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Vittorio Carli Reads A Passion For Apathy, with Friends 2/11

Feb ’12
7:00 pm

Vittorio Carli Reads A Passion For Apathy,
with Vince Bruckert, Dave Gecic,  Lynn Fitzgerald, Bradley Lastname, and other special guests

In A Passion For Apathy, (published by Press of the Third Mind), Vittorio Carli experiments with many types of genres, and his poems were primarily influenced and informed by beat writings, dada, children’s literature, formalist verse, absurdism, fluxus, and surrealism.

“I need to make it clear that this relatively small (68 pages) collection is in no way narrow or repetitious, either stylistically or thematically. Far from it; There is free verse, rhyming verse (where Carli shows the least originality and strength), language poetry, story-poems, repetitive poems, and even a bit of vispo, and the ending poem of the book: “Theological Parody” is something else again, and well worth a few careful reads. Poet–publisher Bradley Lastname and Press of the 3rd Mind continue to be at the forefront of the small and independent press…” -Joey Madia in New Mystic Reviews

“A book by Vito Carli is long overdue. He is an ever changing fixture on the Chicago poetry scene, and seeing his work on the page, (mostly for the first time) does not pin him down in any one genre.  He is a constant experimenter, and seeing his poetry in print gives the reader a far greater appreciation for the nuances in his work.” -Dave Gecic (publisher of Pudd’nhead Books)

Vittorio Carli’s poems have been published in Best of Chicago Poetry, Online! the Chicago Poetry Renaissance, Café Review, Rambunctious Review, Polvo, The American Dissident, Dissent, Struggle: The Journal of Revolutionary Literature, Mind in Motion, Alphabeat Press, Alternative Press, Poems of the World, Religious Humanism, The World Salad Anthology, and The Anti Mensch. Vittorio has done music, art and film reviews for The Star newspapers, The Southtown Star, Chicago Artists News, the Daily Herald, “Letter eX,” “Dialogue,” and He currently does film commentary on WZRD (88.3 FM) on Sundays at 3:30, and he writes a poetry blog at

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Sat, February 11th, 7pm

Martha Bayne Discusses The Soup & Bread Cookbook 2/9

Feb ’12
7:00 pm

Everybody loves soup. But why?


Sure, it’s nutritious, affordable, and infinitely variable. Soup can be a rustic meal in a bowl or a dainty palate cleanser. It can showcase the pure flavors of fresh spring peas or provide a last-ditch use for tired celery and the stalest bread. From borscht to pozole to udon, it’s the hallmark of home cooking across cultures. It soothes the sick, it nourishes the poor–and it can trick children into eating their veggies. And, alone among foods, a pot of soup can be a powerful tool to both draw people together and help them to reach out to others.


The Soup & Bread Cookbook, inspired by author Martha Bayne’s Soup & Bread series at Chicago’s Hideout, aims to explore this social role of soup, in the midst of a collection of terrific, affordable recipes from food activists, chefs, and others, providing a quirky exploration of the cultural history of soup–and its natural ally, bread–as a tool for both building community and fostering social justice.


The social functions of soup don’t stop at the soup kitchen door. Everyone’s familiar with the “stone soup” fable — the tale of a hungry town that feeds itself when every citizen contributes something to the pot. But have you heard about Re-Thinking Soup, a weekly free soup lunch started in Chicago by Sam Kass, the Obamas’ personal chef? Or about Empty Bowl, a nationwide grassroots effort to raise money for hunger relief by partnering with local arts groups?


Soup has a powerful effect on how people gather, eat, and share. A few years ago in Seattle, Knox Gardner had a brainstorm. Eating your way through a pot of soup day after day can get boring–why not get together and swap some with friends? The idea took off like chicken and noodles, and now neighbors across the country are getting together regularly for home-based “soup swaps,” with a date at the end of January annually designated (by as National Soup Swap Day.


In Chicago, the arts collective InCUBATE uses soup as a microfunding tool. Each month since the Sunday Soup project launched in 2007, the group hosts a casual soup dinner for members and likeminded friends; the proceeds to go fund a different art project each month. And of course, soup can be a political statement: The radical volunteers of Food Not Bombs have been providing free vegetarian soup to the hungry as a protest against war and social injustice since 1980.


These are just a few examples of the stories Bayne wraps around a collection of delicious, accessible and tested soup recipes, the diversity of which epitomizes the wide-ranging potential of soup as a community building tool. “Celebrity” chef contributors share the pages with food activists, farmers, writers, soup geeks, and regular folks involved in grassroots food projects around the country.

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One of the top ten essential cookbooks for fall 2011.
-Time Out Chicago

Beautifully written, generous and honest, the book looks at community building through lenses as various and diverse as the country has to offer. Bayne finds people of many kinds – immigrants, nuns, urban farmers, artists and activists – each using soup to bring people together and knit up what has become unraveled.

-Eiren Caffall, Tikkun Daily

Advance pre-print event: Graham Rae Reads Soundproof Future Scotland 2/17

Feb ’12
7:00 pm

SOUNDPROOF FUTURE SCOTLAND is a linguistically deranged trip into a dead-end, techno-punk future that lies firmly within our sight.

Scotsman Graham Rae’s new book Soundproof Future Scotland (Creation Books) is a sort-of futuristic meditation on his old home country. Welcome to the end of the known world. Set in the 22nd century in an independent Scotland, it details the lives and loves and hates of Johnny Certex and Ratsoup. These young cyberdrunk boyz spend their weekend boozing, band practice, drinking, digigames, hacktivism, skarboarding, chopping maul madness. The the book follows them as they drink and play digigames and ponder their small-town world (the center of Satellite Town, the rubbish dump where they live) before they start their crappy jobs as holographic refuse collectors. They plan to go to see their all-time fave band live, Empty Vessels, as the inescapable gravitational pull of Wavesound drags them closer to The Best Gig Ever.

Soundproof Future Scotland is more Charles Bukowski than William Gibson; a raw, lyrical, hilarious, thought-provoking trawl through the underbelly of a Scotland that may yet come to be.

This book is not in print yet, so Quimby’s will have vouchers valid for digital download  that will be on sale at the event.

SOUNDPROOF FUTURE SCOTLAND has already drawn significant praise:

“New writers, like yourself, will always keep appearing, thank God, + shock + delight a new generation of readers.” -JG Ballard

“If Henry Miller decided to rip off both William Gibson and William Burroughs, it might read like this gritty sexplosive novel set in the 22nd century.” -Richard Kern

“Aside from creative heckling, the highest praise one could pay Scottish ex-pat Graham Rae on the occasion of his rip-roaring novel Soundproof Future Scotland is to say that the writing crackles with the wit, (unintentional) wisdom, and sheer, unadulterated energy of great rock ‘n’ roll. Irvine Welsh, move over, and Lester Bangs, I think you’d be proud.” -Jim DeRogatis

“Graham Rae makes heterosex sound quite appealing. Which is of course the test of any great fiction writer.” -Mark Simpson

Graham Rae’s work has been featured in,, American Cinematographer, Cinefantastique, and His work has also appeared in the Deep Red Horror Handbook, and the anthology Please: Fiction Inspired by The Smiths. He has also appeared on BBC Radio Scotland as a film critic.

Fri, Feb 17th, 7pm

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Caseen Gaines Presents Inside Pee-Wee’s Playhouse 2/24

Feb ’12
7:00 pm

Calling all Pee-wee Herman fans! Caseen Gaines, author of the one-and-only book about the entire Pee-wee Herman phenomenon, will be at Quimby’s Bookstore to discuss and sign copies of his brand-new book, Inside Pee-wee’s Playhouse!

Inside Pee-wee’s Playhouse is the first and only behind-the-scenes look behind the hit Emmy Award-winning TV show starring the pop culture icon Pee-wee Herman, complete with over 250 rare and never-before-published full color photos, marking the show’s 25th anniversary last fall. Gaines’ book is based on interviews with over a hundred cast members, writers, producers, network executives, crew members, puppeteers, and animators who contributed to the program TV Guide recently referred to as one of the “top ten cult classics of all time.”

Inside Pee-wee’s Playhouse is a must for any Pee-wee fan. Gaines unearths a significant moment in pop culture with the care of an archaeologist, and the vibrant humor of Pee-wee himself.” — John Ortved, author of The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History

“With his inspired, lunatic Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Paul Reubens showed a generation of television viewers that it’s okay to be different. Caseen Gaines has crafted a meticulously researched look at the origin, production, and legacy of this landmark series that is every bit as educational and entertaining as the show it chronicles.” — Jeremy Kinser, Senior Editor, The Advocate

“Though brutally honest in recounting crew conflicts and the fickle world of show business, Gaines demonstrates the enchantment and broad appeal of the Playhouse, as well as the spontaneity of a show where ‘anything could happen.’” — Publishers Weekly

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Feb 24th, 7pm