Win, Lose, or Draw with Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, Paul Hornschemeier, and John Hankiewicz

Nov ’04
12:00 am

At 8:00PM on December the 17th join the Holy Consumption for Win Loose or Draw
The Holy Consumption consists of:
Jeffrey Brown, author of Clumsy, Unlikely, and the recently released Bighead. His work has also been featured in McSweeney\’s no.13, Drawn and Quarterly Showcase no.2, Blood Orange, and Kramers Ergot 4.
John Hankiewicz, creator of the series Tepid, and winner of the Xeric Grant for Self-Publishing. John?s work has also appeared in Arthur, Blood Orange, The Chicago Reader, and Kramers Ergot 4.
Paul Hornschemeier, creator of the series Forlorn Funnies and Sequential, as well as the graphic novel Mother, Come Home. Paul\’s work has also appeared in Michael Chabon\’s Escapist series, The Chicago Reader, Project:Telstar, and Autobiographix.
Anders Nilsen, author of the recently released Dogs and Water from Drawn and Quarterly, as well as the series Big Questions and the xeric grant winning Ballad of The Two Headed Boy. Anders work has also appeared in Blood Orange, Kramers Ergot 4, and The Chicago Reader.
The Holy Consumption will be marking its two year anniversary with the second ever (simultaneous) appearance of its four members and with a game of Win, Lose, or Draw. The Holy Consumption will play the now defunct television show with audience members, with Anders, Jeffrey, Paul, and John doing the drawing, and prizes going to the winning team. Afterwards the four creators will sign books.