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New Stuff This Week

Human Nature by Daikichi Amano (Bongout) $50.00 – This book makes me feel sort of throw-uppy but I can’t take my eyes off it, and I kind of want to own it. Marilyn Manson said it best: “Daikichi Amano’s art is a combination of Jean Cocteau and Jacques Cousteau.” -LM

Xerography Debt #29 $3.00
My Aim is True #2 by Carrie $1.00
Whore Eyes #4 by Jesse Lowe, Lachlann Rattray and Adam Shaw. Comes with comes with Whore Eyes Comp Govmnt Acid compilation CD (Drippy Bone Books) $11.00
Minimum Rage: A Series of Bad Events Overflowing With Fuck-Ups Know-It-Alls and Pansies – The Life Story of That Guy Who’s Name You Can’t Remember (Drippy Bone Books) $4.00 – Can I just say that this is on the cover?: “Fuck You Buy It It’s Cheap”? Is that reason enough? No? Maybe this will sell you on it if you know this next fact: One page has a picture of Emo Philips with a trombone around his neck and it says “I still believe Emo Philips is a genius.” What else do you need to know? -LM
Death Trip by Shalo P. and Peter Gray Hurley (Drippy Bone) $7.00
Human Storage by John Henry Kelly (Drippy Bone) $4.00

In The Wake of Heroes #1 by Lee Kolinsky and Sham Arifin #3.50
Product of Society Aug 11 $3.99
Comics by Leda Zawacki: Fauna $3.00 and Puddles of Cute: A Comics Collection by $6.00 – Puddles reprints “Monster in the Mansion” from Goat Girl #1 plus 3 other stories:  “Fireflies”,  “Ladybird” and  “Killer Whale People” drawn with a Nicole J. George-ish eye  for  the  strangely  cute. -EF
One Time Only by Cassie J. Sneider $1.50 – How do you sneak out from a shameful one night stand while the other person is asleep? What if they have really bad wall tapestries? Is hitting rock bottom both depressing and somewhat exciting because that makes you one step closer to resembling Vince Neil? Written by the hilarious Cassie J. Fine Fine Music Sneider and drawn by Nick Rhode. Um no, not Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. Just Nick Rhode. FYI. -LM
Cebolla Con Chocolate by Ines Estrada and Rodrigo Simancas (Cafe Con Leche) $8.00 – Absurd burds, wurds, turds and nurds! Inés’ drawings are brillbrilliant and Rodrigo’s writing is smartgood and it also features a lovely contraption from the future. In español.
Viisitoista Paivaa Meksikossa by Ines and Muura $8.00
Kim Gee Comics #4 by Kim Gee $5.00
Brendan Wells Presents: Mickey Comics #1 – Featuring the story Mouse Secrets by Walt Disney Jr. $2.00
Ring Wraiths at Home Xenia James O’Keefe $4.00 – New comic from the artist of Spider Who Had Arachnophopia of Patton Oswalt-Tweeting-about fame!

Yiddishkeit: Jewish Vernacular and the New Land by Harvey Pekar and Paul Buhle (Abrams) $29.95
PS Magazine Best of the Preventive Maintenance Monthly by Will and Ann Eisner and Eddie Campbell (Abrams) $21.95
Blackjacked and Pistol Whipped Crime Does Not Pay Primer by Dennis Kitchen etc. (Dark Horse) $19.99
Bouncer the One Armed Gunslinger by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Francois Boucq (Humanoids) $29.95
Okie Dokie Donuts Open For Business by Chris Eliopoulos (Top Shelf) $9.95
Male Call: Complete Newspaper Strips 1942-1946 Starring Miss Lane by Milton Caniff (Hermes) $39.99
How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less by Sarah Glidden (Vertigo) $19.99
Nogoodniks by Adrian Norvid (D&Q) $24.95
Malinky Robot Collected Stories and Other Bits by Sonny Liew (Image) $16.99
Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod (Top Shelf) $24.95

Whole Car Poetry by Frank Veleno and Hepo (Whole Train) $29.95
Subway Player Blackbook Cult Series vol 2 by MSER (Whole Train) $29.95
Twinkles by Miss Van (Drago) $50.00
Stencil Graffiti Capital Melbourne by Jake Smallman  and Carl Nyman (MBP) $21.95
Art of Big City by Ragnar (Baby Tattoo) $40.00
Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling (Laurence) $14.95

Criminal Class Review vol 4 #2 $15.00 – CCR searches for gritty, hard luck tales from all walks of life. This issue, guest editors identical twins Kent and Keith Zimmerman (who teach literary endeavors at prisons like San Quentin) curate this “Prison Issue.” And the cover is a beauty, designed by Chicago print artist Tony Fitzpatrick.
Monday Night #10 vol 1: Journal of New Literature $5.00
Paper Darts vol 3: A Magazine of Lit and Art $14.00
Inhuman by Hillary Basile $1.00

Teeny Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec (Potter Craft) $19.99 –  More than 40 itty bitty minis to knit wear and give.

Workin’ Mime to Five by Dick Richards (WriteBloody) $17.00 – Thoroughly silly!
Smoking Ears and Screaming Teeth: A Celebration of Scientific Eccentricity and Self-Experimentation by Trevor Norton (Pegasus) $24.95
Gris Grimlys Atrium Secretum: 13 Years of Hidden Truths (Baby Tattoo) $44.00
Secret Societies: Inside the Freemasons Yakuza Skull and Bones Worlds Most Notorious Organizations by John Lawrence Reynolds (Arcade) $14.95 – A smart and surprising behind-the-scenes exploration of the tales confirmed and fabricated that surround the best known and often least understood secret societies.
Who Am I?: And If So, How Many? by Richard David Precht (Spiegel & Grau) $16.00 – This book has been talked about as being a philosophical view on topics like morality, happiness, and the soul with insights gleamed from biology and the neurosciences. Sounds like an episode of Radiolab to me. -LM

Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja Chicken Troublems With Frenemies by Ray Friesen (Top Shelf) $9.95

The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad Tariq Ali (Verso) $12.95
True Confessions: Feminist Professors Tell Stories Out of School by Susan Gubar (Norton) $29.95
Zapatista Spring: Anatomy of a Rebel Water Project and the Lessons of Internation by Ramor Ryan (AK) $16.00

Bizarre #179 Sep 11 $10.50
Flaunt #116 $10.95
Clutter #15 Like Toys Love Clutter $9.99
Paper Sep 11 vol 28 #1 $4.00
Tattoo Revolution Aug 11 $11.75
Tattoo Society #29 $7.99

Inamorata: The Erotic Art of Michael Manning (Last Gasp) $24.95 – Finally back in print and available in soft cover.

Inherit 2012 Nikki McClure Calendar $16.00 – Since we started getting Nikki McClure’s calendars in 2004 it’s been a bestseller. And when you see it, you’ll understand why.

Quimby’s in Time Out Chicago!

Two events we’re involved with are in this week’s Critics’ picks in Time Out Chicago! We’ll be selling Anders Nilson’s Big Questions anthology off-site at his release event at Lula Café on Tues, Aug 30th 7pm, and Carrie McGath reads from So Sorry to See You Go here at Quimby’s on Sat, Aug 27th, 7pm.

Thanks to Carrie McGath for pointing this out to us!

Weekly Top 10

How many weeks in a row is Lucky Peach at #1 now? I lost count. Nice to see a title like Abolish Restaurants is in the top sellers even though it’s months old now ; often what makes it into the bestsellers are the new stuff, but some titles just always do well, like Sad Animals and Make Your Place. People often ask, “How many copies does it take to land in the bestsellers?” The answer: usually somewhere between eight and three copies. Sometimes even just 2 or 3 copies! Yes, that’s kind of weird. 2 or 3 copies a bestseller?! Why bother having a top 10 then? Well, the answer to that lies in this fact: As of this moment we have 11,157 items in stock in our database. So even selling 2 of some things is a lot sometimes! Of course, if there’s an in-store event with a writer or artist, fans will buy their stuff at the event, which can push something into the top 10 also. And then there are things we don’t actually include in the Top 10 because they’re hardly reflective of the reading material people buy, like postcards and grab bags (only $2.50 each!). Now you’ve been schooled in our Top 10! -Liz

1. Lucky Peach #1 Sum 11 $10.00 – I read this straight through right before I went to sleep the other night and had an INTENSE NIGHTMARE ABOUT RAMEN. Woke up hungry. -EF

2. Sad Animals by Adam Meuse $4.00 – Sad and cute. What is it saying that this is often in our top 10?

3. Cabinet #42 Forgetting $12.00

4. Maximumrocknroll #340 Sep 11 $4.00

5. Make Your Place: Affordable Sustainable Nesting Skills by Raleigh Briggs (Microcosm) $7.00

6. Monocle Mediterraneo #3 $8.00

7. N Plus 1 #12 Fall 11 $13.95

8. Abolish Restaurants by (PM Press) $5.95

9. Sand Dune Press #1 by Erik Schneider $2.00 – Cutest little comic about tough guys killing each other I ever did see. -EF

10. Noah Novella: The Peoples History of Noah Van Sciver: Selection of Autobiographical Comics by Noah Van Sciver $4.00 – Noah VanSciver does autobio comics by taking us into his personal troll hole, and it’s not such a bad place to be. He’s a hater, for sure. His crabcake one-pagers about growing up poor, awkward and unlucky really do start to have the Crumb-y effect of explaining the chips on his shoulder. He’s got a good drawing sensibility too that just wrings extra angst and neuroses out of the story. I gotta say, his constant pursuit of fame and fortune through making weird comics wears me down stresses me out a little. The comics are good, they’re being published and noticed, and they’re getting better all the time, it might be time to stop sweating the small stuff and just go for it. -EF

New Stuff This Week

Encyclopedia of Doris by Cindy Crabb (Doris) $18.00 – Issues 19-27 of doris zine, collected, alphabetized and extended for your feminist excitement. Don’t miss Cindy Crabb here at Quimby’s on 9/3.

The Comedians Aug Sep 11 #27 $4.50
Exp #00 Infinity by Matthew Kumar $7.00
There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here #1 Sleep by various $8.00 – “The street corner magicians who plugged in this archive of dangerous thinkers and awesome nobodies have finally put together something in paperback form that will last through the wars when virtual Tomorrowland comes crashing down. A perfect-bound reader for all gods of the porcelain throne. The Sleepy of the Week; Greatest Hits now at a nice price. Featuring candid photos of the ones who have the right idea.”

Broken Pencil #52 $5.95
The Inner Swine vol 17 #1 and #2 $2.00
Things That Matter by Jamie issues #1-#3 $2.00 each and #3 is a split zine with M. Xavier.

(FD Agent In) Haystack Full of Needles #1  by various $7.00
various issues of S. Baltic Comics Magazine (various prices)

Europe 1 20000000 $8.00
3×3 Kus: Specializdevums Special Edition $9.00
Drawing Power: A Compendium of Cartoon Advertising 1970s to 1940s ed. by Rick Marschall and Warren Bernard (Fantagraphics) $28.99
Even More Old Jewish Comedians by Drew Friedman (Fantagraphics) $19.99
John Constantine, Hellblazer TPB Bloody Carnations (Vertigo) $19.99
Fables Deluxe Edition Book 3 by Bill Willingham (Vertigo) $29.99
We3 HC The Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison (Vertigo) $24.99
New X-Men vol 4 by Grant Morrison (Marvel) $14.99 – Collects New Xmen 127 through 133.
Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus TPB vol 1 by Shannon Wheeler (Vertigo) $24.99

Beautiful Decay Book 6 Future Perfect $20.00 – 300 artists riffed on what their ideal future would be and one Grand Prize winner was selected. Over 100 finalist’s work are featured throughout the publication.The book also includes a feature length article with notable, emerging, New York artist, Robin Williams whose surreal paintings give us a view into her very own Future Perfect. Only 1,500 copies were made, all of which are ad-free and hand numbered.”

Cult Street Ware by Josh Sims (Laurence) $16.95
Despite Moments of Clarity There Is No -Ism In This Book: 100 New Artists by Francesca Gavin (Laurence) $39.95
Lets Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars (Laurence) $19.95
General Idea Imagevirus by Gregg Bordowitz (Afterall) $16.00
Microworlds by Marc Valli and Margherita Dessanay (Laurence) $19.95
1000 Steampunk Creations Neo Victorian Fashion Gear and Art by Dr. Grymm amd Barbe Saint John (Quarry) $24.95
Visual Complexity: Mapping Patrterns of Information by Manuel Lima (Priceton) $50.00

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (Crown) $24.00

McSweeneys #38 (Mcsweeneys) $18.00
N Plus 1 #12 Fall 11 $13.95
Pageboy Magazine III 11 $10.00
Exact Change Only Sum 11 $10.00
Granta #116 Sum 11 Ten Years Later $16.99
Upstreet #7 $12.00
Slake Los Angeles #3 2011 Crossing Over A City and Its Stories $18.00

Mission Street: Food Recipes and Ideas From an Improbably Restaurant by Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz (McSweeneys) $30.00
SexPot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On – Sexy Stoner Advice From Cannabis Columnist by Mamakind (Quick) $14.95
Cannabis Indica vol 1 Essential Guide to the Worlds Finest Marijuana Strains by ST Oner and Greg Green (Green Candy) $20.00
Marijuana Recipes and Remedies for Healthy Living by Mary Jane Stawell (Ronin) $14.95
Baked: Over 50 Tasty Marijuana Treats by Yzbetta Sativa (Green Candy) $18.00
Jiggles: Shots 75 Recipes To Get the Party Started by Rachel Federman (Abrams) $12.95

UFOs: Generals Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record by Leslie Kean and John Podesta (Three Rivers) $15.00 – Now in soft cover.
Program Or Be Programmed: Ten Commands For a Digital Age by Douglas Rushkoff with illustrations by Leland Purvis (Soft Skull) $14.95 – From the author of Media Virus, Coercion and Life Inc. Will the internet rule us? Or will we rule the internet? And which is better?

Record Collecting for Girls by Courtney E. Smith (Mariner) $13.95
Overkill: The Untold Story of Motorhead by Joel McIver (Omnibus) $23.95

Patriot Acts: Narratives of Post 911 Injustice by Alia Malex and Karen Korematsu (McSweeneys) $16.00

Cabinet #42 Forgetting $12.00
Tiki Magazine vol 7 #2 Fall 11 $4.99
Wallpaper Sep 11 $10.00
True Detective Aug 11 $4.99
Skunk vol 7 #2 $6.99
Wire #330 Aug 11 $10.99
Maximumrocknroll #340 Sep 11 $4.00
Fader #75 Aug Sep 11 $5.99
Monocle Mediterraneo #3 Sum11 $8.00
Harpers Magazine Sep 11 $6.99
In These Times Sep 11 $3.50
Inked Sep 11 $7.99
Rebel Ink Magazine Sep 11 $5.99

Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance ed. by Mitzi Szereto (Cleis) $14.95
Frat Boys: Gay Erotic Stories by Shane Allison (Cleis) $14.95
Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica by Delilah Devlin (Cleis) $14.95
Front #158 $9.99
All American Guys #1 $9.99

Quimby’s Temporary Tattoos

For the longest time, people have asked us if we have temporary tattoos. And often, they look at our business cards and say, “Oh, is that a temporary tattoo?” When we tell them they’re just our business cards, they get sad, and then they say, “You should totally do temporary tattoos.” Well! The people have spoken. And we listened. So here they are. Come in and get yours. Then take a picture and add it the Quimby’s Bookstore Group on Flickr.