Matt Briggs Event

Apr ’07
12:00 am

Matt Briggs ReadsSunday April 22nd 4PM
Matt Briggs is from Snoqualmie, a river valley draining into Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast of North America. He is the author of a novel, SHOOT THE BUFFALO, published by Clear Cut Press. The Before Columbus Foundation awarded the book an American Book Award in 2006. StringTown Press published two collections of his stories, MISPLACED ALICE and THE MOSS GATHERERS. His first book, a collection of linked stories, was published by Black Heron Press. Recent stories have been in or will be in First Intensity, The Clackamas Literary Review, Spork, and The Steel City Review. Briggs has never lived in a large American city and has on occasion lived in houses with intermittent access to running water and/or electricity.
Elizabeth Crane is the author of the upcoming YOU MUST BE THIS HAPPY TO ENTER (coming this fall from Punk Planet Books) and two collections of short stories from Little, Brown, WHEN THE MESSENGER IS HOT and ALL THIS HEAVENLY GLORY. Her work has also been featured in publications including Washington Square, New York Stories, Sycamore Review, Book, Florida Review, Eclipse, Bridge, Sonora Review, the Chicago Reader, Sleepwalk, the Believer, McSweeney’s Future Dictionary of America, The Banana King, and All Hands On: The 2ndhand Reader. She received the Chicago Public Library 21st Century Award, granted by The Chicago Public Library Foundation, in October 2003. A New York City native, she now lives in Chicago with her husband and teaches writing at Northwestern’s School of Continuing Studies andThe University of
Patrick Somerville grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, lived in one or two large American cities, and earned his MFA in creative writing from Cornell University. He has taught creative writing at both Cornell and Auburn SCF. His first book of
short stories, TROUBLE, came out in September of 2006 (Vintage). He lives in Chicago and is 428 years old.
Anne Elizabeth Moore is the co-editor of PUNK PLANET, the editor of the BEST AMERICAN COMICS, and the authoress of HEY KIDZ, BUY THIS BOOK and the upcoming UNMARKETABLE: BRANDALISM, COPYFIGHTING, MOCKETING, AND THE EROSION OF INTEGRITY. For two years running, she has been the recipient of the coveted Anne Elizabeth Moore Award for Excellence in Awesomeness. She lives in Chicago.
Sunday, April 22th, 4:00 PM