Meags Fitzgerald Launches PHOTOBOOTH: A BIOGRAPHY 6/12

Jun ’14
7:00 pm

quimby's photobooth portraitCome join Meags as she presents her work and discusses the process of making the definitive graphic novel about this fascinating subject.

For almost a century chemical have occupied public spaces, giving people the opportunity to quickly take inexpensive, quality photos. In the last decade these machines have started to rapidly disappear, causing an eclectic group of in- dividuals from around the world to come together and respond. Illustrator, writer and long-time photobooth lover, Meags Fitzger- ald has chronicled the photobooth’s fortuitous history and the events which gave rise to the desperate need to save them. Having traveled in North America, Europe and Australia, she’s constructed a biography of the booth through the eyes of technicians, owners, collectors, artists and fanatics. In this ground-breaking book Fitzgerald struggles with her own relationship to these fleeting machines, while looking to the future.
is an artist and storyteller who draws, animates, writes and performs. Working primarily as an illustrator, she has a BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design and a certificate in Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art + Design University. In many of her works, Fitzgerald addresses memory, history and the act of collecting. : A Biography is her first graphic novel.
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Thurs, June 12, 7pm – Free Event