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Weekly Top 10

1. Femme a Barbe vol 2 by by J. Bee $2.00 – True tangles of bearded ladies, gender reformations, hirsute identity and all permutations of feminine stubble, well worth a thorough comb-through. -EF

2. King Cat #72 by John Porcellino $3.00 – Porcellino feels out the fall apart as life unravels…and unravels some more….the first half of this issue travels through some solitudes and stillnesses. An LSD story rustles the banches a little and punctuates a South Beloit diary. Also squirrely letters and bat dancers. Understated, quietly eloquent comics… but you already knew that, right? -EF

3. Monkey In the Basement and Other Delusions by Corinne Mucha (Retrofit) $5.00 – Mucha’s got this special brand of world-enhancing “deductive reasoning” paired with an uncanny untuition – part clown, part private eye, thoroughly entertaining. -EF

4. Gary Book 2 by Tyrell Cannon $7.00

5. Maximumrocknroll #345 Feb 12 $4.00

6. Food Stamp Foodie #1 A Mini Zine of Inexpensive Vegan Cookery by Virginia $2.00

7. Truckface #15 by LB $3.00

8. Bitch #53 $5.95

9. Mojo #219 Feb 12 $9.99

10. Grantland Quarterly vol 1 $25.00 – Grantland #1 is the McSweeney’s launch of a physical sports magazine geared for folks who like multiform sports, McSweeney’s writers and blogs you can hold. You know who you are. -EF

Vittorio Carli Reads A Passion For Apathy, with Friends 2/11

Feb ’12
7:00 pm

Vittorio Carli Reads A Passion For Apathy,
with Vince Bruckert, Dave Gecic,  Lynn Fitzgerald, Bradley Lastname, and other special guests

In A Passion For Apathy, (published by Press of the Third Mind), Vittorio Carli experiments with many types of genres, and his poems were primarily influenced and informed by beat writings, dada, children’s literature, formalist verse, absurdism, fluxus, and surrealism.

“I need to make it clear that this relatively small (68 pages) collection is in no way narrow or repetitious, either stylistically or thematically. Far from it; There is free verse, rhyming verse (where Carli shows the least originality and strength), language poetry, story-poems, repetitive poems, and even a bit of vispo, and the ending poem of the book: “Theological Parody” is something else again, and well worth a few careful reads. Poet–publisher Bradley Lastname and Press of the 3rd Mind continue to be at the forefront of the small and independent press…” -Joey Madia in New Mystic Reviews

“A book by Vito Carli is long overdue. He is an ever changing fixture on the Chicago poetry scene, and seeing his work on the page, (mostly for the first time) does not pin him down in any one genre.  He is a constant experimenter, and seeing his poetry in print gives the reader a far greater appreciation for the nuances in his work.” -Dave Gecic (publisher of Pudd’nhead Books)

Vittorio Carli’s poems have been published in Best of Chicago Poetry, Online! the Chicago Poetry Renaissance, Café Review, Rambunctious Review, Polvo, The American Dissident, Dissent, Struggle: The Journal of Revolutionary Literature, Mind in Motion, Alphabeat Press, Alternative Press, Poems of the World, Religious Humanism, The World Salad Anthology, and The Anti Mensch. Vittorio has done music, art and film reviews for The Star newspapers, The Southtown Star, Chicago Artists News, the Daily Herald, “Letter eX,” “Dialogue,” and He currently does film commentary on WZRD (88.3 FM) on Sundays at 3:30, and he writes a poetry blog at

For more info:

Sat, February 11th, 7pm

New Stuff This Week

Chromazoid $20.00 -This in full-color underground comics chromatic explosion is a BRAND SPANKING NEW publication. It has comics  ready to vibrate your looking balls by such folks as Ben Bertin, Bill Cleveland, Ian McDuffie, Jeremy Tinder, Lale Westvind, Lisa Cline, Lyra Hill, Nick Jackson and Robert Calzone. It comes complete with a cutting edge CASSETTE MIX TAPE featuring WEIRDOS, musicians and drop outs from AROUND THE COUNTRY. We backed it on Kickstarter and now is your chance to see what we spend our money on. And don’t miss the release party for it at The Happy Dog Gallery tomorrow, Sat, Jan 21st at the Happy Dog Gallery (more info below).

The Point Magazine #5 Spr 12: Symposium: What is the Left for? $12.00 – In this Issue: Funny Girls by Jessica Weisberg, On Tiger Moms by Julie Park, Toward A Social Socialism by Erik Olin Wright, Freeing the Market by William Davies, Anti-Politics by Jonathan Leader Maynard, Not Even Past by Brickey LeQuire, Sizing Up Oprah by Timothy Aubry, Coming to Terms by Jon Baskin, An Interview with Bill Ayers by The Editors, Libya and the Left by Michael Berube.

Notes on Eric by Jon  $3.00 – A heartwarming eulogy for a friend passed. At turns hilarious and then sad and then uplifting. Thumbs up! -LM Wilhelm Scream by Jeremy Behreandt $5.00 Black Carrot #16 by Dave $2.00 Congo: A European Invention by J. Gerlach $4.00 – Part of the Simple History Series Uptown Problems #3 by Nick Clemente $5.00 Wild Glass Look Back #1  by R. Clint Colburn $10.00

Comics & Comix
Monkey in the Basement and Other Delusions by Corrine Mucha $5.00 Second Chances #1 by Eric Rivera $12.00 – A halfway house, some small time crooks, summoning satan. All sort of shenanagans. -LM Underground #1  by Cliodhna $4.00 comics by Neil Devlin $3.00 Issues of Kuti #2-#9 $3-$4 each various mini comix from Aron Nels Steinke, including issues of Big Plans and Super Crazy Cat Dance and Super Duper Dog Park. Ariadne auf Naxos #1 and #2 by Julia Gforer $5.00 each- Have TARDIS will travel. -LM SF Supplimentary File #2A and #2B by Ryan Cecil Smith $4.00 each – Newsprint manga adventures in SPAAAAAAAAAACe. Phase 7 #009 by Alec Longstreth $5.00

Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks
Lost and Found Comics 1969-2003 by Bill Griffith (Fantagraphics) $35.00 Lodger by Karl Stevens $19.95 Guilty $9.95 by Karl Stevens $9.95 Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island by Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres (Avatar) $17.99 Silence of Our Friends: The Civil Rights Stuggle Was Never Black and White by Long & Demonakos, art by Nate Powell (First Sec) $16.99

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs & Misc
UFO Strange Space on Earth by Paul Whitehead and George Wingfield $12.00 Graphic Designer A Cautionary Tale by Neil Devlin $7.99 Poised to Pummel: An Unauthorized Illustrated Biography of Bruce Lee by Aaron Block and John Marcoux $12.95 Sugarbabe Controversial: The Real Story of a Woman in Search of a Sugar Daddy by Holly Hill $16.95 Loud in the House of Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl by Stacy Pershall $14.95 – Now in soft cover. The Existentialist’s Guide to Death the Universe and Nothingness by Gary Cox (Continuum) $19.99 Reality Hunger SC A Manifesto by David Shields (Vintage) $15.00 Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness by Rebecca Walker (Soft Skull) $14.95

Politics & Revolution
Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Marable Manning $18.00 It Started In Wisconsin: Dispatches From the Front Lines Of the New Labor Protest by Mari Jo and Paul Buhle et al. (Verso) $14.95

Music Books
Out of the Vinyl Deeps by Ellen Willis and Nona Willis Aronowitz (U of Minn) $22.95

Adventures of Tintin by Herge, Young Readers Editions: Black Island, King Ottokars Sceptre, both editions $8.99 each, and both contain over 20 pages of bonus material each!

Juxtapoz #133 Feb 12 $5.99 Bust Feb Mar 12 $5.99 Clutter #16 Like Toys Love Clutter $9.99 Print vol 66 #1 Feb 12 Power Issue $12.95 Capricious #12 $17.00 True Crime Jan 12 $8.99 Harpers Magazine Feb 12 $6.99 Make vol 29 $14.99 Caduceus #82 $8.99 Open Minds Feb Mar 12 $6.50 Cemetery Dance #65 $5.00 High Times Mar 12 $5.99 Skunk vol 7 #5 $5.99 Fangoria #310 $9.99 Horror Hound #33 Jan Feb 12 $6.99 Granta #118 Win 12 Exit Strategies $16.99 Maximumrocknroll #345 Feb 12 $4.00 Black Velvet #70 $7.00 Boston Review Jan Feb 12 $6.95 Razorcake #66 $4.00 Radical Philosophy #171 $13.00 Amass #42 $4.95 Against the Current #156 Jan Feb 12 $5.00 Tattoo Scout #27 $9.60 Tattoo Collection #48 $6.99 Inked Feb 12 $6.99 Tattoo #271 Mar 12 $7.99

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry
Willow Springs #69 $10.00 Barrelhouse #10 $9.00 Pleiades vol 32 #1 $9.00 Conium Review Spr 12 $.10 WomenArts vol 2 #1 Win 12 $10.00 Literary Review vol 55 #1 Fall Win 11 $8.00 Six By Six #25 $5.00

Sex & Sexy
Handbook vol 6 #1 2012 $6.00 Investigating Sex Surrealist Discussions by Jose Pierre (Verso) $19.95 Front #164 $9.99 Von Gutenberg #6 $19.00 Mate Win 12 $9.99

Other Stuff
Good Old Neon Classic Chicago Signs, a 2012 Calendar by Nick Freeman $5.00

…And new to our website: tons of Tape Op and Punk Planet back issues! See for which ones.

Weekly Top 10

1. Bizarre #184 Feb 12 $10.50 – A magazine I simultaneously have to look at but can’t.

2. Shit I Didnt Tell You #1 by Lynne $1.50 – Compelling footnotes to various friends and relations, “Shit I Didn’t Tell You” is exactly that. It’s a nice checkup about sorting out how feelings get felt and life gets lived. -EF

3. Exxxtinction by Sy Loady $3.00 – Fuckasoreass Triceratopz.

4.   Show Me The Money #36 $2.50

5.   Hi Fructose #22 $6.95

6.   Mojo #219 Feb 12 $9.99

7.   Truckface #15 by LB $3.00 – Third year teaching high school English for CPS starts with LB hacking up a foreboding bloody clotball snotball. Truckface continues to be an annual report of both teaching and being taught- moving through all the drama, anger, goofiness and apathy and learning how to learn from it all. -EF

8.   More Pictures About Feminism by Brad Troemel $10.00

9.   Judas Goat Quarterly #51 by Grant Schreiber $1.50

10. Study Group Magazine #1 win 12 (Study Group Books) – I imagine the rousing success of last year’s fantastic Study Group 12 anthology (#4) has spurred Study Group Magazine into existence. Like Austin English’s Windy Corner before it, SGM #1 is a full-up ideosyncratic combo platter of comics, interviews and examinations. Articles on Eleanor Davis, Brecht Evens and Craig Thompson and a hearty sampling of comics and illustration from Jennifer Parks, Daria Tessler, Aidan Koch, David King, Malachi Ward, Chris Cilla, T Alixopulos, Zack Soto, Jonny Negron and Michael DeForge. Amen. -EF

New Stuff This Week

Kramers Ergot #8 ed. by Sammy Harkham (Picturebox) $32.95 – A brutally effective anthology as an argument about the medium in the form of new work by: Anya Davidson, Leon Sadler, Ben Jones, CF, Sammy Harkham, Tim Hensley, Kevin Huizenga, Takeshi Murata, Robert Beatty, Chris Cilla, Gabrielle Bell, Frank Santoro & Dash Shaw, Gary Panter. 40-page reprint of “Wicked Wanda”, of the 1970s. Essay by Ian Svenonius.

Syndicate Product #18.4 by AJ Michel $1.00 – A list of much of the media consumed by Our Lady of Zine Awesomeness, A.J. Michel. I always look forward to her concise life-lessony responses to the media she consumes, and often she gets me into new things. Even better than Nick Hornby’s “Stuff I’ve Been Reading” column in The Believer. Books, movies, TV shows, music, comics, magazines and more.
My Aim Is True #4 by Carrie $1.00 – Carrie has done it again. Another awesome zine that’s hard to put down. Wise conclusions and compelling reading about stuff like self-image, sex and more. And of course, her crafty cut and paste aesthetic is neato. -LM
Death Ritual #2 by George DeMoura $9.00 – New Age found footage and unlocked trunknecks on the crawl. -EF
Fragments of Spring #2 by Marissa F $2.00
Regional #4 An Examination of American Cuisine by Cassie Tompkins $8.50 – This issue: chili, chile, chilli. Comes with a cracker! The kind you eat, not the, um, forget it. Just get this zine, do the delicious sounding recipe in it and then fold it out to make a really cool piece of artwork to hang! -LM
Last Night at the Casino Jan 12 Journal Entries From a Zinester Turned Dealer by Billy $2.00
Hound and the Musch by Scott Roberts $6.00

Comics and Comix
Death Ritual #1 by George DeMoura $8.00
Spider Monkey #1 by Jesse McManus and Austin English $5.00
Here I Am – A Loud Knock at the Door – Who Could That Be nu Austin English $3.00
Lobster King – Partone 2010 Approved by the Authority by Clara Bessijelle $5.00
Comic Collection of 3 Stories by Clara Bessijelle $5.00 – Bessijelle’s got one of my favorite drawing lines- bold, detailed, funny and sensitive. Her comics look like collaged pencil sketches made from photo collages accompanied by a sinister formal comic timing that reminds me of Edward Gorey’s work without resembling it visually. This collection of 3 steel-eyed short ones runs like a tour 3 elaborately wallpapered parlors each with their own magic and secrets. -EF

Art & Design Books
Tattoo Parlour Artists From the World of Tattoo (Outre Gallery) $19.95 – With art from artists such as Angelique Houtkamp, Mike Giant & more.
Anatomy of Sorrow by Daniel Martin Diaz (La Luz) $35.00
Koretsky: The Soviet Photo Poster 1930 1984 by Erika Wolf (New Press) $60.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Tintin and Snowy Big Activity Book $19.95
Habibi Signed, Bookplate Edition by Criag Thompson (Pantheon) $35.00
Tank Girl – Bad Wind Rising HC by Rufus Dayglo & Alan Martin $19.95
Monster Truck Automobiles Monsters and Mayhem by Shakey Kane (Wishbone) $14.99
Annotated Sandman vol 1 by Neil Gaiman (Vertigo)  $49.99 – Sandman  issues 1 through 20.
Preacher Book Six HC by Ennis and Dillon (Vertigo) $39.99
Monster Mess by Lewis Trondheim $9.99

Harolds Horrible Life by Billy McCall $18.00
Vicky Swanky is a Beauty by Diane Williams (McSweeneys) $20.00
Baby Geisha by Trinie Dalton $16.00
Fourth Fog by Chris Daniels $15.95

Politics & Revolution
Anarchist Interventions 03: Decolonizing Anarchism by Maia Ramnath (AK) $16.00
Take Back Your Government: Citizens Guide to Grassroots Change by Morgan Carroll $19.95
Intimate Wars: Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion From the Back Alley to the Board Room by Merle Hoffman $18.95

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs & Misc
More Far Out Adventures Further Strange Adventures From the Pages of World Explorer by David Hatcher Childress (Adv Unlmtd) $25.00
The Onion’s Love Sex and other Natural Disasters Relationship Reporting from Americas Finest $12.95
End of War by John Horgan (McSweeneys) $22.00
Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars by Scott Bowers & Lionel Friedberg (Grove) $25.00

Music Books
Murder In the Front Row: Shots from the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter by Harald Oimoen & Brian Lew (Bazillion Points) $39.95
Bad As Me by Tom Waits (Anti Inc) $24.98
The Book of Drugs by Mike Doughty $16.00
Bad Idea: I’m About To Do True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgement… by Chris Gethard (Da Capo) $16.00

Bizarre #184 Feb 12 $10.50
Record Collector Jan 12 $10.50
Uncut Feb 12 #177 $9.99
Mojo #219 Feb 12 $9.99

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry
Barge Journal #1 $5.50

Sex & Sexy
Pornhounds #2 by Sharon Lintz et al. $5.00 – Horny hounds! Alternative comics artists do porn.

Other Stuff
TATTOO SPECIAL 1: Goliath Wallpaper Of Fame (Prints & Poster) by Charles Gatewood (Goliath) – Nine prints plus one large poster in a portfolio. Charles Gatewood pulls out his camera and shoots his subjects, from William S. Burroughs to drunken revelers and modern blood drinkers, like a war photographer. Goliath Wallpaper of Fame is a unique poster book magazine with large-scale prints of outstanding photographs by different artists. Issue 01, themed Tattoo, features Gatewood’s work, including a life-size portrait of Sailor Sid and nine other wall-sized images. A detailed interview and a biography included.