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Laydeez Do Comics Chicago Premieres 1/31, With Kris Dresen, Corinne Mucha and Rinko Endo

Jan ’13
7:00 pm

Laydeez Do Comics,
London’s monthly comics salon founded by Nicola Streeten (Billy, Me, and You) and Sarah Lightman (The Book of Sarah, Graphic Details) is adding to branches in Leeds and San Francisco by starting a branch in Chicago! Come hear comics creators speak about their work, their process, their plans, and whatever else they want to share with us.

Our inaugural speakers will be Kris Dresen (Max & Lilly, Manya, She Said),

Corinne Mucha (Freshman, My Alaskan Summer, Chicago Magazine),

Rinko Endo (Aggression Management Manga, The Cage)

join us for our inaugural event:

Thursday, January 31, 7pm

and following will be the last Thursday of every month

Free Event

For more info: or

Facebook event info:

Quimby’s Zlumber Party 1/19-1/20

Jan ’13
9:00 pm

Hey zinesters! Come to our Zine Slumber Party (Zlumber Party, geddit? Gosh we’re clever.) This is the second year in a row we’re inviting you to come in and spend the night with us working on your zine, because we had so much fun doing it last year. The store closes at 10pm on Sat the 19th and then you’re invited to spend the night here. So bring yer jammies and a sleeping bag, then leave in the morning with the zine you worked on. Interested in attending? Be sure to shoot a regular ol’ e-mail our way at info(at)quimbys(dot)com or call us at 773-342-0910 so we can have a head count.

Facebook event info: