New Stuff This Week


The Escapist Artist #62 october 2020 by Jolie Ruin $2

Skurt Cobain #2 Oct 20 A Zine About the 1990s $2

Enduring Change In Dead Systems #2 Quarantine Town of Cincinnati by Will Dee $4

Zisk issues #30 & #31 $3 each

Petula Clark’s “Downtown” Changed My Life $1

Cat Logic 26 Quirky Things About Cats $1

I Fucking Love This Album by Chops $2

Cheap Toys #24 summer 2020 $5

Comics & Minis

Ruth by Mosher $6

Comics by David Hankins: Dog, Guitar, There Once Was $1.65 each

Anxious Baker by Gina Parham $7

Comics by Jillian Sander: Mother, Minor Miscommunication, Big Sap

Graphic Novels

Hallowzine #3 Season of the Witch by The Northside Comic Artists $9.95

Monkey vs Robot: The Complete Epic by James Kochalka (Top Shelf) $29.99

Frankie Comics Collected by Rachel Dukes $17.99

What Cartooning Really Is: The Major Interviews with Charles M. Schulz by Laurie Colwin, Gary Groth and Leonard Maltin (Fantagraphics) $24.95

Movie & Music Books

Cinema Sewer Volume 7: The Adults Only Guide to History’s Sickest and Sexiest Movies! by Robin Bougie (FAB Press) $19.95

Easy Listening Acid Trip: An Elevator Ride through Sixties Psychedelic Pop by Joseph Lanza (Feral House) $24.95

Suburban Grindhouse: From Staten Island to Times Square and All the Sleaze Between by Nick Cato (Headpress) $21.95

Noise Receptor Journal: Archive Volume 1: Sound with Impact – Analysing the Abstract by Richard Stevenson (Headpress) $29.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Understanding the War Industry by Christian Sorensen (Clarity Press) $29.95

Ft Nonsense, NJ by Greg McMurray $13

Pagan Anarchism by Christopher Scott Thompson (Gods&Radicals) $12.50

All That Is Sacred Is Profaned: A Pagan Guide to Marxism by Rhyd Wildermuth (Gods&Radicals) $12.50

True to the Earth: A Pagan Political Theology by Kadmus (Gods&Radicals) $16

Photo Books

Skater Girls by Jenny Sampson $45


Rave by Rainald Goetz (Fitzcarraldo Editions) $17.95

Black Gangster by Donald Goines $15.95

Outer Limits & Mayhem Books

International Legend Tripping: Adventure Outside the Box by Robert C. Robinson (Adventures Unlimited) $18.95

Operation White Rabbit: LSD DEA, & the Fate of the Acid King by Dennis McDougal (Skyhorse Publishing) $24.99

Secret Societies by Jon Black (Same Old Books) $25

This Cryptid World: A Global Survey of Undiscovered Beasts by Brian Rau and Karl Shuker (Herb Lester) $14

Bullets for Dead Hoods: An Encyclopedia of Chicago Mobsters, c. 1933 by John Corbett (Soberscove Press) $38

Help & DIY

Quick & Easy Guide to Consent by Isabella Rotman $7.99

Circling the Star by Anthony Rella (Gods&Radicals) $16


Little White Lies #86 september october $12.99

Harpers Magazine november $7.99

Monocle #137 october $14

Wire #440 october $12.50

In These Times november $4.95