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New Stuff This Week



Telegram #39 by Maranda Elizabeth $3.00


Walks of Life #1 by Michelle Wanhala $5.00

Living Southerners #5 Sep 16 by J Wu $2.00

Soda Killers #10 & #11 $5.00 each

Yollocalli Zine Made by Teens at Yollocalli Arts Reach $8.00

Journey To Bunny Island $20.00

Telegram #38 Critical Breakfast #1 split zine Oct 15 by Maranda Elizabeth & and Amber Dearest $3.00

Secondhand Emotion A Zine about Love Anxiety Gender Race and Feelings by Cassandra $3.00

Fuggles A Beer Zine #1 Sum 16 $3.50

zines by Shawn Granton :
Bike Fun Primer Urban Adventure League $2.00
New Old Stock #1 The Illustrated Journal of a Civilized Cyclist Urban Adventure League $3.00 – Also issue #1 3/8 available for $3.00.

Disruptor: Exploring Seattle Punk and Hardcore #1 Spr 16 & #2 by Lucas Reif $5.00 each

KerBloom #121 Jul Aug 16 $2.00

Margin Creep #5 $10.00

Still $20.00

Long Exposure $10.00

Super Sloppy Obstacle Carnage by Alicia Rose $5.00

It Will Be Okay by Miss Muffcake $2.50


Forever and Everything #1 by Kyle Bravo $8.00

Feedback #14 The Grand Finale by John Isaacson $4.00

Blubber #3 by Gilbert Hernandez $3.99

Sun Bakery #3 by Corey Lewis $5.99

Her Pleasure $7.00

Miraculous Healing by Emily Schulert $10.00

TV Deep Fry by Logan Kruidenier $7.00

Sir Alfred Number 3 A Comic Biography of Alfred Hitchcock by Tim Hensley (Pigeon Press) $24.99 – Final publication from Pigeon Press.


Real Deal Comix by Lawrence “Rawdog” Hubbard and H.P. McElwee (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Longest Day of the Future by Lucas Varela (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature by Christopher Pizzino (U of Texas Press) $29.95

Snake Tales, Chilling Archives of Horror Comics by Crig Yoe $24.99

Black Panther Book 1 A Nation Under Our Feet by Ta-Nehisi Coates & Brian Stelfreeze $16.99


Fauxlosophy by Ron English (Carpet Bombing Culture) $17.95

Let Her Be Free: Icy and Sot: Stencil Artists from Iran by Icy and Sot (Lebowski Publishers) $29.99

Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler by Branden Jospeh et. al (JRP Ringier) $65.00

Sam Is Not My Uncle: The USA in Cuban Poster and Billboard Art by Alfons Gonzalez Quesada (Casa America Catalunya) $25.00

Chicago: A Love Story Greeting Card by Johnny Sampson $4.00 – Plus! Some Johnny Sampson stickers!

Themed Sticker Bomb sets, each $8.95: Zombies, Vampires, Robots

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World by Ann Shen $19.95

Psychobook: Games, Tests, Questionnaires, Histories by Julian Rothenstein $40.00 – Reveals the rich history of psychological testing in a fascinating sideways look at classic testing methods, from word-association games to inkblots to personality tests. Includes never-before-seen content from long-hidden archives, as well as reimagined tests from contemporary artists and writers, to try out yourself, at home or at parties. A great gift for the therapist in your life and the therapist in you, for anyone interested in the history of psychology and psychological paraphernalia.


We Speak Chicagoese: Stories and Poems by Chicago Writers by Bill Donlon et al. $15.95

Strange Case of Rachel K. by Rachel Kushner $10.95

Children of Lovecraft ed. by Ellen Datlow (Dark House) $19.99 – Stories inspired by Lovecraft by Brian Hodge, Siobhan Carroll, A.C. Wise and more.

Nix: A Novel by Nathan Hill $27.95


World in Flames: A Black Boyhood in a White Supremacist Doomsday Cult by Jerald Walker $24.95

ZeroZeroZero: Look at Cocaine and All You See Is Powder. Look Through Cocaine and You See the World. by by Roberto Saviano $18.00

Smile Now, Cry Later: Guns, Gangs, and Tattoos-My Life in Black and Gray by Freddy Negrete $30.00

Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius by Marc Seifer $21.95


Guillermo Del Toro: At Home with Monsters, Inside His Films Notebooks and Collections (Insight Editions) $29.99

Dario Argento: The Man, the Myths & the Magic by Alan Jones (FAB Press) $49.95

Joy Devotion: The Importance of Ian Curtis and Fan Culture by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike $19.95


Be Cool: A Memoir, Sort Of by Ben Tanzer (Dock Street Press) $18.95

Against Everything: Essays by Mark Grief $28.95

Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson by Gary Lachman $26.00


Close to Home: A Materialist Analysis of Womens Oppression by Christine Delphy $23.95


Bitch #72 Fall 16 Kids These Days $6.95

Juxtapoz #189 Oct 16 $6.99

The Baffler #32 Muzak of the Spheres $14.00

Upping The Anti #18 Journal of Theory and Action $13.00

Majestic Disorder #7 $18.99

Kinfolk vol 21 The Home Issue $18.00

Toilet Paper #13 $16.00

Mojo 60s #6 Hendrix Celebrating Rock’s Decade of Cool $15.99

Taproot #19 Wander $12.00

Ugly Things #42 $9.95

Radical Philosophy #199 Sep Oct 16 $13.00

Under the Radar #58 Sep 16 $5.99

Girls and Corpses vol 10 Sum Fall 16 $8.95

Skeptical Inquirer vol 40 #5 40th Anniversary $5.99

Uncut #232 Sep 16 Tom Waits $10.99

White Fungus #15 $13.99

Wicked Visions Magazine vol #2 $18.00

Soft Magazine #1 $18.00 & #2 $25.00

Wax Poetics #65 16 Tribe Called Quest $11.99

True Crime Aug 16 $9.99

Offscreen #15 People Behind Bits and Pixels $20.00


Sheriff Nottinghams Holiday Herald #7 vol 2 issue 3 Womens Day $10.00

Lost Horizon #1 by Wilfredo Merced $6.00


Elska #7 Cardiff Wales $18.50

Sticker My Boobs 100 Boobtastic Stickers for Adults by by D.D. Stacks (Happy Hen) $9.99

Pinups #19 Vincent Tiley and #20 Akrum Salem $14.00 each


Bad Little Childrens Books: Kid Lit Parodies, Shameless Spoofs, Offensively Tweaked Covers by Arthur C. Gackley $14.95


Toby Snax by Kristin Hersh $14.95 – Throwing Muse throws a children’s book.

Lucy and Andy Neanderthal by Jeffrey Brown $12.99

Anya Davidson Celebrates Band for Life 10/6

Oct ’16
7:00 pm


Band for Life collects the beloved series that follows a misfit band of Chicago punks trying to be self-sustaining with their finances and friendships as they navigate the often confounding art world. It’s the story, told in comic strip form, of a noise rock band and their community of friends and acquaintances based in an alternate reality version of Chicago. Though beset with disaster at every turn and frequently reduced to squabbling, they stick together because the band is the fulcrum of their otherwise confounding lives, and together they help each other find their way.

Fusing elements of the classic British sitcom The Young Ones, as well as classic kids comic strips like Charles Schulz’s Peanuts and John Stanley’s Melvin Monster, Band for Life is a work of dark humor, but also infused with genuine affection for its cast; in many ways it is a love letter to creative people compelled to create, with no hope of financial reward.

“I was raised on old school adult comics from the ’60s to ’80s, the artwork of Pedro Bell, Overton Loyd and Ronald Stozo of the Parliament-Funkadelic Universe, Ralph Bakshi movies, and the like. When I came across Band For Life, I was immediately drawn in. The art reminded me of Funkadelic album covers, but with its own original swagger. The storylines spoke to my personal experience as a lifelong musician and band leader/member, in the same way that This Is Spinal Tap made me cry once I realized my life was as absurd as the movie. Anya Davidson is tapped into the very human experience that makes life in a band the story of family.” — Norwood Fisher (Fishbone)

“Anya Davidson gets that being in a band is generally about 5% playing music and 95% anything but. In true punk form, Band For Life kicks into high gear with page number one and never lets up.” — Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt)
“Anya’s comics look like Dick Sprang and Boody Rogers got locked in a Pez factory and were told they would not be released until they produced hundreds of pages of a gutter punk Herculoids meets Josie and the Pussycats soap opera dripping soul and neglect.” — Gary Panter (Jimbo)
Band for Life is a warped and hilarious portrayal of the banality and adventure of bandhood from someone who lived it, but  embellished gloriously by Anya’s imagination. Fucked up, feminist and funny. If you have ever ground away late nights in a basement trying to desperately remember the bad songs you just wrote, you will recognize your strife here with ‘the Wildest Band on Earth’.” -Jessica Hopper, author & Editorial Director, MTV News

Anya Davidson was born in Sarasota, Florida in 1983. She graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004. She is a cartoonist, musician, teaching artist and printmaker whose work appeared in many zines and anthologies, including Kramers Ergot and Best American Comics. Her debut graphic novel, School Spirits, was published by Picturebox Inc. The Ignatz award-winning series, “Band for Life” is her first book with Fantagraphics.

More info:
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for press inquiries: Anna Pederson (event manager) pederson(at)fantagraphics(dot)com

Dame Darcy Celebrates The Meat Cake Bible 10/14

Oct ’16
7:00 pm


Dame Darcy is one of the sui generis artistic talents of the past two decades — musician, actress, fortune teller, dollmaker, Gen X/feminist icon, and last but not least, cartoonist to the core — and has been bewitching readers for more than 20 years with her neo-Victorian horror/humor/romance comic Meat Cake. Alternating between one-off (often cruelly tragic) fairy tales and ongoing romps starring her eclectic cast of characters, including Effluvia the Mermaid, the roguish rou. Wax Wolf, Igpay the Pig-Latin pig, Stregapez (a women who speaks by dispensing Pez-like tablets through a bloody hole in her throat), the mischievous Siamese twins Hindrance and Perfidia, Scampi the Selfish Shellfish, the stalwart Friend the Girl, and the blonde bombshell Richard Dirt, all delineated in her inimitable luxurious scrawl, Meat Cake is like a peek into the most creative, deranged dollhouse you ever saw. The Meat Cake Bible is the definitive collection of the series, collecting every story from all 17 issues (1993-2008) — including “Hungry is the Heart,” Darcy’s legendary collaboration with Alan Moore — as well as new stories from the unpublished 18th issue. A gorgeous, unjacketed hardcover edition replete with cloth deboss, gold foil stamping, and a die-cut cover.


About Dame Darcy:

Renaissance woman Dame Darcy won a scholarship to the San Francisco Art institute at the age of 17 in 1989. There she majored in film and animation, studying under George Kuchar and Larry Jordan. During this time, she self-published Meat Cake Comix; joined the band Caroliner with Lisa Carver, where she performed, released albums and toured; and illustrated Lisa’s magazine Rollerderby, as well as other Bay Area magazines and papers.

Darcy moved to New York in 1992. Her Meat Cake comic-book series began publication with Fantagraphics Books Inc., who publishes Meat Cake and its compilations, which are distributed internationally, to this day.

When not working on her comics, illustration, and fine art, Renaissance woman Dame Darcy also works as a touring musician, dollmaker, animator, fashion model and designer, celebrity interior designer, art teacher, and reality TV star.

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QuimBrew Available For Pre-order!!!


Pre-order QuimBrew by Marz Community Brewing & Quimby’s Bookstore with an awesome label by the amazing Chicago artist Laura Park. Order it from The Beer Temple, and your shipment will come with the Quimby’s oral history zine!

It’s the 25th anniversary of Quimby’s Bookstore, and Marz Community Brewing Co made a beer to celebrate this milestone. Quimbrew is a pale wheat ale with rooibos tea packaged in 500 ML bottle with label art work designed by Laura Park.

This special edition beer is available for pre-purchase at The Beer Temple and comes with the 132 page zine: Ever Evolving Bastion of Freakdom: A Quimby’s Bookstore History in Words and Pictures.

Ever Evolving…is an oral history of the notorious and glorious Quimby’s Bookstore, in the tradition of Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil’s Please Kill Me. The story of the early days of Quimby’s up through today. Pictures, graphics, juice, from employees, shoppers, consignors and artists that have frequented the store’s hallowed doors. This special “ashcan edition” is a limited print run zine to celebrate the store’s silver jubilee, and was created to accompany the Marz Community Brewing Quimbrew beer pre-purchase.

Please note! This pre-order needs to be done at the Beer Temple website here, not at Quimby’s.