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Strange Tapes #9 The Gummo Kid by Scott R. Miller $7

Legal Concealers by Marc Fischer (Half Letter Press) $12

Content War by Subverso $7

At Least It’s Something by Mary Rusak $9

Healing Your Magical Body Quartz Crystal by Jo Jo Sherrow $5.95

zines by Kamille Kirschling, $5 each: Just Yesterday #1, I Found Your Happiness But Not Mine #2

Abigail Zero #1 by Abigail Zero (Robust Books) $12

Today and All Before It by Turner Hilliker $5

Buttermilk #1 $3

Plants #1 by John Bolin $3

Fritkot #4 by Antek $2

Sick of It #2 A Disability Inside Outside Project by Matilda Sabal $5

Anima Animus Art Series, various issues!

Show Your Bones #2 by Joshua Frazer $2

Desperate Times #2 The Rise and Fall of Safari Sam’s $7

Comics & Minis

Endless: A Tale Of Space Anxiety By Eric DeSantis $5

Doom Country #1 by Jeff Pisateri $8

Iterative Gentleman by Tero Visio $9.50

Enemy by Ghost Fruits $24.99

Comics by Natalia Lopes : Chilling Wind of Rage Rattles My Bones $12, I Thought I Saw A Deer Last Night $8

Body of Work by Mel & Sean Dempsey $7

Frowny Frown #2 by Aaron Novik $10

Life as an ABC #1 by Carolyn Xu $8

Curio: A Visual Travelogue by Joshua Frazer $8

Cliff Versus the Hippies by Joshua Frazer $10

Stuff From El Rebozo Cooperative:
Mas Alla De La Escuela by Constanza Monie $14
Sanar De La Salud $12
Brujas Parteras Y Enfermeras by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English $10
Chicanas Deslenguadas by Gloria Anzaldua #11
La Lucha Contra el Cuerpo Rebelde by Silvia Federici $7
Mother Earth or Death by Claudia Von Werlhof $10
Fight for Freedom and Culture by Frantz Fanon $8
From Margin to Center by Rita Segato $7

Graphic Novels

It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be by Lizzy Stewart $24.99

Magician A by Natsuko Ishitsuyo $19.99

Essay-ish Stuff

Women on Wheels: The Scandalous Untold Histories of Women in Bicycling by April Streeter (Microcosm) $16.95

Music Books

The White Label Promo Preservation Society: 100 Flop Albums You Ought To Know by Sal Maida and Mitchell Cohen (Hozac Books) $28.99


Grandmother Ayahuasca: Plant Medicine and the Psychedelic Brain by Christian Funder $19.99

Bang: Masturbation For People of All Genders and Abilities by Vic Liu (Microcosm) $14.95

Unfuck Your Anxiety: Using Science to Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $9.95

Deschinga Tu Cerebro/Unfuck Your Brain (Spanish translation) by Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $14.95

Unfuck Your Body: Using Science to Eat Sleep Breathe Move and Feel Better by Faith G. Harper $14.95


Tape Op #144 $5.99

Loose Ideas #1 & #2 by Ash Beyer $20

Facility Magazine About Bathrooms #2 $15

Pest Control Magazine #3 $15

Lit Journals

Overtime Hour 59 Gone Fishing by Pat Detmer $2


Super Edco vol 2 She of Horns and Cloven Hoof by Eric DeSantis $10


Pisser’s Theater by Eckhard Gerdes $12.95


Plus! More stickers and patches from Silver Sprocket!

Plus: Verso Radical Weekly Planner Diary 2022 $19.95