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Off-Site Event: Like a Secondhand Sea: A story of the River and Lake told in 3 Parts

Jul ’12
11:00 am

Pocket Guide to Hell presents Like a Secondhand Sea, a 3-part historical reenactment that uses costumes, props, and audience participation to tell the story of how human contact has altered Lake Michigan and the Chicago River on Sunday, July 15th. Using costumes, props, music, and a cast of hundreds, it tells a three-part story: Marquette and Joliet’s expedition along the original coastline of the Lake in 1673; Captain George Wellington Streeter’s founding of a squatter community on the reclaimed land that bears his name in 1886; and the Sanitary District’s reversal of the Chicago River in 1892-1900. This free and interactive event uses stories of the past to increase awareness of how human contact is continuing to change the waterways today. It’s FREE. Come whenever you want. Stay as long as you like. THIS EVENT IS NOT AT QUIMBY’S.

Part 1: Marquette & Joliet, starts at Chicago & Michigan at 11:00 AM
Part 2: Streeterville, starts outside the River East Arts Center (435 E Illinois) at 12:00 PM
Part 3: River Reversal Dedication, starts at Centennial Fountain at 2:00 PM

In Part 1 join Marquette & Joliet as they retrace the original coastline of the lake, today’s Michigan Avenue, in voyageur canoes on wheels. Part 2 brings to life the District of Lake Michigan, aka Streeterville, the outlaw and outcast community of gambling dens, saloons, and brothels that Capt. George Wellington Streeter built on land reclaimed from the lake. The Sanitary and Shipping Canal is dedicated and the Chicago River is reversed in Part 3, which restages the official ceremony inaugurating this marvel of engineering, complete with nickel-plated shovels and a marching band. Each Part leads directly into the next and will be used to highlight contemporary challenges to the health and sustainability of Chicago’s waterways.

With costumes by Claire Schaubel, Michelle Faust, & Nat Ward and props by Kenneth Morrison and Matt Malooly.

With performances by: Jon Langford, Martin Billheimer, Sally Tims, Tim Tuten, Alison Cuddy, Justin Amolsch, Rob Cruz, L. Wyatt, Scott M. Priz, Water Reclamations District Commissioner Debra Shore, Rich Cahan, Nick Fraccaro, Nicki Yowell, Kenneth Morrison, Matt Malooly, Nat Ward, Michelle Faust, Brant Veilleux, Tim Newberg, The Chicago Poetry Bordello, Sarah Crawford, Rich Bales, Ingrid Haftel, Kate Keleman, Meghan McGrath, Burke Bindbeutel, David Durstewitz, Tim Samuelson, Kevin Robinson, Jerry Boyle, Claire Glass, Richard Bales, Gail Spreen, Steve Mosqueda, Joe Mason, Nicki Yowell, Liz Mason, Tim Dashnaw, Rozi Cohen, Neville, Kennedy Greenrod, Justin Amolsch’s Brass Inferno Productions,  The Chicago Poetry Bordello, circus acrobats and puppeteers under the direction of Scott M. Priz,  Chris Olsen will provide tintype photographs. Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore will make a special guest appearance alongside Tim Samuelson, Rich Cahan, Thom Cmar, Richard F. Bales, and Kevin Robinson and many, many more.

With Art & Culture cops provided by: members of the Chicago Architectural Foundation, SOAR, Quimby’s, The Hideout, Public Media Institute, Chicago Publishes, The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, Read/Write Library, and the Newberry.

Event partners include: Quimby’s – TimeOut Chicago – The Hideout – The Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR) – Read/Write Library – Haymarket Pub & Brewery – Chicago Publishes – The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame – Public Media Institute – Steampunk Chicago

Poster by Edie Fake. Handbill by Lyra Hill.

Pocket Guide to Hell is a series of free and interactive walking tours and historical reenactments dealing with Chicago’s past. Last spring’s full-scale 125th anniversary Haymarket Reenactment had over 1000 participants. Pocket Guide to Hell has been written about in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, TimeOut, and Vice among other places. See for information about past and upcoming events.

Interested in representing Quimby’s at this event? Contact liz(at)quimbys(dot)com

Miguel Conner Reads 7/21

Jul ’12
7:00 pm

Miguel Conner is host of Aeon Byte, the only topical and guest radio show on Gnosticism and timeless mysteries. He is author of the critically acclaimed Voices of Gnosticism (Bardic Press),as well as The Dark Instinct Series (Warner Books). His fantasy book The Executioner’s Daughter, will be released late in 2012 (Solstice Publishing). His articles, fiction, and reviews have appeared in such publication as Reality Sandwich, The Stygian Vortex, The Gnostic Journal, Heretic the Magazine, Houston Public News, Mindscape Magazine, The Cimmerian Journal, and many others.

Aeon Byte is an initiation-by-conversation into the dark corners of myth, magic and meaning; a crash course in cult, culture and conspiracy; a virtuous virus invoking and informing history, holiness and heresy.  Each week your host Miguel Conner commandeers your connection to bring the most accepted and rejected scholars and provocateurs to your attention. Fun, compelling, and deeply weird, this is the blow-your-mind cocktail party conversation you always wanted to listen in on. For more info:  and

For more info:

Sat, July 21st, 7pm

“Bad Zine, Everyone’s Fault” Zine Tour Kick Off Reading 7/20

Jul ’12
7:00 pm

A night of zine readings by four zinesters setting off on their East Coast tour.

Readings by:

Jen Twigg writes zines about playing music as a lady-identified punx, the dubious crossroads of football and feminism, and living in two places at once. She is writing a grad thesis about Star Trek and is an organizer of the Chicago Zine Fest.

Heather C writes Dig Deep, a zine about public libraries, street harassment, & the rad ways she’s working to create a full life. She also runs Stranger Danger, a zine distro that specializes in feminist, queer, & trans zines.

Xavi M. writes about identity and unripened fruit in a collection of poetry called Explorers Are We.

Leslie Perrine writes and illustrates short fiction and mini-comics mostly about talking animals.  She lives in Chicago with her cat Bum and is an organizer for the Chicago Zine Fest.

“This is going to be a night to remember!” Johnny Misfit, founder of Two Cookie Minimum reading series.

Check out work:

Fri, July 20th, 7pm

Marc Arcuri, Dan Gleason, Gregory Jacobsen, Mike McPadden & Gabriel Wallace Read 7/28

Jul ’12
7:00 pm

Back and sexier than ever! The great Marc Arcuri, stylist to the stylites, keyboardist for Santana, lover of Pantera and lead singer/drummer of the English Softhearts plans to orate nonsensically at the top of his lungs! Dan Gleason, that fat sad sac ejaculator of short stories, shall read b. s. from his latest greatest hits book, ‘Dear Sweetness,’ and also some of his more recent vapid creations! Gregory Jacobsen, greaser/guido/hairball, possessor of large hands, painter, and lead singer of the Lovely Little Girls will lick your body up and down with his sensual verbosity! Mike McPadden, author of, ‘If You Like Metallica…,’ ‘Heavy Metal Movies: The 666 Most Headbanging Films from Anvil to Zardoz,’ and head writer at Mr. Skin will provide a delightful pause from that life you are leading, void of meaning, with his angelic wordplay! And Gabriel Wallace, poet/genius/renegade, dead-ringer for Taylor Negron – a. k. a. the Pizza Guy from Fast Times – author of The Great Sheboygan Panty Raid of 18977, Quack With Me (folderol) and The Waukegan Pepsodent Conundrum will mesmerize your loins with his erotic mysticism!

The work of Marc Arcuri has been featured at Buddy Gallery, the Co-Prosperity Sphere, New Capital, the Double Door, the Burlington and at Bitchpork. Dan’s work has been on display at the Hyde Park Art Center, Antena Gallery, the Block Museum of Art, Roots & Culture and at Salon Tress. Gregory Jacobsen shows his artwork at Chicago’s ZG Gallery and Berlin’s Bongout. He’s also had stuff in Hi-Fructose and New American Paintings. Mike McPadden’s stuffs can be found in Happyland, Hustler, and Mr. Skin. He has also served as screenwriter of a number of films. Gabriel Wallace’s work has been witnessed at the Hideout, Bottom Lounge, innumerable places in the great NYC and Columbia, Missouri, and also at the magical QUIMBY’S BOOKSTORE!






Saturday, July 28, 7pm

Debate, Enlightenment and Performance from The Last Man, by W.C. Turck 7/14

Jul ’12
7:00 pm

WC Turck’s new book The Last Man, warns of a world ruled by a single powerful corporation and the one man who defied it. More than fiction, The Last Man is a prophetic story, a freedom manifesto, a celebration of diversity, and reminder that one man can make a difference. With all proceeds going to support Occupy Chicago, reading The Last Man is like standing in solidarity with those who demand a better tomorrow.

In 2011, Turck’s first play, Occupy My Heart: A revolutionary Christmas Carol made national headlines and helped change the media narrative about the Occupy movement. The Last Man continues that effort and support with the only novel endorsed by Occupy Chicago. Turck has been featured on podcasts and radio shows such as The Thom Hartman show, Words with Wings, WCPT and The Chicago Tribune. His first book, Broken: one soldier’s unexpected journey home, was recommended by the national Association of mental health Institutes for its treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Turck is also the author of “Everything for Love,” a personal memoir of the Siege of Sarajevo, of the popular WordPress blog and more.

For more info: http://occupychi.or