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New Stuff This Week

Yeah yeah, New Stuff is getting posted a day earlier than usual. Now you can plan your weekend early, around what you’re going to come in and buy.

One thing’s for sure, tomorrow night (Sat 4/23) Dr. Chris Smit, who wrote the book The Exile of Britney Spears: A Tale of 21st Century Consumption (Intellect/University of Chicago Press), will be here at 7pm. Just in time for Britney Spears’ new album, Dr. Smit’s book illustrates the American popular culture’s thirst for—and complicity in—celebrity disgrace. And oh yeah, how we consume culture and puke it out when we’re done. Click here for more info about this event.

Among other new things we received this week are The Point #4, Spr 11. Click here or the image below to see the feature about Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library. Some of the other features include: • White Boys, Hip Hop, Jay Electronica • Steroids, Baseball, America • Porn as a Way of Life • Sarah Palin’s Alaska • J.M. Coetzee’s Problem With Authority • Chicago’s Political Theater • What is Sport For?


So here’s this week’s new stuff:

Famous Forgeries by Eric William Pierson (Drippy Bone Books) $5.00
PopNihil #3 Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before by Matthew Moyer and Jason Brown $2.00
Because We Can’t Fight the Bulldozer Alone by Dan Sully Sullivan $6.00
Memories – Darkwater Press Memorized Enforced $4.00
Prince Zine by Joshua James Amberson and Carman Rachel Lee $5.00
Readin and Fightin #2 Insisting on Literature by Women of Color by Camille $1.50

Hate Annual #9 by Peter Baggue (Fantagraphics) $4.95
Seasonal #1 by Bobbi Parry and Sarah Morton $7.00 – Seasonal #1 is a roundabout romance in a Utah megastore….all emotional-cleanup-in-aisle-9-style. -EF
BAM Big Apple Monsters #1 by Jon and Dan Cottle $4.00
Scenic Byways Welcome to Falling Rock National Park by Josh Shalek $9.00
Freaks by Tony Rabit $1.00
Time: An Anthology of Comics About Food (Trees and Hills) $5.00 – Includes a Free Calendar!

The New Gypsies by Iain McKell (Prestel) $39.95 – As in for real, young folks doing the nomadic thing.
New Club Kids: London Party Fashion in the Noughties by Oggy Yordanov (Prestel) $24.95 – As in for real, young folks doing the club kid thing.
Boutique London: A History Kings Road to Carnaby Street by Richard Lester (ACC) $49.95 – One of our customers suggested we get this. Here it is!
What’s Weird by David Barnes $50.00Hyperacticitypography From A to Z (DGV) $29.90

Klondike by Zach Worton (Fantagraphics) $24.95
Sweet Tooth TPB vol 2 In Captivity by Jeff Lemire (Vertigo) $12.99
Orc Stain TPB vol 1 by James Stokoe (Image) $17.99

Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender (Anchor) $15.00 – Short stories, now in soft cover.

Spoken Nerd Revolution by Shappy Seasholtz (Penmanship) $15.00 – Collecting Shappy’s work from the past gazillion years, finally in one nice volume! Hilarious of course. What would you expect from a former Quimby’s and Chicago Comics employee? Only the best.
Verse vol 27 #1 $7.00
Pain Needs To Remember by Stevie Edwards $12.00

Tiki Magazine vol 7 #1 Spr 11 $5.99
Fortean Times #274 Jun 11 $11.99
True Detective Apr 11 $4.99
Passenger Magazine #1 $5.00
Make vol 26 $14.99 – As in the craft mag, not the lit journal.
Dot Connector #13 2011 Double Issue $7.95
Skeptical Inquirer May Jun 11 vol 35 #3 $4.95
Wallpaper May 11 $10.00
Dwell May 11 $5.99
Modern Drunkard #56 $4.95
Treats Magazine #1 $20.00
Fangoria #303 $8.99
Wire #326 Apr11 $10.99
Black Velvet #68 $6.25
Maximumrocknroll #336 May 11 $4.00
XLR8R #138 $6.99
Harpers Magazine May 11 $6.99
Race & Class vol 52 #4 $18.00
Earth First vol 31 #2 30th Anniversary $6.50 – Happy Earth Day!
Urban Ink #19 $8.99
Bound By Ink vol 1 #5 $7.99

The Wilder Life: My Adventures In the Lost World of Little House On the Prairie by Wendy McClure

33 1/3 Series: Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine By Daphne Carr (Continumm) $12.95 – In ten raw, heartbreaking oral histories woven through the book, fans living in the post-industrial Midwest discuss the successes and failures of the American dream as they are articulated in Nine Inch Nails’ music. Read an excerpt at the 33third blog.
33 1/3 Series: Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk by Rob Trucks (Continuum) $12.95

Blow Job vol 3 an Erotic Collection by Johnny Murdoc $8.00 – Home grown erotica! With sexy pictures too.
Big Penis Book 3D by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $39.99 – Comes with 3D glasses!
Big Book of Breasts 3D by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $39.99 – Also with 3D glasses.
Handbook vol 5 #2 2011 by Darren Ankenbauer $6.00 – The sensitive side of Trevor Wayne , the business side of Ty, Will and Mike and some nice articles about sexual versatility and “post-gay.”
Sweets Magazine vol 4 #16 $5.99 – Ooo la la! Sweet!

I Love To Floss Blank Notebook by Blaire Miltenberger $12.00

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED Eddie Trunk Signs Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal 5/20

May ’11
6:00 pm

Event Canceled!

The Eddie Trunk Signing for Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal at Quimby’s 5/20 has been canceled.

Due to unseen circumstances, this signing has been cancelled. Stay tuned to for a potential rescheduling of this event in the future.


Eddie Trunk is heard on two national radio shows and seen on VH1 Classic and MSG Networks. He has also appeared on MTV several times and on Fox News Channel, worked as a freelance music journalist, boxing ring announcer, and MC for various concerts and rock events around the USA. He is the host of America’s biggest rock festival Rocklahoma in Pryor OK every July, hosts the events press conference in LA, and also consults on the lineup. This event is Fri, May 20th 6-8pm sharp at Quimby’s.

Eddie will be signing and selling copies of his book Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from 6-8pm, before heading to the UFO show at The House of Blues, so both starting and ending will be on the dot.

“Eddie’s name should be spelled M-E-T-A-L. All of us should be thanking him because he has kept this scene alive for everyone.” —Ronnie James Dio

For more info:

This event is co-sponsored by Quimby’s Bookstore with Delilah’s Metal Shop , which is at Delilah’s the first Tues of each month at 2771 N. Lincoln Ave.

‘Dear Sweetness’ Book Release Event With Dan Gleason and Friends 5/21

May ’11
7:00 pm

We’re going to scintillate your titillations!  This reading will celebrate the global/interplanetary release of ‘Dear Sweetness- Dan Gleason’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 3’ and will feature the Great Mike McPadden (aka El McBeardo), noted diarist Grace LaPeruto, Gabriel Wallace, author of the Great Sheboygan Panty Raid of 18977, Gregory Jacobsen – he of the long flowing locks- and the late Marc Arcuri! Be there!

This event will mark the release of Dan Gleason’s third compilation of short stories. Mr. Gleason has sold his weirdo zines at Quimby’s for well over a decade now.  Marc Arcuri, of Safety Pin and English Softhearts fame, will sing his songs of whoa.  Grace LaPeruto will recite excerpts from her diaries, and Gregory Jacobsen- former front man of Lovely Little Girls and painter extraordinaire- will punish the audience with a barrage of high-pitched screams.  Gabriel Wallace shall read his odd poetry, and Mike McPadden, Head Writer for Mr. Skin, will deliver the follow-up to his epic tale d’amor (and the torture that that amor can bring) ‘Madonna Boots.’

Saturday, May 21st, 7:00 pm

THE MDW FAIR Visual Arts Landing in Chicago 4/23 and 4/24

Version 11: The Community. Announces the creation of The MDW Fair: Visual Arts Landing in Chicago

THE MDW FAIR Visual Arts Landing
At Geolofts, 3636 South Iron Street, Chicago, IL, 60608
Saturday, April 23rd: 1-10pm
Sunday, April 24th: 1-6pm
Admission: $5

Public Media Institute, Roots & Culture and threewalls have created The MDW Fair, a first annual gathering of independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries, publishers and artist groups from the Chicago metropolitan area and beyond. With over 50 participants, The MDW Fair demonstrates the diversity, strength and vision of the people and places that make up the rich art ecology of our region. Launched at Version 11: The Community, The MDW Fair is a rare chance to encounter the creators of the vibrant art ecology of our region.

Held April 23-24, 2011 at The Geolofts, 3636 S. Iron Street, Chicago, the fair features 501(c)3, commercial and unincorporated galleries, independent curatorial projects, publishers and media groups in over 25,000 square feet of exhibition space that includes a 8,000 square foot sculpture garden with work by local artists featuring: Mike Andrews, Dayton Castleman, Jacob C. Hammes, Jesse Harrod, Cody Hudson, Daniel Lavitt, Heather Mekkelson, Brian Murer, The Mt. Baldy Expedition: James Barry and Hui-min Tsen, Ben Stone, and Patrick Willi.

In addition to exhibitions by participating spaces, local podcasters Bad At Sports will host a live game-show and panel discussions will be scheduled throughout fair hours chaired by Britton Bertran, Jamilee Polson, Lorelei Stewart and Steve Ruiz.

The MDW Fair is a manifestation of the collective spirit behind the region’ s most innovative visual cultural organizers, focusing on the breadth of work done here by artists and arts-facilitators alike. Please join us and see why Chicago remains a center of ingenuity and talent. Participants include: Twelve Galleries, Peregrine Program, Western Exhibitions, Alderman Exhibitions, ACRE, 65GRAND, Roots and Culture, Lloyd Dobler, Flat 9 Prelude, Adds Donna, Johalla Projects, Devening Projects, Linda Warren Gallery, Green Gallery, Sidecar Gallery, Pentagon Gallery, Post Family, Iceberg Projects, Slow, Reuben Kincaid, The Hills Esthetic Center, Ebersmoore, Antenna, University of Illinois at Chicago, LVL3, No Coast, JNL Graphic Design, Roxaboxen, Packer Schopf Gallery, Monument II, Stockyard Institute, Harold Arts, Heaven Gallery, The Suburban, ZG Gallery, Regional Relationships, The Storefront, Hornswaggler, University of Chicago, 2nd Bedroom/TAG TEAM, Chicago Arts Review, Oxbow, Bad At Sports, What It Is, The Hyde Park Art Center, threewalls, The Cultural Center, Rebuild Foundation, The Chicago Urban Art Society and others

Visit the website for updates

Weekly Top 10 and an Attempt to Play A Portion of All Four Discs of The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka at Once

A children’s book made #1 this week?! That’s crazy. But true.

Also! Here’s footage from an event here at Quimby’s for the Continuum’s 33 1/3 series about albums of the past 40 years. This event on 9/17/11 featured NIU prof Joe Bonomo who did a book about AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, Editor-in-Chief of Pitchfork Media Scott Plagenhoef who did a book about Belle and Sebastian’s If You’re Feeling Sinister, and managing editor of Pitchfork Mark Richardson who did a book about the Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka. The footage below is of Mark Richardson reading from his book and then attempt to sequence the four CDs of the album to play simultaneously. Click on the image below and go watch it on YouTube.

Mark Richardson reads from his book The Flaming Lips' Zaireeka

Click on the picture to watch Mark Richardson discuss and play part of The Flaming Lips' Zaireeka


1. Counting In The Studio by Cecilia Pinto and Megan Williamson  $10.00 – This attempt to show the process of creative expression to young readers. A dog lives with an artist who has also depicted her own studio in the book. Inside the studio it is possible to stare out windows just like those in the book. The studio, at the back of the artist’s home, is nestled on a side street in a Chicago neighborhood. The artist and the writer met at the studio to talk about the project before and after making their own separate work. The dog was always present and lent his inestimable support even when napping on the comfy, pillow-strewn chaise lounge which is up against a wall with drawings on it, just like in the book.

2. Spoken Nerd Revolution by Shappy Seasholtz (Penmanship) $15.00

3. Mister Wonderful: A Love Story by Daniel Clowes (Pantheon) $19.95

4. Gentlewoman #3 Spr Sum 11 $10.95

5. Burn Collector #15 by Al Burian (Microcosm) $3.00 – Al Burian takes on his new home town, Berlin with a little help from a Chicago All-Star team of Anne Elizabeth “Unmarketable” Moore and Liam “Secret Beach” Warfield.

6. Archiving the Underground #1 by Jenna Brager and Jami Sailor $2.00

7. OP Original Plumbing #6 Trans Male Quarterly $8.00 – The theme this round is “Schooled”, highlighting a twin commitment to both the “It Gets Better” and the “Make It Better” campaigns targeted at queer youth.

8. Cartooning Philosophy and Practice by Ivan Brunetti (Yale) $13.00 – This is about as close you are going to get to having Ivan Brunetti come to your house and teach you how to make great comics. Turns out, it’s pretty damn close – Philosophy and Practice serves up a concise and well-honed crash course on finding and fine tuning your comics voice. -EF

9. Hi Fructose #19 $6.95

10. Hot Teen Slut by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz (Write Bloody) $15.00