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New Stuff This Week

ofrendaOfrenda: A Zine Anthology by Celia C. Perez $15.00 – Collected from twenty years (1994-2014) of zines, Ofrenda is the work of Chicago-based librarian (and longtime Quimby’s consignor!) Celia C. Perez. Cultural identity, loss, book love, and music nostalgia are just a few of places this books goes to. Collected zines include issues of I Dreamed I Was Assertive, Roots and Wings, Hickey Underworld, Sherman Sez (a Sherman Alexie fanzine), and many others.

Fell into a Vortex! #QuimbysBookstore

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Vortex by William Cardini (Sparkplug) $13.00 – Includes issues #1-#4 on the mini-comic. Vortex follows the Miizzzard as he travels to a mysterious planet and battles a strange, regenerating monster.  The story gets more complex as the Miizzz finds himself sympathizing with the monster and her kin.

KerBloom #110 Sep Oct 14 by Artnoose $2.00
Basic Paper Airplane #8 by Joshua James and Alexis $2.00
Break Em Up The Whole Goddammy Thing by Dave Roche $1.00
HindSight Lesbian Chicago 1994-2014 $3.00 No Place For A Vacation by Andrew Okun $4.00
Lazy Mom #1 Lazy Wow & #2 Lazy Chow by Phylis Ma and Josie Keefe $10.00 each – Food photo zine.
Salmon Candles #1 by Margot Reynolds $1.00 First Tour Problems #1 by Maxx $3.00
Non Dom #1 Drawings Done With My Non Dominant Hand by Chris P. $2.00 Moral Fiber #10 by Chris Pernula $5.00

Comics & Minis
Reich #12 by Elijah J. Brubaker (Sparkplug) $4.00
Bulletproof Chicken #2 Nuggets by Jonathan Westhoff & friends $3.99
Prophet Strikefile #2 by Brandon Graham and friends $3.99
Thingswamp #3 $8.00
Old Ground #1 by Noel Freibert $7.00
Good Feeling to Know by Tim Pigott $3.00
Mushroom Guardians by Virginia Paine (Sparkplug) $1.00 – Pixie-like protectorates inspired by the mushrooms from the book Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Incredible Change Bots Two Point Something Something by Jeffrey Brown (Top Shelf) $19.95
Soppy – A Love Story by Philippa Rice $14.99
Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath by INJ Culbard and HP Lovecraft (Self Made Hero) $19.95
The Late Child And Other Animals by Marguerite Van Cook & James Romberger (Fantagraphics) $29.95
Iranian Metamorphosis by Mana Neyestani (Uncivilized) $19.99
Tales of An Imperfect Future by Alfonso Font (Dark Horse) $17.99
Hellboy – Weird Tales by Mike Mignola and Roger Landridge (Dark Horse) $24.99

Art Books
Good Old Neo Signs, You’re In Chicago by Nick Freeman (Lake Claremont) $17.95
Come Together: The Rise Of Cooperative Art and Design by Francesco  Spampinato(Princeton Arch Press) $35.00

Luminaries by Eleanor Catton $18.00 – Now in soft cover.

Spoiled Brats by Simon Rich $25.00

Patty Hearst and the Twinkie Murders a Tale Of Two Trials by Paul Krassner (PM Press) $12.00
Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses Are Linked to Lee Harvey, Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics by Edward T. Haslam (Trine Day) $24.95
Silent Witnesses: The Often Gruesome But Always Fascinating History of Forensic Science by Nigel McCrery (Chicago Review Press) $16.95
How 2 Hustle by Raphael Wright $9.99 how2hustlecoverMusic Books
Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History Of the Clash by Randal Doane (PM Press) $15.95
Punk USA: The Rise and Fall Of Lookout Records by Kevin Prested (Microcosm) $14.95
Katrina’s Sandcastles: New Hope From The Ruins of New Orleans Schools by Kaycee Eckhardt (Microcosm) $14.95
Alternative Jukebox: 500 Extraordinary Tracks That Tell the Story Of Alternative Music by Lloyd Bradley (Octopus) $24.99
Johnny Cash: The Life by Robert Hilburn $20.00 – Now in soft cover.
Art of Asking: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer (Grand Central) $27.00
artofasking Politics & Revolution
Who’s Afraid Of the Black Blocs? Anarchy In Action Around the World by Francis Dupuis-Déri (PM Press) $19.95
Doing History from the Bottom Up. On E.P. Thompson, Howard Zinn, and Rebuilding the Labor Movement From Below by Staughton Lynd (Haymarket) $17.00
Drug War Capitalism by Dawn Paley (AK) $16.95
More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High Stakes Testing by Jesse Hagopian (Haymarket) $18.00
Speaking Out: Queer Youth In Focus by various (PM Press) $14.95

Brew It Yourself: Professional Craft Blueprints For Home Brewing by Erik Spellmeyer (Microcosm) $11.95

Kids Stuff
C Is For Chicago by Maria Kernahan (Dry Climate Studios) $19.95

Bizarre #221 Dec 14 $10.50
Gather #6 Fall Win 14-15 Magic $19.99
Flaunt #138 Nine Lives Issue $5.95
Little White Lies #56 Truth and Movies $12.99
Wax Poetics #60 $11.99 Decibel #123 Jan 14 $5.95
Tom Magazine Issue 1 How Clouds Are Made and #2 Skin Cities $10.00 each

Chap Books
Overtime Hour 34 La Gorra by Michael Pearce $2.00
Grammar Rulse by Daviel Shy $1.00 Letters Unsent $4.00

Other Stuff
Geek Pennant $4.50

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q-turkey-mathWed, Nov 26th, noon to 5pm
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Fri, Nov 28th, noon-10pm

New Stuff This Week


Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys. by VIV Albertine $27.99 – Memoir from the lead guitarist and songwriter from The Slits.

New memoirish DIY book How Not to Write thingy from Lisa “Suckdog” “Rollerderby” Carver. #QuimbysBookstore #book #LisaCarver

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How Not to Write by Lisa Carver $15.95


The Pitchfork Review #4 Fall 14

Not to be confused with things about the band THE FALL ON Pitchfork.



Significant Others Guide to Interacting with the Disabled by William Takahashi $10.00
LTLE Letters to the Editor by Katherine Riley $2.00
Tokyo Records #1 $1.00 – A frequent Quimby’s shopper and music fan went to Tokyo and documented his experience with his experience buying records.
El Aleph Magazine vol 1 $20.00
Here It Is My Beautiful Fucking Heart by Jon Michael Frank $15.00
Emem in between two objects touching $5.00
Biff Boff Bam Sock #4 Nuptial Edition by Anna Jo Beck $3.00
SeXXX Files #2 by Elizabeth Tieri $6.00
Wild Pumpkin Patch by The Back to Print Creatives $20.00
Jelly Legs #1 by Kristy Black $4.00
Just Make Pictures Zine #5 Smoking in Public by Michael Jarecki $4.00
Chicago-based Temporary Services collective/publisher/troublemakers are doing this kind of residency/kind of exhibition where they put out like amillion zines in a short span of time and show it off at the SAIC. Here are a few new publications from them: Chiraq & Its Meaning(s) by Project NIA (Temporary Servies) $5.00, Leftover Rightunder 2 by Wes Janz $6.00, Due Time $5.00

Comics & Minis
Love Particle Three Stories by Sam Sharpe $5.00 – Includes the stories Love Paritcle (was in a CAKE Anthology), End of Action (from the Hic and Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor vol 1) and Less Than Three.
Labyrinthectomy Luncheonette by Chris Cilla (Revival House) $4.99
Laskimooses #20 Päivän tuoksuvalla hetkellä $7.00
Hoody #2 Bandit and the Zomby Horde by Joel Maxime Jr. $15.00
Panthor #1 $9.00
Sexy Babes over Sexty Nine by Aaron Manczyk $2.25
Fuck the Already Alienated Author One Full Year by R. Burns $2.00
Ten Minicomics vol 2 by Alex Nall $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Cochlea and Eustachia by Hans Rickheit (Fantagraphics) $19.99
Vapor by Max (Fantagraphics) $24.99
Big Oldie: A Collection of Comic Zines by Rick V $8.00
Mind Mgmt vol 4 The Magician by Matt Kindt (Dark Horse) $19.99
Saga Book 1 by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples and friends (Image) $49.99 – Fancy hardcover collecting the first three trade paperbacks (issues #1-18).
Runaways: The Complete Collection vol 2 by Brian K. Vaughan & friends (Marvel) $34.99
Fairest in All the Land by Bll Willingham (Vertigo) $14.99
Incal by Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky (Humanoids) $44.95

Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk $25.95 – How much sex is too much sex? Isn’t that like, every Chuck Palahniuk book? Like how much (fill in the blank) is too much (fill in the blank)? -LM
Normal Ave by Alex Bonner $18.50

That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick: The National Lampoon and the Comedy Insurgents Who Captured the Mainstream by Ellin Stein $16.95 – Now in soft cover.

Essays & One Other Slightly Unclassifiable Book
Best American Nonrequired Reading 2014 ed. by Daniel Handler and Lemony Snicket $14.95
Unspeakable and Other Subjects of Discussion by Meghan Daum $26.00

Film & TV Books
Yes Please by Amy Poehler $28.99 – Would be a sort of appropriate mainstreamy companion to the aforementioned Lisa Carver How Not to Write book above. Haikus, lists, memoir-y stuff, instructions. Plus, for those of us who get Google updates for “Celebrity Memoirs,” the internet seems to be all up in arms because she did (GASP) ecstacy. Well I never! -LM

Politics & Revolution
Writers Block #1 Voices of Women Inside by Anotonio Garcia (Beyondmedia Education) $10.00 – From Beyondmedia’s Women and Prison project, a 36-page zine compilation of “deeply personal narratives, visceral creative writing and provocative scholarly essays” about the lives and thoughts of incarcerated women and their families. Includes Marilyn Buck’s “Prison Life: A Day,” a detailed and intense account of prison from wakeup count to lights out.-GS
Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto $16.95

Tape Op #104 Nov Dec 14 $4.95
Bust Dec 14 Jan 15 vol 90 $5.99
Bite Me Magazine #2 The Hair Issue $20.00
Razorcake #83 Black Rainbow $4.00
Kinfolk vol 14 Winter Issue $18.00
Cabinet #54 Sum 14 Accident $12.00
Dwell Dec 14 $7.50
True Crime Nov 14 $8.99
Murder Most Foul #94 $9.99
Make vol 42 $9.99
Lula #19  $17.99
Lagom #1 $19.95
Paper Magazine Win 14 vol 31 #3 $10.00 – Yeah yeah it’s the one with the cover that everyone wants.
Internationalist #38 Oct Nov 14 $.50
Harpers Magazine Dec 14 $6.99
Tattoo Collection #65 $7.75

Lit Journals
Nimrod International Journal vol 58 #1 Awards 36 $11.00
Parody vol 3 #2 $5.00

Childrens Books
Anna and Froga: Thrills Spills and Gooseberries by Anouk Ricard (DQ/Enfant) $14.95
Books by MC McNellis: Ant Adaption, Ibex Idiom, Anteater Analogy, Kiwi Simile $12.00 each

Other Stuff
Field Notes Ambition Edition $9.95 – 25th quarterly COLORS edition: embossed, gilded edges and includes 3-Pack of datebook, ledger, and memo.


New Stuff This Week

underdgmonst2Understanding Monster Book 2 by Theo Ellsworth (Secret Acres) $21.95 – Continuing where Book One left off, Book Two follows Pharoah Tellitome, Inspector Gimble, Turtletree, Master Sponko and Minnow on their collective quest to awaken Izadore and re-establish his identity and memory.

Celebrity Acrostic Poems #1 by Matt Walsh $2.00
How 2 Survive High School by Rosie Accola $2.00
Adita #23 Fifteen Faces by Bradley Adita $1.00

Comics & Minis
Volksmode 2014 by Anne Elizabeth Moore, Delia Jean, et al. (Pressing Concern) $7.00 – A limited-edition project of the Ladydrawers Comics Collective, created in conjunction with das weisse haus in Vienna, Austria. Interviews conducted by Anne Elizabeth Moore and art by Delia Jean and Simon Haussle. This comic is an addition to Our Fashion Year, which is an exploration of international women’s labor that ran monthly on Truthout. Unraveling the threads that weave together fast fashion and human trafficking, Our Fashion Year asks why and how the flow of capital particularly disadvantages women, throughout the world. Volksmode 2014 focuses on asking this question of men in Austria, a country neither currently known as a garment producer nor a fashion capital, but which is nonetheless subject to the same global forces as workers in Phnom Penh and models in New York City.
Ditko Once More by Steve Ditko (Sparkplug) $4.00
Monkey Chef vol 2 Animal Kindness by Mike Freiheit $6.00
Cover is Misleading by Jonathan La Mantia $4.00
Red House $2.00 – A little anthology of short, funny comics by six artists: Pat Barrett, Beth Hetland, Ben Horak, Josh Kramer, Dakota McFadzean, and Kevin Uehlein. The comedy ranges from mischievous, to satirical, to hilariously disturbing, and all the way to downright revolting.
You Don’t Get There From Here #31 by Carrie McNinch $3.00
Pick Yer Poison by Danielle Chenette $3.00
Kim K. by Meghan Turbitt (Birdcage Bottom Books) $2.00
Poet Poe #1 by R. Sikoryak (Birdcage Bottom Books) $3.00
Thanger Dangers (Thinger Dingers 2) by JT Yost (Birdcage Bottom Books) $3.00
Minderings vol 1 by Don Stettner $15.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
SubCultures: A Comics Anthology, Edited by Whit Taylor (Ninth Art Press) $15.00 – 36 indepenent cartoonists explore the varied worlds-within-the-world we know as “subcultures,” from Star Wars conventioneers to bigfoot hunters, from goths and gamers to record collectors and cosplayers, these stories reveal the rules, rituals and relationships that define these infinite and intricate subsets of humanity. Contributors include Sam Alden, Liz Prince, Alex Robinson, Darryl Seitchik, Noah Van Sciver, MariNaomi, Box Brown and many others!
Wendy by Scott Walker (Koyma Press) $18.00
Aama vol 2 the Invisible Throng by Frederik Peeters (Self Made hero) $19.95
Mouse Guard Baldwin the Brave by David Petersen (Archaia) $14.99
Strong Female Protagonist Book One by Brennan Lee Mulligan & Molly Ostertag (Top Shelf) $19.95

Art, Design & Photo
viction:ary: Comics Feeeever!! Uncover the Power of Comics in Art and Design $39.95 – Comics in art and design.
Gathering Whispers by Edwin Ushiro (Zero+ Publishing) $45.00
Usugrow Works 2007-2013 (Upper Playground) $29.95
Disposable A History of Skateboard Art by Sean Cliver (GingkO )$29.95 – Back in print!
You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat and… by Banksy (Carpet Bombing Culture) $37.50 – Updated to include Banksy’s Better Out Than In residency.American Grotesque: The Life and Art of William Mortensen by Larry Lytle & Michael Moynihan (Feral House) $45.00
Abandoned Planet by Andre Govia (Carpet Bombing Culture) $45.00 – That ruin porn that the kids love so much these days.
Future Tense Paintings by 2010-2014 by Alex Gross (Gingko Press) $29.95
The Manly Art of Knitting by Dave Fpugner (Gingko) $13.95 – Reprinted from the 70s.

You’re Fine by Gina Tron $15.00

The Weiser Book of Horror and the Occult: Hidden Magic, Occult Truths, and the Stories That Started It All by Lon Milo DuQuette (Weiser) $19.95
The Herbal Alchemists Handbook: A Grimoire of Philtres Elixers Oils Incense and Formulas For Ritual Use by Karen Harrison (Weiser) $21.95

Music Books
The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses by Zoe Howe (St. Martin’s Press) $26.99
Gil Scott-Heron: Pieces of a Man by Marcus Baram $26.99
Check the Technique vol 2 More Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies by Brian Coleman (Wax Facts Press) $28.00
Punk Rock Paper Scissors: 80s punk and hardcore flyers by Lee (Image) $29.99
Sound Man: A Life Recording Hits with The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, The Faces . . . by Glyn Johns (Blue Rider) $27.95
Hole’s Live Through This (33 1/3 Series) by Anwen Crawford $14.95

Essays, Politics, & Revolution
Semi-socialism: An Alternative Government and Economic System by Keith Anderson $6.50
Citizens of the Green Room: Profiles In Courage and Self Delusion by Mark Lebibovich (Blue Rider) $26.95
It Runs In the Family: On Being Raised By Radicals and Growing Into Rebellious Motherhood by Frida Berrigan (OR Books) $18.00


#LuckyPeach #13 in stock! #QuimbysBookstore

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Lucky Peach #13 Holiday Issue Feel the Joy $12.00
Raw Vision #83 $14.00
Juxtapoz #167 Dec 14 $6.99
Girls and Corpses #8 Win 14 $8.95
Maximumrocknroll #379 Dec 14 $4.99
V Magazine #92 Win 14 15 $7.50
Smith Journal #12 Zombie Economics $17.99
Inventory vol 5 #2 Fall Win 14 #11 $20.00
Monster Children Photo Annual 14 $15.00
Sugar and Rice #3 Booms and Busts $15.00
Ghettoblaster #39 $4.50
Radical History Review #120 Fall 14 $14.00
Tattoo Life #91 $9.99
Freshly Inked vol 4 #6 Jan 15 $6.99

In My Bed Magazine vol 5 #2 $9.95

Lit Journals
St. Petersburg Review vol 6 $15.00
Papercut Annual 2013 $17.00
Fifth Wednesday Journal #15 Fall 14 $11.00
Granta #129 Fall 14 Fate $16.99
Common #8 $14.00

Other Stuff

Invincible Summer 2015 Calendar by Nicole Georges $12.00

New Stuff This Week

syllsyllb syllb2Syllabus: Notes From an Accidental Professor by Lynda Barry (D&Q) $19.95 – Lynda Barry runs a highly popular writing workshop for nonwriters called Writing the Unthinkable. Syllabus is the first book to make her innovative lesson plans and writing exercises available to the public for home or classroom use. Barry teaches a method of writing that focuses on the relationship between the hand, the brain, and spontaneous images, both written and visual. It has been embraced by people across North America—prison inmates, postal workers, university students, high-school teachers, and hairdressers—for opening pathways to creativity. Collaged texts, ballpoint-pen doodles, and watercolor washes adorn Syllabus’s yellow lined pages, which offer advice on finding a creative voice and using memories to inspire.

Zines & Zine-Related Books
Show Me The Money #40 Sum Fall Win 14 $2.50
Hello Kitties – A Zine About Cats by Kendy Paxia $3.00
Vegan Ten by Kendy Paxia $2.50
Drool and Nightmares by John Maggie $4.00
Rookie Yearbook Three by Tavi Gevinson $29.95
Fag Punk #12 $2.00
Thumb Tacks and Razor Blades – Pro Wrestling Fans Confess $2.00
Characters: Fifty Portraits of Contemporary Cartoonists by Jess Rullifson $6.00
Tiny Report Micro Press Yearbook 2013 by Robyn Chapman $3.00
Summer of Shred #4 2014 by Jamie M. Moore $20.00
Punk Royko #1 Fall 14 Media Digest by Nathan Worcester $2.00
Escapist Artist by Jolie Ruin, various issues
How Big It Feels How Little It Is by Danielle O’Malley $10.00
Calque is One Long Live Calque $1.00
Car Scars by Kevin McCaughey $3.00
Western Ave by Sergej Vutuc $10.00

Comics & Minis
Screw Job #1 by Paul Lyons, Mickey Z., Walker Melting, Box Brown, Pat Aulisio, Lale Westvind, Josh Bayer, Blake Sims and Brian Ralph $8.00
Juvenitive #3 by Jason Murphy $4.00
Hero League #1 by David Soileau $4.00
Five Chapters of the Universe by Pascal Saint Clair $3.00
Star Fruit by Gretta Johnson $10.00
Putty Buddies #1 Split Issue by Patrick Kyle and Jason Murphy $5.00
Joshua Max #1 by John Maggie $5.00
No Place Like Gnome by Drew Brockington $2.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Fukitor Book by Jason Karns (Fantagraphics) $30.00
Dogs: An Anthology A Collection of Comics on Our Canine Companions by Jeremy Stoll and friends $9.99
Walking Dead vol 22 A New Beginning by Robert Kirkman and friends $14.99
Earthling by Aisha Franz (D&Q) $19.95
Adventure Time Bitter Sweets by Pendleton Ward and friends $12.99
Grandville Noel: A Detective Inspector Lebrock Of Scotland Yard, Scientific Romance Thriller by bryan Talbot $19.99
Arsene Schrauwen by O. Schrauwen (Fantagraphics) $34.99
Edgar Allan Poe’s Spirits Of the Dead by Richard Corben (Dark Horse) $24.99

Art & Design
Popular Skullture: The Skull Motif In Pulps Paperbacks and Comics, ed. by Monte Beauchamp (Dark Horse) $19.99
Immersive Life Practices (Chicago Social Practice History Series) by Daniel Tucker, Mary Jane Jacob and Kate Zeller (SAIC) $20.00 – Words by and/or about Chicago’s thinkers and makers that have defined the intellectual and creative life of this city.
Fairy Homes and Gardens by Ashley Rooney and Barbara Purchia $24.99 – 30 designers from around the world transform natural settings into enchanting displays, using artificial flowers, fabric, sticks, wire, crystals, berries, acorns, baskets, and polymer clay. Off the hook.
Postcard Book Of Mushrooms (PIE Books) $18.50

Laughing Monsters by Denis Johnson $25.00
Ugly Girls by Lindsey Hunter $25.00
Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing by Nicholas Rombes (Two Dollar Radio) $15.95

Music Books
Autobiography by Morrissey $18.00 – Now in soft cover, although if you want the hard cover we have a few left of those too.
Disco: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records (Soul Jazz Publishing) $49.95
The Annotated Mixtape by Joshua Harmon (Dzanc) $14.95 – A memoir through the lense of record collecting, cross-fades, the 2008 recession, AM radio and more.

Mayhem & Outer Limits
Silent Invasion: The Truth About Alien Abductions and UFOs by Debra S. Marshall $16.99

The Existential Coloring Book $7.50
The Super Awesome Coloring Book $7.50

Politics & Revolution
An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States (Revisioning American History) by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz $27.95

Reading With The Stars: A Celebration of Books and Libraries by Leonard Kniffel $25.00

The Dance of Reality: A Psychomagical Autobiography by Alejandro Jodorowsky (Park Street Press) $24.95

Spirit of Gin: A Stirring Miscellany of the New Gin Revival by Matt Teacher $24.95

The Baffler #26 $12.00
Apartamento #14 $19.95
Cannabis Now #12 $7.99
High Times Jan 15 $5.99
Chips and Beer #8 $7.00
Wire #369 Nov 14 $9.99
Decibel #122 Dec 14 $5.99
Shameless Fall 14 $6.95
Radical History Review #119 Spr 14 Global Antiapartheid Movement $14.00
Tattoo Society #46 $7.99

Lit Journals
Fjords vol 2 #4 2014 $10.00
Lana Turner #7 $12.00
Geist #94 Fall 14 $6.95
Pank #10 Spr 14 $10.00

Kids Stuff
Seasons by Blex Bolex $22.95

Other Stuff
Bigfoot Pocket Notebook Blank Journal $7.50
Wasabi Candy Canes $4.50
Lucky Mojo Ginger Candy $6.00
Bigfoot Tiki Mug $16.00
Illuminati Air Freshener Hegemony Scent $3.50
I Love Public Transportation Mug $12.00
Edgar Allen Poe Temporary Tattoos Box $7.00
New gift items! New coin purses! New boxes! New messenger bags! Socks with swears on them!

…And who has soap that says “Heres Your Gift Motherfucker”? We do.