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East Village Inky #68 by Ayun Halliday $3

Affordable Housing In Avondale by Marc Fischer (Half Letter Press) $6

Scenes From the L #2 Drawings CTA by R. Hendricks $3

Marionette Lines: A Family History of Patriarchy and Puppetry by Mandy Shunnarah $6

zines by Eli Bishop: Nine Faces of Nothing Depression Comics, Spinnerrackreverie Comic Covers Redrawn Wrong, San Francisco Neo Futurists Chapbook #7 2022 Selected Plays From The Infinite Wrench by the San Francisco Neo-Futurists

Alarming Mutations by Jason White $10

Teen Beat #1 Assorted Collages by Telly $3

Cuties: A Zine by Matteo Montero Murillo & friends $1

These Are All Inadequate issues #5 & #6 $3 each

Unusual Places of the Chicago Suburbs #1 Cemetery at the Mall by Eric Kammerer $4

Memoirs of a Baby Bootblack #0 & #1 by Lore $1 each


You Don’t Get There From Here issues #57 & #58 by Carrie McNinch $4 each

Hobo Law #1 Spr 23 by Pat Rooks $6

TSA PSA by Issa Saldana $2

Dailies #4 Quarantine and Beyond 2020-2022 by Athena Naylor $15

Puddles issues #3-#5

Graphic Novels

Jacob Newman’s Coffee Table Book $24.99

Minami’s Lover by Shungiku Uchida (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Politics & Revolution Books

Anarchist Popular Power: Dissident Labor and Armed Struggle in Uruguay 1956-76 by Troy Andreas Araiza Kokinis (AK Press) $23


The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean $17.99

Chicago Stories by Joe Carducci (Redoubt Press) $19.95

Eyes and the Impossible (Knopf Edition) by Dave Eggers $18.99

Unreliable Narrator Meets the Public Domain vs the Public Domain vs Jesus H Christ by Jesse Mack $5.99

Magazines & Lit Journals

The Grind #3 Perspectives on Stripping From the Dancers Themselves $10

Portable Gray vol 6 #1 Spring 2023 $15

Qwerty Quarterly: The Official Publication of Qwertyfest MKE #1 We Built Milwaukee on Beer and Typewriters by Molly Snyder and Tea Krulos $5

Antigravity June 2023 vol 21 #6 $10

DIY Books

2 books by Sage Liskey:
You’re a Snarky Darkness: Illustrated Poems for Radical Empowerment $15
Radical Self-Care: Inclusive Tools for Overcoming PTSD, Heartbreak, Conflict, Anger, Discrimination, Addiction, Anxiety, and Other Trapped Emotions (illustrated by Tara Chavez) $24


billy woods & m. musgrove sign A is for Anarchist: An ABC for Activists 7/29

Jul ’23
2:00 pm

A is for Anarchist: An ABC for Activists is a a sardonic spin on the ABC book, a sharp knife in a drawer full of safety scissors.

Wryly written by critically acclaimed rapper billy woods and sublimely illustrated by artist m. musgrove, A is for Anarchist upends the traditional ABC format with earnestness that belies its irreverence. Anarchist takes modest ideas, like E is for Energy and G is for Ghosts, and flips them into incisive commentary on modern life and the state of the world. Also, it has to be the only alphabet book with annotated footnotes and a Nas reference.

woods is a writer, rapper, and father who needed something cool to read to his children. The child of a Jamaican intellectual and a Zimbabwean revolutionary, woods’s childhood spent between the U.S., Africa, and the West Indies leaves its imprint on all his work.

musgrove is a Brooklyn-based painter, illustrator, and amateur animator. She is inspired by Wimmen’s Comix, William Morris, and tumult.

billy woods & m. musgrove

sign A Is For Anarchist

Quimby’s Bookstore

1854 W. North Ave, Chicago

Sat, July 29th, 2pm

Facebook event invite here.

New Stuff This Week


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Portland Rappers #1 by Ross Jackson $5

Zines by Rowan Rohwer:
Aromantic Semantics: a Cottage Zine
Notesapp Entries That I Wrote While Under the Influence #1
Genderventures: A Zine Where I Contemplate Gender for However Many Pages This Is
& more.

Even the Introverts Are Out Here: Six Ways to Get Involved by Jamie Kadas $1


Vacuum Decay #6 A Horror Anthology by Harry Nordlinger & friends $10

Flowery isues #50-#52 by Mel Stringer $10 each

Comics by Jake Slingland, $5 each: Funland (with Midjourney), Habitat (with Dream Misa Kabashima)

Comics by Matt MacFarland & friends: Scenes From a Marriage, My Troubles with Crumb & more.

Gutter Presents Noir: A Collection of Thrilling and Comedic Graphic Stories by Meg Scribner & friends $12

No More Than 10% by Laurel Hauge $12

Playtape by Ana Two $8

Play for Keeps #1 by Fox Graham $5

Elizas Wish by Tiff Zhang $4

Chained Male by Connor Tapscott $5

Drawing Bridges by Eva Carrillo $10

Comics by Clint Williams:
QPs and the Magic Fruit
Netar Aquatic World Builder #1
Vile Shift Horror Anthology
& more.

Comique #2 $2

Comics by AnneMarie Rogers $6 each: Diver: A Pearl, Groundskeepers

Enjoy the Cake by Jamie Kadas $7

Graphic Novels & Related

Live Rock vol 1 Aquarium Life by Ross Jackson $20

Dirty Pictures: How an Underground Network of Nerds, Feminists, Misfits, Geniuses, Bikers, Potheads, Printers, Intellectuals, and Art School Rebels Revolutionized Art and Invented Comix by Brian Doherty $18

Vessel by Henry Fernau $15

LSBN by Emma Jayne (Silver Sprocket) $14.99

Prokaryote Season by Leo Fox (Silver Sprocket) $24.99

Family Style: Memories of an American from Vietnam by Thien Pham $17.99

Art & Design Books

Welcome to the Peculiar Antique Shop: The Art of Makura Kurama $29.99

20th Century Alcohol and Tobacco Ads: One Hundred Years of Stimulating Ads by Jim Heimann and Steven Heller (Taschen) $30

Politics & Revolution Books

Our History Has Always Been Contraband: In Defense of Black Studies edited by Colin Kaepernick, Robin D. G. Kelley and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor $19.95

Essays & Some Other Stuff

Wannabe: Reckonings With the Pop Culture That Shapes Me by Aisha Harris $29.99

Moby Dyke: An Obsessive Quest to Track Down the Last Remaining Lesbian Bars in America by Krista Burton $28.99

Pregnancy Test by Karen Weingarten (Object Lessons Series) $14.95

Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality by Julia Shaw $17

Boom Chicago Presents: The 30 Most Important Years in Dutch History edited by Andrew Moskos and Pep Rosenfeld $20

Music & Film Books

Where Are Your Boys Tonight?: The Oral History of Emo’s Mainstream Explosion 1999-2008 by Chris Payne $32

Mud Ride: A Messy Trip Through the Grunge Explosion by Steve Turner & Adem Tepedelen $27.95

More 33 1/3 books:
Dance-Punk (33 1/3 Genre Series) by Larissa Wodtke, Living Colour’s Time’s Up by Kimberly Mack
BBC Radiophonic’s Workshop: A Retrospective by William L. Weir,
Madvillain’s Madvillainy by Will Hagle Madvillain
ESG’s Come Away With ESG by Cheri Percy

BFI Film Classics:
Lost In Translation by Suzanne Ferriss
Eraserhead by Claire Henry

Sufferah: The Memoir of a Brixton Reggae Head by Alex Wheatle $28.95

Fiction & Poetry

City of Unspeakable Fear by Jean Ray $15.95

Tisa: New Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Box Set edited by Kwame Dawes and Chris Abani $36.95

Girls They Write Songs About: A Novel by Carlene Bauer $19


various new Tom of Finland books!

Off-Site: Quimby’s at Shred the Shed Portable Gray Release Celebration at the Salt Shed, 6/21

Jun ’23
4:00 pm

The Salt Shed presents Shred the Shed, their four day skatepark pop-up coming June 21-24, four days of DJs, food and drink vendors, guest skaters, and a skatepark designed and built by Chicago artist and skater Juan Chavez. It kicks off National Go Skate Day (June 21) with a Portable Gray release celebration, which Quimby’s will be there to sell, as well as other relevant items from 4pm to 9pm.

What does this UChicago Press arts & ideas journal have to do with skateboarding, you ask? This spring issue of Portable Gray is the Family Issue, and Brent Heyl of the Empty Bottle and The Salt Shed appears in the issue with his brother Shane (a professional skateboarder).

In addition to the skateboard park, music and refreshments, Bad at Sports will be streaming conversations with contributors to this issue.

The Fairgrounds will be open to all to come and skate, though they require participants to sign a waiver (and if you’re under 18, your parent/guardian must sign a waiver). RSVP at this link.

We hope to see you there! 

The Salt Shed is accepting donations at this event to donate to the Chicago Abortion Fund, which you can donate to online here, and donations will be accepted on site as well.

(very sick drawing by @agrapedope!)

New Stuff This Week


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zines by Johnnie B. Baker: DC Books to Prisons #3 Read Expand Your Mind $5, Pocket Histories #5-#8 $2 each

X Kool Kids #1-#4 $5 each

various zines by Vahnaree: Grow Up, Mediums, Aisle X

zines by Liz Groeschen: Singing Room $15, Foreigner Rice #1 & #2 $5 each, And Mom #1 $7

Moss Piglet Jun 2023 $12

Guided Journal Climate Change Anxiety by Miette Crumb $12

Zines & comics by Kieran Teare-Thomas: Friends of Dorothy, Where You Belong, Remarkable and more.


What’s the Meaning of Life, Eggy Toad? by Aim Ren Beland $10 + new stickers

Cram #2 Casual Conversations for Brain Fog Drunks by Caroline Cash and friends $24

Comics by Cameron Hatheway, $5 each: Ultrafugu vs Fugamera, Fugu Comix #2, Lord Buttonchops #1 Squire Inquire for Hire

Comics from Wiggle Bird Mailing Club, $6 each: Garden Journal by Rowan Fridley, Catgirl Circus Fantasy by Flavushh

Various issues and books in Karl Christian Krumpholz’s Lighthouse In the City Series

Trickfilm #3 by Charles Brubaker $5

Weak Magic #2 by Will Schreitz $10

Jones Crusher Stamps Out Da Freakz Ego Trip Mini Comix #1 by Zaponator $3

Gost vol 1 June 23 by Ophelia $5

Graphic Novels

Blab! Volume 1 edited by Monte Beauchamp (Dark Horse) $19.99

Six Mini Comics by M.S. Harkness $20

Moon Boots: The Chronicles of a Country Crooner by Lorenz Peter (Conundrum) $17

Adherent by Chris W. Kim $20

Kettle Harbour by Kyle Vingoe Cram (Conundrum) $25

Anaïs Nin: A Sea of Lies by Léonie Bischoff (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Coin Op #9 The Long Cool Eye: Five Comic Stories by Peter & Maria Hoey $19.95

My Body Our Rights SC World War 3 Illustrated #53 (AK Press) $15

Art Books

I Can Be Myself When Everyone I Know Is Dead: The Delightfully Dreadful Art of Kamila Mlynarczyk $34.95

2am Eternal: A Decade of Queer Nightlife Posters and Comics 2012-2022 by Eric Kostiuk Williams (Secret Acres) $21.95

Music Books

Stewdio Box Set: The Naphic Grovel Artrilogy of Chuck D (Akashic) $59.95

Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise and Fall of SST Records by Jim Ruland $19.99

Inner Ear of Don Zientara: A Half Century of Recording In One of America’s Most Innovative Studios Through the Voices of Musicians composed by Antonia Tricarico (Akashic) $35

Black Vinyl White Powder: The Real Story of the British Music Industry by Simon Napier-Bell (Unbound) $19.95

Paint My Name In Black and Gold: The Rise of the Sisters of Mercy by Mark Andrews (Unbound) $19.95

Politics, Revolution & Essay Books

Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility edited by Rebecca Solnit, Thelma Young & Lutunatabua (Haymarket) $16.95

Why or How a Peasant Got Into the Land of Anarchy by Abba & Wolf Gordin $15

Recovering Bookchin: Social Ecology and the Crises of Our Time by Andy Price $21

Revolutionary Affinities: Toward a Marxist Anarchist Solidarity by Michael Lowy and Olivier Besancenot (PM Press) $18.95

Decolonize Conservation: Global Voices for Indigenous Self-Determination, Land, and a World in Common edited by Ashley Dawson, Fiore Longo and Survival International $22

Angela Davis: An Autobiography by Angela Davis (Haymarket) $22.95

Illegitimate Authority: Facing the Challenges of Our Time by Noam Chomsky & C.J. Polychroniou (Haymarket) $19.95

Journal of a Black Queer Nurse by Britney Daniels $16.95

Grifters, Frauds, and Crooks: True Stories of American Corruption by Richard Estep $22.95

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Insha Allah: How The Journey Back To My Roots Became An Adventurous Escape From the Sahara by Sara Cheikh $22.95

The Kevin Powell Reader: Essential Writings and Conversations by Kevin Powell (Akasic) $32.95

Essay Sorta, Fiction Kinda

Cradle of the Deep: The Grand Adventures of Joan Lowell That Were Not Quite True by Joan Lowell (Feral House) $22.95


Last Vanishing Man by Matthew Cheney (Third Man Books) $19.95

Happy Stories, Mostly by Norman Erikson Pasaribu (Feminist Press) $16.95

A Creature Wanting Form: Fictions by Luke O’Neil (OR Books) $19.95

The Wishing Pool and Other Stories by Tananarive Due $29.95

JesusDevil: The Parables by Alexis De Veaux (AK Press) $16

How To

How to Train Your Skateboard by Jack Francis, illustrated by Ewa Zak $16.95

Chap Books

Trouble on the Escarpment by Andre F. Peltier $10.99

For the Young at Heart

How Many Birds by Marcos Farina $12


The Internationalist #69-#70 $1

More Stickers & Patches from Arcane Bullshit (and restocks)!