Apr ’07
12:00 am

Featuring readings by
Todd Taylor (Los Angeles)
Jennifer Whiteford (Ottawa)
Mike Falloon (Brewster, NY)
Jonathan Messinger (Chicago)
hosted by THE2NDHAND ( designer/illustrator Rob
For one week in April, three intrepid folks are going to hop in a station
wagon from Minneapolis to New York City and read from their collected works.
They promise this: they?ll read some entertaining stories. It?s not slam
poetry. It?s not dull. It?s good stories told well. They don?t barely bumble
through them, they tell them.
Todd Taylor heads the Los Angeles-based Razorcake Magazine
( and co-heads Gorsky Press ( Todd is
also a regular contributor to Thrasher magazine, and has published work in
Suburban Voice, Barracuda, Verbicide, Sleepwalk, and Maximum Rock’n’roll. In
2006, Razorcake became the United States’ first bonafide non-profit
independent music magazine and it is currently attempting to set up a
community center in East Lost Angeles. Todd will be reading from his first
work of fiction, Shirley Wins. Shirley Wins is a novel of not giving up and
not giving in as seen through the eyes of a physics-obsessed grandmother and
her punk music listening granddaughter who, against all odds, will create
the pumpkin cannon to end all pumpkin cannons. Shirley Wins is the follow up
to 2004’s Born to Rock, a collection of in-depth interviews illuminating the
often-misrepresented subculture of punk rock.
Jennifer Whiteford lives in the lovely and very cold city of Ottawa,
Ontario, where she is a civil servant by day and a rock?n?roll,
rollerderbying, novelist by night. Her first book, Grrrl, has been likened
to “a killer mixtape from the early 1990s that you want to play over and
over again.” She has a shy dog and a very loud laugh. She takes no offence
to being labeled as a geek and/or a dork. It has become par for the course.
She has a blog, too:
Mike Faloon has paid the bills as a DJ, dishwasher, drummer, and school
teacher. He is the publisher of two zines (Go Metric, Zisk) and a
contributing writer to magazines such as Chunklet, Razorcake, and Roctober.
His work has also appeared in The Zine Yearbook (Soft Skull) and The
Overrated Book (Last Gasp). His first book, a collection of essays and
stories, is due out on Gorsky Press. He resides in Brewster, NY with his
wife and daughter.
Jonathan Messinger is the publisher behind Featherproof Books
( and books editor at Time Out Chicago.