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Yuriy Tarnawsky Reads from The Placebo Effect Trilogy with Eckhard Gerdes 5/16

May ’14
7:00 pm

tarnawskyIn Ukrainian-American novelist Yuriy Tarnawsky’s new trilogy The Placebo Effect (JEF Books), the themes of alienation, abandonment, and fear of death, developed in Like Blood in Water and elaborated in The Future of Giraffes, respectively the first and second book of The Placebo Effect Trilogy, are picked up in the third book, View of Delft, and are given a new treatment.

Yuriy Tarnawsky has authored more than two dozen books of poetry, fiction, drama, essays, and translations.  He is one of the founding members of the New York Group, a Ukrainian émigré avant-garde group of writers, and cofounder and co-editor of the journal Novi Poeziyi (New Poetry; 1959–1972). He writes fiction, poetry, plays, translations, and criticism in both Ukrainian and English. His works have been translated into French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian. An engineer and linguist by training, he has worked as a computer scientist at IBM Corporation and professor of Ukrainian literature and culture at Columbia University. He writes in Ukrainian and English and resides in the New York City area. His other English-language books include the books of fiction Meningitis, Three Blondes and Death, Like Blood in Water (all FC2), and Short Tails (JEF Books), as well as the play Not Medea (JEF).

Tarnawsky takes risks most writers wouldn’t dream of.  Just when you think you’re on familiar ground, the earth begins to shake.  His writing rocks! —Derek Pell

Novelist and poet Eckhard Gerdes will also be  reading from some of his recent work.

Fri, May 16th, 7 pm – Free Event

For more info: egerdes(at)experimentalfiction(dot)com

To find this event on Facebook:

Off-Site: Prom 9 From Outer Space: an intergalactic fundraiser to benefit 826CHI

Prom 9 Logo

Quimby’s is proud to co-sponsor Prom 9 From Outer Space: an intergalactic fundraiser to benefit 826CHI
What: Open bar, DJ, silent auction, raffle, DANCING
When: Saturday, April 26, 8pm-midnight
Where: St. Vincent de Paul Center at 2145 N Halsted St (NOT at Quimby’s)

Attendees will forgo ill-fitting rental tuxes and bustling taffeta for all manner of tin-foiled, corsetted, ray-gunned getups sure to impress the creature on their arm. Come dressed in your intergalactic best (or second-hand formal wear) for a night of cosplay, silent auctioning, raffling, (free) drinking, and DANCING…for the children.
All proceeds from Prom 9 benefit 826CHI’s creative writing programs, which are offered tuition-free to thousands of Chicago students each year.

New Stuff This Week


tomine-boxNew York Postcards Box Set by Adrian Tomine (D+Q) $14.95 – 30 illustrations from the pages of the New Yorker and beyond.

Zines & Zine-Related
So As Not to Suicide – A Survival Manual $2.00 – Suffer from anxiety? This might help you.
Bookstores and Baseball 6th Inning $6.00
I’m Really Really Scared – On Social Anxiety by Sylvia $1.00
You Must Always Have a Secret Plan (Little Tricycle Red Guide) $3.00 – Thoughtful and beuaitful one pager, folds out so you can hang it, if this were the holidays we’d say, “What a great stocking stuffer!”
Last Night at the Casino #7 Apr 14 by Billy $3.00 – Former Chicago zinester in Vegas as a casino dealer.
index A to Z: Art, Design, Fashion, Film, and Music in the Indie Era $45.00

Comics & Comix
Cosplayers #1 by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics) $5.00
Riled Up #2 Trick Or Treat by Pete Hassett and Labotka $10.00
Life In Bodies of Water by Julia Von De Bur $4.00
Ten Minicomics by Alex Nall $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Climate Changed a Personal Journal Through the Science by Philippe Squarzoni $24.95
100 Bullets Brother Lono by Brian Azzarello $16.99
Flight by Dave McAwesome (The Vorspiel Ltd.) $5.00

Art Books
Kenzine $35.00 – A collaboration between Toilet Paper the photo magazine and Kenzo, the Parisian clothing store.
Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge by Manuel Lima $29.95 – Enticingly arty look at semantically mapping out knowledge.
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Arigato Everyone $65.00

Panther In the Hive by Olvia A. Cole $15.00 – Apocalyptian adventure based in Chicago.

Sex & Sexy
FEDS presents Sweets vol 8 #23 $7.99

2600 Hacker Quarterly vol 31 #1 $6.95
Girls and Corpses #8 Spr 14 $8.95
Craft Beer and Brewing #1 Spr 14 $9.99
Little White Lies #52 $12.99
Dwell May 14 $5.99
Mojo #245 Apr 14 $9.99
Monocle vol 8 #72 Apr 14 $12.00
Dissent Spr 14 $10.00
In These Times Apr 14 $3.50
The Fifth Estate vol 49 #1 Spr Sum 14 $4.00
Skin and Ink Jun 14 #151 $6.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books
Tweeds #1 $15.00
DRK DUV by Ag Davis $6.00

Kids Books
Oddfellows Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin $7.99

off-site: CAKE FRAME 2: Live Art Auction and Brain Frame Comics Performance Event to Benefit CAKE 4/20

cakeframeSun, April 20 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan Street, Chicago IL 60608 (NOT at Quimby’s)

Doors at 6pm, show at 7pm
$5 – $20 sliding scale entry

For the second year running, the performative comics reading series Brain Frame is teaming up with the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) to host the CAKE Frame fundraiser, an evening of comics readings and a live art auction. Cake Frame 2 is All proceeds go to benefit CAKE, the weekend-long celebration of independent comics featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more. CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers.

Brain Frame founder Lyra Hill will host the evening as master of ceremonies and auctioneer. Attendees can bid on original art from 30 talented Chicagoans including Chris Ware, Nicole Hollander, Ivan Brunetti, and Edie Fake. All bids for artworks will start at $30. The evening will also include a wide variety of comics performances by Brain Frame alums Kevin Budnik, Rachel Niffenegger, Pup House and Jen Rickert. There will be live drawing by Jenna Caravello and live music by El Is A Sound Of Joy. Doors open at 6pm and the event starts at 7pm, but we recommend attendees arrive early if they want to review the auction items before bidding.

With only two months until CAKE on May 31/June 1 at the Center on Halstead, the CAKE organizers are kicked into full gear. Organizers Ben Bertin, Neil Brideau, Marnie Galloway, Max Morris, Grace Tran and Jeff Zwirek are committed to making this year’s show one that goes down in history, and the CAKE Frame 2 fundraiser will help them towards that goal.

For more information on CAKE, please visit
For more information on Brain Frame, please visit
Contact: Max Morris, cakexpo(at)gmail(dot)com

New Stuff This Week

greatestmosttraveling_lgThe Greatest Most Traveling Circus by Jonas $10.00 – A new book from Jonas of “Cheer the Eff Up” zine! It’s is an anthology of stories about vampires and superheroes, gypsy curses, giant killer robots, psychics, love potions, bar fights over stolen angel wings, imaginary monsters, magical traveling pants and the devil as a red-headed con man. But it’s also a novel about overcoming depression, struggling with suicide, handling loss, and trying to find meaning in a world where the supernatural isn’t the hardest part of life to accept. Above all, it’s about finding friendship when it is least expected–but most needed.

Regional: Examination of American Cuisine #8 Soda Pop by Cassie Tompkins and Carl Krause $8.50
Sorry Mom #1 by Megan Karson $5.00
Caboose #9 Masons On Masons: How to Start a Secret Society by Liz & Joe Mason $1.00
Frontier #3 Youth In Decline by Sascha Hommer $8.00
Salted Mischief by Katrin Hagen $11.00
Creative Evolution #6 $1.00
Dirty Hands #4 by David Alvarado $5.00
From What I Can Tell Things Were Good #1 by Corrine Butta $6.00
Cheer Up Mr Fish vol 1 vt Arak Frans $1.00
Zisk #24  $2.00
Bad Liver and a Broken Heart by Carrie and Jonas $2.00
assorted weirdo Paul Nudd zines, various prices
Post Punk Parenthood: An Alternative Parenting Zine by Dustin Seelinger, issues #1-3, $2.00 each
Piltdownlad by Kelly Dessaint, various issues, various prices
Judas Goat Quarterly #61 by Grant Schreiber $1.50
Mineshaft #30 Spr 14, 15th Anniversary Issue by Everett Rand, with contributions from Crumb etc. $9.00
Six Zero Six by Elizabeth S. Tieri $4.00
Andina by Ines Estrada $4.00

Comics & Comix
Pedagogy As Dissent: Autobiographical Comics of Nicole Schulman by Fiona Avocado $6.00
Sandman Overture #2 of 6 by Neil Gaiman $3.99
Laskimooses #16 KeskeyttamisVaikeuksia by Herra Matti Hagelbergin $7.00
Drive Thru Plus, Color Edition: Contains Three 1/48 Scale Paper Models by Gary Kachadourian $8.00
Conditions on the Ground #9 by Kevin Hooyman $5.00
Mudforest Books 1-3 by Ian Desnford, various prices
Surviving Winter by Shellie Lewis $2.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Outside the Box: Interviews With Contemporary Cartoonists by Hillary L. Chute (U of Chicago Press) $26.00 – Don’t miss Hillary here at Quimby’s to talk about this book on April 19th!
Fatima: The Blood Spinners by Gilbert Hernandez (Dark Horse) $19.99 – Includes #1-#4 Fatima the Blood Spinners, about a heroine attempting to save the world against a drug people are just “dying” to try!
Undertaking of Lily Chen by Danica Novgorodoff (First Second) $29.99
Monster and Titans: Original Art From the Battling Boy Touring Exhibition by Paul Pope $24.99
Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol (First Second) $9.99 – Now in soft cover.
Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza by James Kochalka (First Second) $12.99
Sleep of Reason: An Anthology of Horror $30.00 – With a cover by Michael DeForge.
Aama vol 1 Smell of Warm Dust by Frederik Peeters (Self Made Hero) $19.95
Neuropolitique by Dr. Hana Ros and Matteo Farinella (Nobrow Press) $24.95

Let Go and Go On and On by Tim Kinsella (Curbside Splendor) $14.95
Lexicon by Max Barry $16.00 – Now in soft cover.
Shadows the Sizes of Cities by Gregory W. Beaubien (Moresby Press) $14.95
Kali’s Day by Bonny Finberg (Autonomedia) $15.95
River of No Return by Bee and Ridgway $16.00 – A novel of love and time travel.
The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer $17.00 – Now in soft cover.
Down Where The Devil Don’t Go by Paul Bingham $10.00

Outer Limits
White House Call Girl: The Real Watergate Story by Phil Stanford (Feral House) $17.95
Theban Oracle: Discover the Magic of the Ancient Alphabet That Changes Lives by Greg Jenkins PhD (Weiser) $18.95

Music Books
The Hippest Trip In America: Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture and Style by Nelson George $27.99
Confidence or the Appearance of Confidence: The Best of Believer Music Interviews ed. by Vendela Vida (Believer Books) $15.00
Harley Loco: A Memoir of Hard Living, Hair, and Post-Punk, from the Middle East to the Lower East Side by Rayya Elias $16.00
A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen by Liel Leibovitz $25.95
Nothin’ to Lose: The Making of KISS (1972-1975) by Ken Sharp, Gene Simmons, & Paul Stanley $17.99
Ziggyology: A Brief History of Ziggy Stardust by Simon Goddard (Ebury Press) $27.95
Daft Punk: A Trip Inside the Pyramid by Dina Santorelli $24.99

Gender Politics
Gender Failure by Raw Spoon and Ivan E. Coyote (Arsenal Pulp Press) $17.95
Against Equality: Queer Revolution Not Mere Inclusion by Ryan Conrad (AK Press) $15.00

Politics & Revolution
Direct Struggle: Against Capital, A Peter Kroptkin Anthology ed. by Ian McKay (AK Press) $24.95

Valerie Solanas: The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM (and Shot Andy Warhol) by Breanne Fahs (Feminist Press) $22.95
Painted Cities by Alexai Galaviz-Budziszewski (McSweeney’s) $24.00 – About growing up in Pilsen.
Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream by Thomas Dyja $18.00
Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach $15.95 – Now in soft cover.

Kids Books
I Like Animals by Dahlov Ipcar (Nobrow/Flying Eye) $17.95
Tippy and the Night Parade by Lilli Carre (Toon Books) $12.95

Koshka #3 by Kaitlin Kostus $5.00
Tom Tom Magazine #17 Magazine For Female Drummers $6.00
Hi-Fructose #31 $7.95
Skeptic vol 19 #1 14 $6.95
True Detective Spring Special 2014 $10.99
True Crime Mar 14 $8.99
Gothic Beauty #43 $6.95
Rolla Coaster #11 Feb 14 $8.50
Gentlewoman #9 Spr Sum 14 $14.99
Iron and Air #13 $15.00
Via Publication #2 Navigation $12.00
Worn #18 Fashion Journal $17.00
Maximumrocknroll #371 Apr 14 $4.99
International Review #152 International Communist Current $3.00
Inked Apr May 14 #62 $6.99

Lit Journals
The Paris Review #208 $20.00
Rock and Sling vol 9 #1 Spr Sum 14 $10.00
Parody vol 3 #1 $5.00

Other Stuff
Serial Killer Culture DVD by John Borowski $20.00