Poet Carrie McGath Reads From Ohio Lonely 3/2

Mar ’13
7:00 pm

Ohio Lonely

In ’s new book, , a self-published chapbook of poems and accompanying photo-collge works. “This book is my version of a genealogy including photographs I have collaged to express my memories and impressions of family members I have met or never got to meet.”

Poet Alexander Long, author of Still Life, writes of Ohio Lonely:

“Don’t mistake Carrie McGath’s project in Ohio Lonely as nostalgic in a pejoratively clichéd way, a naïve and dishonest looking back where every lost family member is steeped in sugary sepia.  No.  McGath doesn’t just understand what nostalgia, literally, means: the ache for that which is ours.  Her nostalgia is marrow-deep.  “I look for the woman inside of me through photos…”, she writes in one poem.  Nothing more indelible than that manic stasis of the elegiac gaze.  Yes, indeed.  McGath’s poems fade not away.  Thank God.”

Saturday, March 2nd, 7pm – Free Event