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Zines & Zine-Related

Crap Hound 2020 Books and Bees by Sean Tejaratchi $20

Mom Updates by Bruce George Wingate (Public Collectors) $5

Broken Pencil #89 Can Zines Save Democracy $7.95

Gustafsen Lake Crisis: Statements From Ts’Peten Defenders by Ts’Peten Defenders $8

When Being An Ally zines by Xolpakelxhit, $8 each:
…Turns Into Being An Appropriator Settler Conduct and Self Check
…Until It Is Time to Do Some Real Ally Shit

Comics & Minis

New Yerby Summer 2019 by Liz Yerby $8

Comics by Jam Doughty: Fallen Fronds $10, Smol Trek $15, Bunch of Frames $1

Gonzales: When Satan Came to Tonka Town: A Comic Story by Ric Royer and drawn by MT Shelves (Model City Books) $8

Graphic Novels

Berserk vol 6 Deluxe Edition by Kentaro Miura $49.99

To Know You’re Alive by Dakota McFadzean (Conundrum) $20


Mushroom Postcards (PIE International) $19.99


Freezer Door by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore (Semiotext(e)) $17.95

Castle Faggot by Derek McCormack (Semiotext(e)) $15.95


Never Die Alone by Donald Goines $15.95


Apartamento #26 $28

The Baffler #54 $14

Jacobin #39 $12.95

Cabinet #67 Dreams $12

HorrorHound #85 $6.99

Wire #410 $12

Adbusters #152 $14.95

Yes Magazine #96 $8.50

Chap Books & Lit Journals

Overtime Hour 57 The Art of Interviewing by Peter Gregg Slater (Blue Cubicle Press) $2

Worthy Tales Issue 1 by Evelyn Richardson $12