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Not at Quimby’s, but you should go to this: Neon Marshmallow Fest

Don’t miss the experimental/psychedelic music event Neon Marshmallow Music Festiva, which returns for its second year June 10th, 11th & 12th at The Empty Bottle. Featuring full performances by: synth creator/legend Morton Subotnick, Pelt, OneOhTrix Point Never, Lucky Dragons, Sam Prekop (the Sea & Cake), Lichens, Bill Orcutt, Rene Hell, White Rainbow,  Dylan Ettinger, Sword Heaven and many more. Plus films from Alice Cohen, Amy Ruhl & Experimental 1/2 Hour.

Complete passes & individual night tickets available at

This is at the Empty Bottle at 1035 N. Western Ave, Chicago.

Weekly Top 10

1. Confessions of a Chicago Punk by Marie Kanger-Born (Chicago Punx Pix Productions) $22.00 – What? You couldn’t make it to this event last week? We’ve still got a few copies left of this book that compiles stuff from the author’s zine, pictures, recollections and more. Hard to find this one in lotsa other places!
2. Lose #3 by Michael Deforge (Koyama) $5.00
3. The Game by Anders Nilsen $9.00 – Double-sided poster with trading cards, and originally appeared as 3 pages in an issue of Kramers Ergot. This has that plus a fourth page!
4. Diamond Comics #6 by Jason Levian (Floating World) $4.00 – New full color issue of a tip top newsprint ‘thology. Big, big pages from Paul Pope, Farel Dalrymple, Lane Milburn, Lala Albert, Jim Rugg, Zack Soto, Dash Shaw, Stanley Lieber, Sam Hiti, Bendik Kaltenborn and a 4-page sunshine vampire story by Jonny Negron that really sold me on the whole thing. -EF
5. Congress of the Animals by Jim Woodring (Fantagraphics) $19.99
6. Paying For It: A Comic Strip Memoir About Being a John by Chester Brown (D&Q) $24.95
7. Under the Radar #36 $5.99
8. Life With Mr Dangerous by Paul Hornschemeier (Villard) $22.00
9. Bitch #51 $5.95
10. Burn Collector #15 by Al Burian (Microcosm) $3.00 – Al Burian takes on his new home town, Berlin with a little help from a Chicago All-Star team of Anne Elizabeth “Unmarketable” Moore and Liam “Secret Beach” Warfield.

The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats Release Event 6/14

Jun ’11
7:00 pm

Join Sgt. David J. Haynes of the Chicago Police Department, and his partner-in-crime, blogger Christopher Garlington on Tues, June 14th at 7pm as they talk about the places where they take a bite out of crime and also bites out of donuts, polish sausage, fried chicken, enchiladas, and omelettes. Peppered with outrageous stories from working cops, Chicago cop lore, and even a few recipes, The Beat Cop’s Guide To Chicago Eats takes you on a gustatory journey through all five Chicago areas, including some of the toughest neighborhoods in the nation.

Sgt. David J. Biscuit Haynes has spent the past 15 years dodging bullets and chasing down gang bangers on the city’s West Side, running Chicago’s first ever Homeland Security Task Force, and supervising squads in the 19th District at Belmont and Western.  Christopher “The Bull” Garlington is a blogger and author, known for his stories of raising highly intelligent (devious) children published on the blog Death by Children. His writing has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Another Realm, Bathhouse, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and more. Together Haynes and Garlington have hosted the radio program The Dave & Chris Show! since 2007, during which they cultivate and maintain a long-standing argument about…everything. From politics and video games to the importance of cool nicknames and secret societies, they cover it on their live weekly broadcast from cigar stores, bars, and other manly locales around Chicago. Their show first aired on WJJG and is now broadcast online on blogtalk radio.

The book retails at $15.95 and includes $34 in coupons. It’s like being buddies with your alderman. For more info:

New Stuff This Week

Highlights this week include multiple screen-printed titles from Koyama Press, the new Paul Hornschemeier book, an art anthology of Art about William Shatner, a Zap exhibition show catalog, a folded print from Anders Nilsen, a DVD and a book about Chicago street art (from 2 different people) and more. Tonight at 7pm: Margaret Hicks discusses her book Chicago Comedy A Fairly Serious History.

Roctober #49 $4.00
Ghost Pine – All Stories True by Jeff Miller (Invisible) $16.95 – Thirteen years Compiling the best of Jeff’s long-running zine of thirteen years, from his youth in suburban Ottawa in the late 1990s, to travels across Canada and North America and his current home in Montreal.

Taking the Lane vol 1 Sharing the Road with Boys and Taking the Lane vol 2 Revolutions Every Damn Day by Elly Blue $3.00 each separately
Homobody #6 Where Qweer Is the New Qool by Rio $2.00

Lou Reeder/You Cant Put Your Arms Around a Memory Split Zine by Corina Fastwolf and Matt Monochrome $3.00 – Music-theme split zine with the funniest titles in the store. Open it up to the centerfold and- what have we here- OH MAN! ITS A HOMEMADE VIOLENT FEMMES CROSSWORD PUZZLE!!! What else could you possibly need to know about this? -EF

Menstruation Sensation – A Practical Guide to Navigation the World of 21st Century by Alyssa Beers $3.00
Sugar Needle #35 by Corina Fastwolf $2.00
She Must Be Having a Bad Day – The Cult of the Female Food Service Worker $2.00
Railroad Semantics #4 Fall 10 by Aaron Dactyl $6.00 – Thick zine of heavy trampin’.

Simple History – Latin American Independence 1810 to 1824 by J. Gerlach $2.50
Sowing and Dawning #3 by Rick Visser $4.00
Gutter Slug #2 by Emily $3.50
Cyberpunk Apocalypse #3 The Man Hates Us $6.00
Patient Files #3 Confidential HAY $3.00
Educating For Freedom by Cindy Milstein $4.00
Asexy Life On Asexuality and Challenging Heteronormativity $1.50
Abolish Restaurants by (PM Press) $5.95 – Yeah, fuck those people eating their food and other people serving them food. Fuck those guys. Ha ha. No really, this is a worker’s critique of the food industry. And on a totally unrelated note, it has really good design layout, and is almost like an illustrated Fast Food Nation.
High and Outside by Adam Hartnett and Scott Rideout $4.00
In Light of What’s Happening It Happened #1 Comic and Mixtape by Sean Cason $6.00
Without Words Without Kneeling – The First Six Issues by Tomas Moniz $6.00 – The first volume collection.

Without Words Without Kneeling #7 – A Serialized Zine Novella by Tomas Moniz $2.00
She Is Restless vol 1 Fracture by Rebbeca Mir $3.00
She Is Restless vol 2 Waves by Rebbeca Mir $4.00
Lover by Devan E Bennett $5.00
Sumerr Whatever #1 $1.00
Grey Supreme #1 by Mark Laliberte $13.00
Your Secretary #6 Lake Effect #1 Split by Jami Sailor $2.00
Terrarvm #1 by Michael Max McCleod $12.50
Eat Zine #1-#3 $6.00 each
Contemporary Dude Theory 2nd Edition by various $8.00 – Very sociologyish. (And interesting.) Perhaps consider this as a companion volume to N+1’s “What Was the Hipster”?
Ospreys #16 Obscure Finale $10.00
Bizarrism #11 by Chris Mikul $6.00 – A low-fi somewhat Fortean zine devoted to weirdos through history. VERY interesting.

The Game by Anders Nilsen $9.00 – This double-sided poster by local comics superstar Anders Nilsen comes with trading cards, each package has a different one. This print is composed of three panels in an issue of Kramers Ergot, but this edition comes with a fourth page. We are one of the only places you can get this. And it conveniently comes folded and encased in plastic wrap so you you don’t have to carry it home in a big tube.
Amazing things from Gabrielle Bell!: Diary Minneapolis California New York What The Manifestation ($40.00), LA Diary ($4.00)
Lose #3 by Michael DeForge (Koyama) $5.00 – Another issue from a title that often makes our top ten bestseller list. Come see for yourself why.
Noah Novella The Peoples History of Noah VanSciver, Selection of Autobiographical Comics $4.00
Not My Small Diary #16 You Are Here by Delaine $6.00 – Double volume anthology, always high quality mini strips. They go fast!
Monster Party by Chris Eliopoulos (Koyama) $5.00
Cat Rackham Loses It by Steve Wolfhard (Koyama) $5.00
Suicide Girls Comic #2 by various (IDW) $3.99 – Chicks with tattoos and piercings fighting crime. If you can’t afford to subscribe to their website maybe you’ll spend $3.99 on a comic about fictional crime fighting. And boobs.
Nobrow #5 $17.50
Comics Youth #1 by Blaise Larmee $2.00
Welcome to Nursing Hell #1 $4.00
Just So You Know #2 by Joey Alison Sayers $5.00
Middle School by Monica Gallagher $2.50
Silent Type 2 $5.00
Booty #23 $3.00
Poseur #5 by Nat Hoonsan $4.00

Dark Tomato #1 by Sakura Maku (Domino Books) $5.00 – Strange events in the life of one of New York’s finest subway drivers, slips through a dream reality and hangs out in a teacup…Maku’s vibrant, boney, wire-haired characters look like amazing teenage fan art for the Rolling Stones collaged with scraps from the best fabric store ever. They move through patterned space with a fluid float that builds language the from scratch both linguistically and graphically. The debut title from Austin English’s new publishing project Domino Books, this comic is a real power. -EF

Francisco by Gina Wynbrandt $3.50
Vestiges Creator Showcase Series 1 by Patrick Godfrey $3.95
Corndog Creator Showcase Series 1 by Meg Gandy $4.95
Howl Before Sunset Creator Showcase Series 1 by Mariya Pantyukhina $2.95
Drip Drip Drip Creator Showcase Series 1 by Gandy Rawn $3.95
Booyah the Oblitorator Creator Showcase Series 1 by James Callahan $4.95
Viande Est Mauvaise Creator Showcase Series 1 by Tom Batten and Matt Deans $3.95

Zap Masters of Psychedelic Art 1965-1974 ed. by Gary Panter $35.00 – Exhibition catalog from the Zap retrospective show at Andrew Edlin Gallery, curated by Gary Panter. This book features work from a variety of underground artists like R Crumb, S Clay Wilson, Victor Moscoso and more!
Chicago Street Art $15.00 Text by Joseph J Depre and photos by Oscar Arriola, Chris Diers, Thomas Fennell IV and Patrick Hershberger. A love letter of sorts to Chicago and its many street artists, photos published here so that when the art gets graffiti blasted they’ve been documented somewhere. With work by such artists as Tiptoe, Artillery, The Viking and more. Traverlers, fuck bringing home a snowglobe from the souvenir stand. Get this book instead.
The Shatner Show ed. by Janine Vangool and Glen Dresser (Uppercase) $20.00 – An anthology of art about Mr. Shatner. Yes, for real. Various artists.
Collection a Day – 365 Curated Collections by Lisa Congdon (Uppercase) $35.00 – Tiny collections of tiny items, arranged delicately, each day a new collection of quirky little ephemera. The cutest OCD thing ever. The book comes in beautiful tin box so you can keep the book in pristine condition while you go wipe off all your doorknobs.
In Search of Cold Places by Rebecca Mir $12.00
Constructive Abandonment by Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber (D&Q) $15.95
Wonderwear #5 Night Knight In Pig In a Wet Blanket Down Boy by Douglas Nelson $3.90

Life With Mr Dangerous by Paul Hornschemeier (Villard) $22.00 – Local comics artist and friend of Quimby’s! A hardcover beauty.
Root Rot (Koyama) $12.00
Centifolia Sketchbook Illustrations vol 1 and vol 2 by Stuart Immonen (Adhouse) $19.95 each separately
Even the Giants by Jesse Jacobs (Adhouse) $9.95
DV8 TPB Gods and Monsters by Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs (DC) $17.99

Weeding the Seed of Deceit by Rebekah Mercuri $17.95
Smythology by Jeremy Tarr and Katy Smail (Big Head) $25.99

Winds From Below Radical Community – Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible by The Team Colors Collective $6.00
Self-defense for Radicals – A to Z Guide For Subversive Struggle by Mickey Z and Richard Cole (PM Press) $4.95
Nontoxic Housecleaning by Raleigh Briggs $1.50
Rough DIY Zine On Developing B and W Film $2.00 – This is a handy-dandy guide/starter/reminder on basic balck and white film processing. Simple, fun and explained well. Although digital photo may be convenient and immediate, a pitch black room full of chemicals rarely disappoints. -EF

Play It Make It – A Tiny Book of DIY Games by Rio $1.00 – DIY Apples to Apples and more. Super good ideas.
So Raw its Downright Filthy a Raw Vegan Cookbook by Joshua Ploeg (Microcosm) $4.00 – Amazing new recipes from the author of In Search of Lost Taste. Delicious, and with flavors and food ideas you wouldn’t expect.

Overtime Hour 19 The List bt TD Corum $2.00
Ghosts and Doppelgangers by Brad Liening $13.00
Reasons to Leave the Slaughter by Ben Clark (Write Bloody) $15.00
Left Having by Jesse Seldess $14.95
Hannah Weiner’s Open House by Hannah Weiner $14.95
Literary Review vol 54 #3 Spr 11 $8.00
Eat The Wolf Poems by Xavier M. $.50
What Are They Doing in Heaven Today #1 $.25

Bitch #51 $5.95
Uppercase #9 A Magazine For the Creative and Curious $18.00
Worn #11 Fashion Journal $6.00
Bust Jun Jul 11 $4.99
Z Magazine Jun 11 $4.95

Confessions of a Chicago Punk Bystander by Marie Kangor-Born (Chicago Punx Pix) $22.00 – Missed last night’s release event here? Here’s your chance to snap one up!

Empower Yr Sexy Self  – A Workbook by Cheyenne Neckmonster/The Wrench Collective $1.50 – A get-it-started zine workthrough about body image, sensuality, sex, gender and identity. Nice n’ concise. -EF

Adult Themes Rated XXX by Chantel G. $2.00
Attitude #205 Sum 11 $10.99
Inked Jun 11 $6.99

Matt Bergstrom’s 3d View Master Reel and Zines! $10.00 each, from the American Ruins series, including: Brachs Candy Factory, Washburne Trade School and The Michael Reese Hospital. From the artist behind the Build Your Own Chicago (and New York) Cards.
Illustrated Guide to Cockroaches by Ekaterina Smirnova (MBP) $17.95
Comptons Cafeteria Riot Poster San Francisco 1966 $12.00 – Celebrate peoples history with this poster by Andre Perez.
Punk Rock Saved My Life sticker $1.00
Every Damn Day DVD A Sampling of Chicago Street Art and Graffiti $12.00

Learnapalooza Comics Workshops Schedule at Quimby’s 6/25 With Sara Drake

Jun ’11
12:45 am

Learnapalooza Workshops 6/25

Quimby’s welcomes Learnapalooza for a second year. It’s a festival of free workshops, where Chicagoans will share their skills by leading free workshops throughout the day in different places. Quimby’s welcomes “Arty Party” and “Transmission” comics artist Sara Drake, who will be leading comics-making sessions in the afternoon. Her free workshops will be held at these times here at Quimby’s:

1:45 comics making demo

3:00 self-publishing demo

4:45 comics drawing workshop

Here’s more info about the rest of the festival!

Want to be the next National Geographic photographer? Or learn to build a website, prepare a summer sandwich, knit, cure bacon, or dance like a Bollywood star? Don’t miss a bounty of workshops on Saturday, June 25th, 2011 from 10am to 5pm for the 2nd annual Learnapalooza, a summer festival of learning with nearly 100 free workshops across Wicker Park, led by neighbors, business owners, or you! The workshops are held at a variety of places around Wicker Park, including Quimby’s!

Free workshops will include everything from improv comedy to social entrepreneurship to board games to worm composting and much more. Workshops will be hosted at more than a dozen businesses and organizations, and headquartered at the Wicker Park Art Center. The majority of the workshops are aimed at adults, but there will be a few options for children and families as well. It’s a fun, free way to share your passions, learn new skills, and connect with your neighbors.

Learnapalooza is a volunteer-organized event and run in partnership with CommuniTeach, a website that makes it easy to learn from your neighbors for free throughout the year. Please visit to see the current list of classes and venues, sign up to teach a workshop, and join the Learnapalooza mailing list.

We look forward to seeing you on June 25th!

Learnapalooza is sponsored in part by WPB, the Special Service Area for the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods. For more information on their partner, CommuniTeach, visit