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Art Spiegelman’s WORDLESS! with music by Phillip Johnston at the Logan Center, Performance Hall


Two performances only
Sat, Jan 25, 2014 / 3 pm and 8 pm
Logan Center, Performance Hall
In his Pulitzer prize-winning masterpiece, Maus—a moving father-son memoir about the Holocaust drawn with cats and mice—Art Spiegelman changed the definition of comics forever. In WORDLESS!—a new and stimulating hybrid of slides, talk and musical performance—he probes further into the nature and possibilities of his medium.
A noted artist, historian and theorist of comics, Spiegelman collaborates with critically-acclaimed jazz composer Phillip Johnston, whose all-new scores performed by his sextet will accompany the cartoonist’s personal tour of early graphic novels and their influence on him: silent picture stories made by early 20th Century masters like Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward and Milt Gross. As Spiegelman explores “the battle between Words and Pictures,” he smashes at the hyphen between High and Low Art in a presentation featuring a new work drawn specifically for this project, “Shaping Thought.”
The Logan Center is proud to host the Chicago premiere of Art Spiegelman and Phillip Johnston’s WORDLESS!, an innovative show combining slides, talk, film, and live musical performance.

New Stuff This Week

sonnetyouthdaydreamSonnet Youth: Daydream Nation by Jeffrey Lewis $2.00 – All of Daydream Nation’s fourteen songs have been rewritten by Jeffrey as fourteen sonnets in the Shakespearian mode in iambic pentameter, accompanied by illustrations.

The Operature: A collaboration with ATOM-r -Book from The Operature 25-screen exhibition . Comes apart to reveal a 33″ x 42.5″ poster.
Blank Stare #2 $5.00
Jazz Tobacco #1 $5.00
Brain Damage #1 Bjork Is Up Your Ass by Johan Bjorkegrens $18.00
Earth Is Mostly Ocean by Tyler Meese $2.00
Future Trash #1 by Adam Wiesner $3.00
Sunfighter Gunfighter by Abe Lampert $5.00
Dire Earth Chronicles #1 Dead Walls & Dire Earth Chronicles #2 Transparent Color by Luke Thompson, Kevin Moran & Nic Collins $10.00 each
The Unsuccessful Artists Handbook by Dana Jeri Maier $10.00
Victory Journal #6 Fall 13 Blood and Asphalt $5.00
Soulbond #2 A Dorky MTG Fanzine $1.00 – Magic The Gathering in the house.
Duke City Graffiti #1 by Lisa Barrios and Agustin McCord $5.00 – Devoted to Albuquerque graffiti. 8×11-inch full color.

Comics & Comix
stripburger62Stripburger #62 $8.00 – A kick-ass international zine with a Slavic flavour.
Havawood #1 by April Hava Shenkman $15.00
Weird Magazine #4 $10.00 – Comics from the likes of Noel Freibert, CF, Sua Yoo, Chris Day, Dash Shaw, Andy Burkholder & more.
Night of the Shears #1 by Noel Freibert $3.00
Addicted to Garbage #2 by Mathyou Landvote $2.00
Roundhouse Kick by R. Burns $3.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Gut Feelings by Leah Wishnia $6.00

Art & Design
schizocultureSchizo-Culture, 2-vol. set, The Event, The Book, ed. by Sylvère Lotringer and David Morris (Semiotext(e)) $34.95 – This slip-cased edition includes The Book: 1978, a facsimile reproduction of the original Schizo-Culture publication; and The Event: 1975, a previously unpublished and comprehensive record of the legendary 1975 “Schizo-Culture” conference, conceived by the early Semiotext(e) collective conference, that set it all off. The journal that came later was designed by a group of artists and filmmakers including Kathryn Bigelow and Denise Green, it documented the chaotic creativity of an emerging downtown New York scene, and offered interviews with artists, theorists, writers, and No Wave and pre-punk musicians together with new texts from Deleuze, Foucault, R. D. Laing, and other conference participants.
Exposure Nudity and Graffiti In Albuquerque by Billy McCall (and friends) $30.00

White Girls by Hilton Als (McSweeneys) $24.00

DIY/How to
Alive With Vigor: Survivng Your Adventurous Lifestyle by Robert Earl Sutter III (Microcosm) $9.95

Politics & Revolution
Socialist and Labor Songs: An International Revolutionary Songbook by Elizabeth Morgan (PM Press) $14.95
Talking Anarchy by Colin Ward & David Goodway (PM Press) $14.95
Until the Rulers Obey: Voices From Latin American Social Movements by Clifton Ross & Marcy Rein (PM Press) $29.95
Slash They Ass Up: A Black Punk Manifesto by Yumii Thecato $16.00

Sex & Sexy
Erotic Stories ed. by Rowan Pelling $16.00 – Erotic tales from all over the world, by such writers as Pauline Réage, Anaïs Nin, Nicholson Baker and more.

Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories by Simon Rich $13.00 – Now in soft cover.
Highly Unlikely Scenario: Or a Neetsa Pizza Employee’s Guide to Saving the World by Rachel Cantor $16.95
Orfeo by Richard Powers $26.95
Gun Machine by Warren Ellis $17.00 Now in soft cover.
Leaving the Sea: Stories by Ben Marcus $25.95



The Baffler #24 $12.00
Juxtapoz #157 Feb 14 $5.99
Neural #46 $8.00
2600 Hacker Quarterly vol 30 #4 $6.95
Disfunkshion vol 18 $5.99
Tom Tom Magazine #16 Magazine For Female Drummers $6.00
Makeshift #8 Win 13 Journal of Hidden Creativity $10.00
Colors #88 $16.95
High Times Mar 14 $5.99
Man of the World #6 $20.00
Special Request #1 Food $20.99 – Like design? Like food? Like mags like Gather? This is for you.
Dazed and Confused vol 3 #29 Jan 14 $9.99
Film Comment vol 50 #1 Jan Feb 14 $5.99
Fangoria #330 $10.99
The Shadow #55 $1.00
In These Times Jan 14 $3.50
Against the Current #168 Jan Feb 14 $5.00
Dissent Win 14 $10.00
Freshly Inked vol 4 #1 Mar 14 $6.99
Tabu Tattoo #56 $6.99
Mountain Astrologer Feb Mar 14 $7.95
Outburn #72 $4.95
Tape Op #99 Jan Feb 14 $4.95


Poetry, Lit Journals & Chap Books
Comb #2 by Ian Hubert $3.00
Calyx by Michael Anichini and Elizabeth Chisholm (Convulsive Editions) $8.00
Means of Egress by Chad Chmielowicz (Convulsive Editions) $8.00
June Cuckold by Catherine Theis (Convulsive Editions) $8.00
In Forest Static by Christopher Hund (Convulsive Editions) $6.00
The Believer #104 Jan 14 $8.00
The Iowa Review vol 43 #3 Win 13 14 $9.95
Poetry: Sit With Me a While, Collected Works 2000-2011 by Michael A. Horvitch
Geist Fact Fiction #91 $6.95

Kids Stuff
Hearts by Thereza Rowe (Toon Books) $12.95
Glass Owl by Cecilia Pinto & Megan Williamson $10.00

Chicago Zine Fest Looking For Submissions For Zine


As per their press release:

The Chicago Zine Fest will be celebrating its fifth year of existence next year! We’re blown away by the massive zine love that takes place in Chicago each spring, and we are thankful that you’ve been a part of making that happen. To celebrate this five year milestone, we are putting together a comp zine of CZF stories. Do you have a memorable CZF experience, anecdote, or adventure? We’d love it if you could be a part of this project!

The details:
Submissions should be 1-3 pages
Submissions should be half size (5.5” x 8.5”)
New or previously published work accepted
Submissions should be about something related to the Chicago Zine Fest
A high resolution (at least 300 dpi) JPEG or PDF of the submission can be emailed to

Along with your submission, please send a contributor bio (featuring your name, the title of your zine, contact info, and a few sentences about yourself) to be listed in the back of the zine.

We reserve the right not to include every submission. Contributors will receive a copy of the zine, so please include your mailing address with your submission.

Submissions are due by February 1, 2014. The zine will be sold at CZF 2014 & online, with all proceeds going towards CZF.

Thank you for being a part of the Chicago Zine Fest!


Jim Mitchell discusses The Walrus and The Elephants: John Lennon’s Years of Revolution 2/13

Feb ’14
7:00 pm


Author and journalist Jim Mitchell will discuss his recently released The Walrus and the Elephants: John Lennon’s Years of Revolution. Jim will be speaking about John Lennon’s early years of social activism, his music with the progressive New York band Elephant’s Memory, and Lennon’s special relationship with Ann Arbor.


Based entirely on new interviews and research, The Walrus and the Elephants is the first book about John Lennon to show how his emergence as a solo artist, his embrace of radical politics and feminism, and his love affair with New York City coincided. From controversial television appearances, to benefit concerts, to his new, post-Beatlemania band Elephant’s Memory, Walrus and the Elephants is Lennon’s story told by a cast of close friends and fellow activists from his Greenwich Village days.


JAMES A. MITCHELL is the author of But for the Grace: Profiles in Peace from a Nation at War, the story of an orphanage in Sri Lanka’s war-torn northeast; rock biography It Was All Right: Mitch Ryder’s Life in Music; and tales from a rural newspaper, Applegate: Freedom of the Press in a Small Town. A reporter and editor for more than twenty years, his writing has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, The Humanist, and Starlog.


The Walrus and The Elephants is an indispensable window into an amazing time in American history and the history of rock and roll.”Danny Goldberg, author of Bumping Into Geniuses

For more info:

The book at publisher Seven Stories’ site.

The Facebook event invite.

To arrange an interview with James Mitchell, please contact Ruth Weiner at ruth(at)sevenstories(dot)com or (212)-226-8760.

Thursday, February 13th, 7pm – Free Event

David Witter reads from Chicago Magic: A History of Stagecraft & Spectacle 2/15

Feb ’14
7:00 pm


In David Witter’s new book Chicago Magic: A History of Stagecraft & Spectacle (The History Press), he keeps track of the shell game of Chicago’s fascinating magic history from its vaudeville circuit to its contemporary resurgence. By the end of America’s “Golden Age of Magic,” Chicago had taken center stage in front of an American audience drawn to the craft by the likes of Harry Houdini and Howard Thurston. Cashing in on a craze that rivaled big-band mania, magic shops and clubs sprang up everywhere across the Windy City, packed in customers and put down roots. Over the last century, for example, Magic, Inc. has outfitted magicians from Harry Blackstone Sr. to Penn and Teller to David Copperfield. Magic was an integral part of Chicago’s culture, from its earliest venture into live television to the card sharps and hucksters lurking in its amusement parks and pool halls.

David Witter is a Chicago historian and author of the book Oldest Chicago. A native Chicagoan, he attended Louisa May Alcott School (the same grammar school as Marshall Brodien), Lane Technical High School, Columbia College (BA in writing) and Northeastern Illinois University (BA in secondary education). Also a freelance writer and photographer, he is a regular contributor to New City and Fra Noi. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Reader, Living Blues, The Best of the Chicago Blues Annual, the Bay Area Music Magazine, the Copley News Syndicate and Lerner Newspapers.

For more info: danielle.raub(at)historypress(dot)net

Click here for Facebook event posting for this event.

Saturday, February 15th, 7pm – Free Event at Quimby’s Bookstore