Erick Lyle a.k.a Iggy Scam at Quimby’s!

Aug ’08
7:00 pm

“Forget the statistics and pretentious analysis of urban society. Take a walk through the city with and discover the reality of how people live in an American city.”Howard Zinn

“Erick Lyle’s SCAM: MY favorite zine of all-time”Pete the Dishwasher

Join Erick Lyle as he reads from his new book On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of The City.

On the Lower Frequencies is at once a manual, memoir, and history of creative resistance in a world awash with war and poverty.  With these tales of squatting the ruins of the dot-com era, playing hit-and-run punk shows in the streets and organizing neighborhood anti-war parades, the editor of the underground classic SCAM magazine, Erick Lyle, traces not only the evolution of cities, but of his own thinking — and in so doing, gives the reader inspiration for living defiantly.

Erick Lyle, once upon a time known as , has been editing SCAM magazine and traveling around the nation in various bands since 1991.  Lyle will be playing in Chicago a few days before with his band BLACK RAINBOW at the Mauled By Tigers fest.