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Quimby’s Winter Windows 2007

Abominable Yeti – Quimby’s Winter Windows 2007, originally uploaded by Quimbys Bookstore.

Eskimos & Abominable Snow Yetis, two channel video warmth from the loving mind of Chicago-based artist Elisa Harkins

Photo Funnies follow up!!!


A while back we hosted an awesome event with the Eye Rocket books guys to promote their crazy art/zine/grande school send up titled Works Cited. At the event they took people’s picture and then added their own twist to the images. The results were hilarious and often always spot on!

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Whats up with cell phones at Quimby’s.

“That didn’t take long”

V-Tech Rampage

Not coming soon to a Wii near you… V-TECH RAMPAGE, the latest in a long line of bizarre, mayhem-inspired games. Commenting on the game, MagmaDragoonX2000 writes, “Well the game was kinda short but consideing what its based on I guess thats expected. The gameplay was okay although it did seem shoddy but over all not that bad.”

If you’re jonesing for a some less topical 2-D videogame mayhem, you can’t do much better than the awesome zombie-themed Boxhead: The Rooms.

Kevin Hooyman

2200AD Poster

The 2200AD Poster just came in from Kevin Hooyman. His self published books Language Change and Themes of the Day have been constant sellers and for good reason not only can he draw but the writing has a nice mix of humor, wit and melancholy. He also just did the new !!! album cover, and while I can honestly say I have a love hate feeling towards their music, I bought the new album on record just for his amazing full color art work, each record is even in beautiful full color sleeves. So check him out and come by the store and get one these posters before they are gone-they are signed and numbered too!