New Stuff This Week

We’re still closed to the public but we continue to enjoy the responses we’re getting for our Qustomized Quimby’s Quarantine Zine Package (tell us what you like, pay $25+ postage, we send you zines). The notes people leave tickle us so.

Help save Chicago, one t-shirt at a time. Barrel Maker made a truly great Quimby’s shirt and $10 of each sold shirt goes toward Chicago-based small businesses. You can only order it through 5/31, so don’t sleep on it!


QUARANZINE Assortment of 12 Issues by Marc Fischer and friends $20

Chicagoing Straight to Hell! The Unofficial Secret Insider Guide to Nonexistent Chicago Tours by Mr. Dan Kelly $2

Women In Print #4 by Jennifer Trontz $8

Ker-Bloom #143 by Artnoose $2

Dead Dads Club #1 edited by Katherine Leung $12

Reclaim Your Shit by Sarah Poppy Jackson and Kione Kochi $10

Comics & Minis

Rimeski Comics #5 edited by Lucius Wisniewski $3

Hypopompia: A 911 Story by Kelly Schoen and Jack Currin $20


New Bad News Stories by Ryan Ridge $16.95

The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde $8.95


Broken Pencil #87 Rethinking Death $7.95

The Baffler #51 $14

The Monthly Review vol 71 #11 $6