’s work has also appeared in Michael Chabon\’s Escapist series, The Chicago Reader, Project:Telstar, and Autobiographix.
Anders Nilsen, author of the recently released Dogs and Water from Drawn and Quarterly, as well as the series Big Questions and the xeric grant winning Ballad of The Two Headed Boy. Anders work has also appeared in Blood Orange, Kramers Ergot 4, and The Chicago Reader.
The Holy Consumption will be marking its two year anniversary with the second ever (simultaneous) appearance of its four members and with a game of Win, Lose, or Draw. The Holy Consumption will play the now defunct television show with audience members, with Anders, Jeffrey, Paul, and John doing the drawing, and prizes going to the winning team. Afterwards the four creators will sign books.

Gregory Jacobsen & Dan Gleason

Nov ’04
12:00 am

Gregory Jacobsen & Dan Gleason
Tuesday November 16th 8PM
Gregory Jacobsen will read from his latest novel “Life is a tasty, tender brisket,” talk about comfort foods, discuss proper handling technique of several rare meats, and expose his extremely unique pelvic disorder for the first time in the U.S. nation. Dan Gleason will hum tunes from his album, “Songs of Sex, Songs of Pride,” re-creating his own 1978 appearance on the show ‘Dinah and Friends,’ for all to enjoy.
From Dan:
On November 16, Gregory Jacobsen and I will host a
multi-media event at Quimby’s, featuring multiple
medias, dual or triple (triumvirate ?) uses of
different mediums of expression, and, media. Media
will be utilized to tell tales which we have scribed
first in our hearts, and then fleshed out on paper.
We’ll show you our flesh. If you don’t live in town,
there is no need to make calendricular markings. But
if you do, I think you should be there, because you
may or may not like it. So mark them now, unless you
don’t like experiences, because that is what this
reading will be. On November 16th. 8 pm. If it’s
your anniversary, I suggest divorce. If it’s father’s
birthday, I’m more than willing to slay the lying
bastard, who more than likely is cheating on your
douting, loving mother. If it’s your mother’s
birthday, than she has guilt-tripped you into
witnessing her day of celebration for long enough and
you should tell her ‘forget you’ and come to Quimby’s,
where me and Greg will be reading stories to people
who have otherwise chosen to be there. Other tell off
options- we’ll discuss them later- Bonnie has to use
the computer right now, and I’m a good, good friend.
It’s November 16
Dan Gleason

READ zine making party

Nov ’04
12:00 am

Highschool Space Hosts Zine Making Party Nov. 21
Wicker Park, Chicago, IL —
Highschool Art Space hosts “READ Zine Making Party #5” at 7:30 p.m. Sunday,
Nov. 21st 2004.
The READ Party promotes media literacy and DIY ethics in a hands-on
Bring your friends, cameras, journals, and ideas to fill the blank pages
distributed at the entrance.
Pages created at the READ Party will be published in READ Zine #5, the
culmination of the event.
Publishers and zinesters are encouraged to bring their wares to trade &
In the past two decades “zines” — an informal word derived from “magazine”
— have become
a street art and literary phenomenon.
They are self-published periodicals often photocopied, noncommercial, and
frequently confrontational with mainstream culture and media.
The estimated 20,000 zines that exist in the United States today vary
largely in topic appealing to numerous audiences with specialized interests.
The READ Zine Making Party is made possible by Quimby’s, Loop Distro and a grant from the City of Chicago’s Community Arts Assistance Program [CAAP].
For more info on this event please contact project coordinator at
More press, info & sample pages from previous issues can be found at
Highschool is located at 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL,
60622 and maintains a website at or email

Live GEEK MAGIC with Tomas

Nov ’04
12:00 am

The Amazing Tomascelebrates the
release ofGeek Magicwith LIVE MAGICSaturday, November 6th, 8:00 PM
Tomas, the professional magician, has had hundreds of shows throughout Chicago land–GREAT AMERICA, THE ALLSTATE ARENA, DOUBLE DOOR, CONGRESS THEATER, THE ODIUM, THE VIC, and THE HOUSE OF BLUES. Plus he?s kinda known by the magic nerds because of his marvelous \”CARDIOLOGIST DECK\”, the EXCHANGE, and \”AMAZING MAGIC WITH ROPE\” DVDs that are sold around the world (no kiddin). From Joey\’s eighth birthday in Hinsdale, Illinois to warming the stage for Insane Clown Posse, & Cyprus Hill nothing is beneath him. He has toured with the William Darke Psycho Circus and most recently you can catch him performing in the Lavender Cabaret at the Lakeshore Theater. Despite all the work performing, Tomas has managed to schmooze himself a job at the nation\’s largest magic manufacturer (FUN Inc.) working as a Customer Service Manager-WOW!
Tomas will be celebrating the release of his new Geek Magic DVD. Get ready to \”stun the teaming masses\” with bizarre feats impressive enough to amaze even the most jaded audiences. Geek magic is not the ordinary instructional magic DVD. This is a delightfully creepy collection of shocker pieces guaranteed to become reputation makers. The DVD is entertaining to watch and you too can learn how to: Swallow and Manipulate Razor Blades, Produce Live Bugs, Become a Human Spittoon, Ingest an Inflated Balloon, Drink Motor Oil, Chew on Broken Glass And Much More! This magic is not intended for the faint of heart – or stomach.
For the evenings festivities of shock and delight Tomas will perform Magic and be joined by his friend Bob Rumba, professional ventriloquist.