Weekly Top 10

What Is This? Is a helpful primer about pagination, typefaces, trim areas and more. For the aspring publisher/designer.

1. Mash Tun #1 Craft Beer Journal $8.00 – Get cruisin’ for some boozin’

2. Maximumrocknroll #350 Jul 12 $4.00

3. Womanimalistic #2 by Caroline Paquita¬† (Pegacorn Press) $3.00 – Vaginal dreamsicles dancing on the labial plane. Paquita makes you wild for the cooch style- as if you weren’t already- this new comic/zine/suitetreat has itself seriously plugged into the feminist power grid. -EF

4. Lucky Peach #3 Cooks and Chefs Issue $12.00 – McSweeney’s food mag.

5. Bitch #55 $5.95

6. What Is This? A Poster A Book. (see image above) by Carol Sogard $4.00 – Is it a graphic design group project about book layout and printing that is also interesting and legible as a zine and poster also about book layout and printing? Why, yes, I think it is. -EF

7. Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever #1 by Igloo Tornado $5.00

8. Hodge Podge Anthology #1 by Ryan Ruiz et al. $4.20

9. Animal Sex #3 Under the Sea by Isabella Rotman $3.00 – Rotman renders in chaming detail the zombie dick raunch orgy that comprises the deep blue sea. Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me. -EF

10.Office Girl by Joe Meno (Akashic) $15.95 – Don’t miss Joe Meno at the Empty Bottle on July 26th. We’ll be there selling his books!