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New Stuff This Week


Hot Doug’s: The Book by Doug Sohn (Agate Midway) $24.95 – When it comes to hot dogs, Hot Doug’s head chef Doug Sohn is the master of the craft. His introduction of gourmet ingredients and professionally trained culinary flair to the world of encased meats has earned him national recognition and praise. In Hot Doug’s: The Book, Sohn takes the reader on a fun, irreverent trip through the history of hot dogs, his restaurant, and the many patrons — both famous and average Joe — who have declared Sohn the king of dogs. As told through Sohn’s own stories, this book will combine photos, favorite anecdotes, lessons learned, and lists ranging from general restaurant etiquette to most-repeated sausage double-entendres (Doug’s heard ’em all). Stories included will reveal fact from the folklore of the restaurant’s founding, retell the tale of Hot Doug’s infamous 2006 run-in with Chicago City Hall, and even provide accounts of Hot Doug’s-inspired tattoos, which if presented upon order privilege the bearer to free hot dogs for life. Contributions from some of Hot Doug’s biggest fans will be spread throughout the book, with raves from Paul Kahan, Steve Albini, Dan Sinker, Mindy Segal, Homaro Cantu, Aziz Ansari, many other local and national figures, and an introduction from Graham Elliot.

Zines & Zine-Related Books
Zisk Presents Fan Interference: A  Collection of Baseball Rants and Reflections co-edited by by Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds $22.95 – Don’t miss Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds here at Quimby’s on July 19th.
Crazy But Not Insane #1 by Allison Farn $2.00
Rochester Teenset Outsider #24  I Hate the 90’s by W. Carroll $1.00 – Sucking in the 90s, with a special feature interview of Ren and Stimpy voice-ologist Billy West!!!
So You Want To Go To College by EMS $2.95
Taking the Lane vol 9 Disaster by Elly Blue (Microcosm) $5.50
Surface Area #2 $5.00
Offline #3 by $7.00
Moral Fiber issues #7 and #8 by Chris Pernula $2.00 each
Forever Falling Sideways #1 a Zine on Mental Health by Sascha Altman DuBrul (Pioneers Press) $5.00
One Way Ticket #7.5 (Pioneers Press) $3.00
What’s Their Name: More Adventures WO Gender by Julia Eff (Pioneers Press) $5.00
Head Space #1 2013 $3.00
Tater Totter #2 a Periodical Publication for Kids $5.00
Rain Crow Rain Crow Sing Us A Shower $3.00 – New from Sean of Thoughtworm zine.
Dream Whip #15 The Pedal Powered Movie Tour by Bill Brown (Microcosm) $9.25 – Bill Brown embarks upon a bicycle ride across the country he was born in but that he’s not sure he recognizes anymore. During this, his 15th adventure, he pedals through 2,000 miles of meth heads and road rage, Mississippi River murder, psychic waitresses, anarchists, haunted Unitarian churches, GMO soybeans, farm dogs with bad attitudes, and coconut cream pie.

Comics & Comix
Lou #14 by Melissa Mendes (Oily) $1.00 – Runaway kids and pizza parlor intrigue.
Middleground by Andy Burkholder (Oily) $1.00
Not a Horse Girl #1 by Marian Runk (Oily) $1.00
Outside #2 of 3 by Marc Geddes (Oily) $1.00
Training by Josh Simmons (Oily) $1.00
Captcha #7 by Jo Jo Sherrow $6.00
Dope Mouthfeel #4 $4.00
Reptile Museum vols 1 #1 and vol 1 #2 and  by Cody Pickrodt
Coin Op You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know by Peter and Maria Hoey $6.00
Coin Op Your Smile at the Top of the Dial by Peter and Maria Hoey $6.00
Blammo #8 by Noah Van Sciver (Kilgore Books) $5.00 – VanSciver’s fantastic floppy returns! Charles the Chicken! Punks vs. Lizards! Begrudged humans! Odd toys! My favorite part of this new issue is a beautifully drawn Grimm fairy story that seems a direct tribute to Valery Carrick’s terrific and emotive illustrations for Russian folk tales. -EF

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas by Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks (First Second) $19.99
Pietrolino by Jorodowsky and Boiscommun (Humanoids) $29.95
Preacher Book One TPB by Garth Ennis et al. $19.99

Art & Design
Acorn by Yoko One (OR Books) $16.00
The Steampunk Alphabet by Nathanael Iwata $14.95

Sex & Sexy
Bi – Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner $16.00

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs, Music & Misc
George Kuchar: Interviews and Conversations (re/Search) $9.99 – As in the legendary underground filmmaker/educator whose campy films inspired John Waters and David Lynch.
You Don’t Know Me But You Dont Like Me: Phish Insane Clown Posse and My Misadventures With Two of Musics Most Maligned Tribes by Nathan Rabin $16.00
Cemetery Gates: Saints and Survivors of the Heavy Metal Scene by mick O’Shea (Plexus) $19.95
Autopilot The Art and Science of Doing Nothing by Andrew Smith (OR Books) $16.00

Politics & Revolution
Bamboozled: An Incarcerated Boxer Goes Undercover for John McCain’s Boxing Bill by Joe Biel (Microcosm) $9.95
Lynch Law In Georgia and Other Writings  by Ida B. Wells $20.00
The Labor Movement in Japan by Sen Katayama (Prism Key Press) $15.00

Grow: How to Take Your DIY Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job by Eleanor C. Whitney (Cantankerous Titles) $13.95 – Don’t miss Eleanor C. Whitney here at Quimby’s on July 12th, discussing success and sustainability as an independent writer, publisher and creative business owner. The panel will feature Chicago-based creatives Selena Fragassi (Boxx Magazine), Rebecca Ann Rakstad (Rarrar Press), and Bradley Adita (

Skagboys by Irvine Welsh $16.95 – Now in soft cover.
In a Corner Darkly: Short Stories to Horrify Shock and Disturb by Sue Rovens $12.00
White Feathered Octopus by Jason Robert Bell $20.00 – From the artist of Caveman Robot.
Keep Your Enemies Closer by Mark O’Neal $10.00
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name by Elliott DeLine $12.00

Kinfolk vol 8 A Guide For Small Gatherings $18.00
Under the Influence #12 Spr Sum 13 Coming of Age Issue $24.99
White Fungus #13 $10.00
True Detective Summer Special 2013 $10.99
Bizarre #202 $10.50
Uncut Nick Cave Ultimate Music Guide #5 $13.99
Fifth Estate vol 48 #1 Sum 13 $4.00
AdBusters Jul Aug 13 $12.95
RFD #154 Sum 13 $9.95
Paper Sum 13 vol 29 #8 $4.00
Grantland Quarterly vol 6 (McSweeneys) $25.00 – Chuck Klosterman explains how he got involved in a conspiracy theory about Gen. David Petraeus, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills postcards, a fully illustrated breakdown of Claire Danes’s Homeland cry faces, Ke$ha’s shining moment with her new album and more.

Poetry, Lit Mags, Lit Journals, Chap Books
This Super Doom I Aver by Russell Jaffe (Poets Democracy) $10.00 – Poetry Mad Libs!
Mystery & Adventure Series Review #47 by Fred Woodworth $3.00
Brick #91 Sum 13 A Literary Journal $15.00
Expatlitj #1 Mar 13 $7.00
The American Reader vol 1 #5 #6 May Jun 13 $10.00
I’m So Into You by Dolly Lemke (Plumberries Press) $4.00
Mr Ivy by Brenna York (Plumberries Press) $4.00
Five Years In and Americorps Quarterly Report #3 Split by Michael Stoneberg and Alex Friedman (Plumberries Press) $3.00
Mercy Mercy Mercy by Cynthia Spencer $4.00
All I Wanna Do by Bethany Price (Pitymilk Press) $4.00

Grow Author Eleanor C. Whitney Moderates DIY Success Panel with Selena Fragasi, Rebecca Ann Rakstad & Bradley Adita

Jul ’13
7:00 pm


Eleanor C. Whitney’s new book Grow: How to Take Your Do It Yourself Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job (Microcosm Publishing), is a practical field guide for creative people who want to achieve success with their ideas for independent projects.  Author Eleanor Whitney enables readers to clarify their vision, set goals, create a plan, fundraise, publicize, and manage their “do-it-yourself” endeavor. Whitney will discuss achieving success and sustainability as an independent writer, publisher and creative business owner with Chicago-based creatives Selena Fragassi (Boxx Magazine), Rebecca Ann Rakstad (Rarrar Press), and Bradley Adita (

“The ultimate creative person’s companion- for anyone who’s thought of, attempted to, or has already made some steps to turning their vision into a  viable product, this practical and personal how-to is like a business-savvy mentor.” – Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In: How I learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove and editor of Not Eating Out in New York

Eleanor Whitney is a Brooklyn-based writer, musician and arts professional. She has written for publications such as Venus Zine and Remedy Quarterly and contributes regularly to and She has spoken about creative success and sustainability at national conferences such as South by Southwest and the Creative Chicago Expo.

For more info:

Quimby’s Welcomes Dan Gleason and Friends 7/6

Jul ’13
7:00 pm


It’s a celebratory event for the release of Dan Gleason’s 50th zine, ‘A Book Of Themes!’ Skip all of those 6th of July firework-filled galas, which inevitably end in the emergency room, and take heed to the words of a cavalcade of weirdos at your favorite local bookstore. This night’s roster of readers includes the great Rachel McPadden, former lead singer of the hardcore punk band Shit Ass, the artists behind the early 90’s hit ‘Playground.’ She has contributed to Mr. Skin’s website and is the only person ever to have claimed a crush on film actor George C. Scott. Mike McPadden – he’s head writer at Mr. Skin and author of the books ‘Heavy Metal Movies: From Anvil to Zardoz, the 666 Most Headbanging Movies of All Time’ and ‘If You Like Metallica.’ He also briefly replaced Bowzer in Sha Na Na back in ’83 after that artist’s split from the group. Gregory Jacobsen is lead singer of the band Lovely Little Girls, the Fatty Jubbo behind Fatty Jubbo’s Cake and Polka Parade podcast, brought to you by WFMU, and the finest painter in all of Chicagolandia. For a time he danced with a box on his head on the Chic-A-Go-Go! show, too. Jenny Inzerillo writes, paints, molds the minds of the youth and is the only thing worth two shakes any more in that stinking Logan Square neighborhood. She aspires to leave this planet one day soon on Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo. Gabriel Wallace is Jeffrey-Elaine Shotzenberger, and host of the Pamela monthly reading series, and Dan Gleason is a hirsute hermit who has produced fifty of those little fold up zine/books that you (hopefully) enjoy.

Come try their words on for size, evolve, and then leave the premises with a much more promising outlook on life, which should include a sudden longing to work with wicker, the ability to make your own gillie suit with only a half dozen discarded hairnets and five feet of twine, a won’t for knowledge of the ‘inner algorithms,’ a potential subscription to the H&R Block monthly newsletter, a lust for vice, a turning out, a tuning in, a tuna rolling, and a rin-tin-tin-atuding. GET DOWN FOR THE UPSTROKE! ’88 was great, ’99 was fine, but damn do I miss the music of GENUWINE! LOVE LIVING- AND BE THERE!

Dan Gleason has at least 25 books on the market for your pleasure, here are the titles of just a few of them: The Unexpected Gratification I Received From Taking In The Sexual Act With A Homeless Person And Other Less Contemplative Thoughts Rendered In Short Story Form By Dan Gleason, The NCA’s Introductory Book To Your Newest Saints, Fairy Tales With Important Morals For Children And Other Unambitious Writings By Dan Gleason, The Great American Novella, Stories Of Life Minus Context And Sense Plus Other Little Ditties By Dan Gleason, I Married A White Woman, Satansbraten: Stories For The Season Of The Witch, The Gospel According To Dan Gleason, All Of Those Happier Thoughts I Was Too Afraid To Express Before (AKA My Big Bland Book Of Feelings) By Dan Gleason, Memoirs Of A Guy In The Band, and Interludes. He is a Quimby’s favorite.

For more info:

Saturday, July 6th, 7pm – Free Event

New Stuff This Week

riotgrrrlcollectionThe Riot Grrrl Collection by Lisa Darms and Johanna Fateman (Feminist Press) $34.95 – The Riot Grrrl Collection is an attempt to document the evolution of the Riot Grrrl movement, particularly in the years between 1989 and 1996. Because Riot Grrrl was (and is) both a political and a cultural movement, its output was diverse, including writing, music, performance, film, activism, photography, video, and original art, as well as documentation of activism and performance. This research collection will provide primary resources for scholars who are interested in feminism, punk activism, queer theory, gender theory, DIY culture, and music history.

Zines & Zine-Related
Book of Themes Book #50 by Dan Gleason $3.00 – Don’t miss Dan Gleason and friends here at Quimby’s on July 6th.
My Aim Is True #8 by Carrie $1.00
Tongueswell #1 by Jen T. $1.00
Roethlisberger Castration Society #1 by Jen T. $2.00
This Page is Intentionally Left Blank $5.00
Blotch: Thoughts on Diversity From Middle School Thinkers $1.00
Tributaries #4 $2.00
zines from The  Awkward Ladies Club, all $3.00:
Never Date Dudes From the Internet #1 A Response to a Craigslist F4M Ad
Never Finish Grad School #1 Excerpts From My Livejournal 2004-2006
Paper Radio: A Media and Radio Zine issues #11.2  and #12.2 by DJ Frederick $3.00 each
Think About the Bubbles #5 Fears Loves by Joyce Hatton $5.00
Suitable 4 Framin #10 Win 12 $5.00
Silkscreened in Pittsburgh Jan 13 by Georgi $.50
Chomp #3 by Mitsu Sucks $9.00
Alamo Igloo #13 by Herzik $5.00
Sloan Simone Szucs #1 $2.00
The The House of Crosses $4.50 – Mingling of narrative memory, urban history and design nerdery, a intro to a former hausterpiece of visionary art in Chicago, the Szewczyk House of Crosses.

Comics & Comix
Scum TV #1 Fall 12 BY Joren Cull $15.00 – Sexy parodies of Thomas the Tank engine etc.
Dubble Trouble vol 1 by Ted Gudlat $15.00
Supermag #1 by Jim Rugg (Adhouse) $9.95
Turtie Needs Work by Steve Woldhard (Koyama Press) $3.00
Crushable: Mary Tyler Moore by Janice Shapiro $5.00
Crushable John Doe: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts by Janice Shapiro $5.00
Day One by Drew Panckeri $2.00
Hello There How Are You – The Beginning by Tony Rabit $3.00
Fiesta en Piyama by Ines Estrada $4.00
Nervous Tic #1 A Comic Book of Stories with a Manly Theme by Kathryn Newman $5.00
Piss N Shit by Aiden Cook $5.50

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting by Guy Delisle (D&Q) $12.95
I Watered Everything by Aaron Demuth $8.00
500 Years of Resistance Comic Book by Gord Hill $12.95
Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book by Gord Hill $12.95
Everybody Gets it Wrong and Other Stories: David Chelsea’s 24 Hour Comics vol 1 $19.99
Hellboy vol 6 by Mike Mignola $49.99
Walking Dead TPB vol 18 What Comes After by Robert Kirkman $14.99

Art & Design
Awake in the Dream World: The Art of Audrey Niffenegger (PowerHouse) $29.95
Cruel: Bearing Witness To Animal Exploitation by Sue Coe (OR Books) $40.00

Taipei by Tao Lin $14.95
Hologram For the King by Dave Eggers $15.95 – Now in soft cover.

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs, Music & Misc
The Big Book of Magic 1400s-1950s by Noel Daniel (Taschen) $69.99
Big Star: The Story of Rocks Forgotten Band by Rob Jovanovic (Jawbone Press) $19.95 – The Revised and Updated Edition.
Ascent of the A Word: Assholism the First Sixty Years by Geoffrey Nunberg $14.99
Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Hunger for Free Content Starves Creativity by Chris Ruen (OR Books) $20.00
End of the World by Reverend Billy (aka Bill Talen) (OR Books) $12.00 – The founder of the Church of Stop Shopping muses on the apocalypse.
Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet by Julian Assange et al. (OR Books) $16.00 – Founder of WikiLeaks and peers discuss the future of the internet.
How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K Dick’s Robotic Resurrection by David F. Dufty $16.00 – In this remarkable behind-the-scenes narrative, David F. Dufty follows a group of scientists on their mission to create “Phil,” a life-size android of famed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. We witness the obstacles the scientists encounter and the innovative solutions they apply to overcome them. The fact that the subject Phil was built to mimic was a man notoriously paranoid and fascinated by artificial intelligence colors the story all the way to its unforgettable end, when the robot’s head goes missing, never to be seen again. A riveting story that will capture science enthusiasts and general readers alike, How to Build An Android traces the line where artificial intelligence and humans collide. Now in soft cover.
Politics & Revolution
Beautiful Trouble: The Toolbox For Revolution From the People Who Brought You the Yes Men and Billionaires For Bush by Andrew Boyd and Dave Oswald Mitchell (OR Books) $13.00 – New Pocket Edition.

Lust for Leaf: Veggie Crowd Pleasers to Fuel Your Picnics Potlucks and Ragers by Alex Brown and Evan George $19.99

Sex Guides & Culture
Guide For the Modern Bear: Field Study of Bears in the Wild by Travis Smith (Modern Bear) $19.99

Bitch #59 $5.95
Juxtapoz #150 Jul 13 $5.99
Shots #120 Sum 13 $6.95
ArtForum Sum 13 $10.00
Creative Review May 13 Annual Special Issue $14.99
Cemetery Dance #69 $9.95
Paleo Magazine Jun Jul 13 $5.99
Maps vol 23 #1 $8.95
Skunk vol 9 #1 $5.99
High Times Aug 13 $5.99
Taproot #6 $9.00
Cinema Retro vol 9 #26 $11.99
Horror Hound #41 May Jun 13 $6.99
Shock Cinema #44 $5.00
Camera Obscura #82 Feminism Culture and Media Studies $12.00
Big Takeover #72 $5.99
Maximumrocknroll #361 Jun 13 $4.00
Filter #52 $5.95
Radical History Review Spr Sum 13 $9.95
Wax Poetics #55 $11.99
Gather #3 Spr Sum 13 $19.99 – Gather is a lushly photographed and deleriously appetizing food magazine (phood fotography?)- their Spring/Summer film issue is no exception with a slew of cinematicly inspired original recipes.
Monocle vol 7 #64 Jun 13 $12.00
In These Times Jun 13 $3.50
Radical History Review Spr 13 $14.00
Tattoo Venus Special #9 From Tattoo Life $9.99
Inked Jun Jul 13 #56 $6.99

Poetry, Lit Mags, Lit Journals, Chap Books
Fourteen Hills vol 19 #2 2013 $9.00
Public Space #18 $12.00

Other Stuff
Gary Baseman Coasters 4 Coaster Set $9.99
Giggle and Pop Magnet Set by Gary Baseman $8.99
More Moleskine planners. varying prices, sizes, formats and colors.

New Stuff This Week

illustratedgdhumorThe Hic and Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor vol 1 United States ed. by Lauren Barnett & Nathan Bulmer. Featuring funny comics by Ian Andersen, Lauren Barnett, Bort, Box Brown, Nathan Bulmer, Nikki Burch, Anne Emond, Madéleine Flores, Zac Gorman, KC Green, Dustin Harbin, Sam Henderson, Martha Keavney, Patt Kelley, Jeff Lok, Jane Mai, Phil McAndrew, Dakota McFadzean, Maré Odomo, Liz and Jimmy Reed, Noah Van Sciver, Alex Schubert, Sam Sharpe, Grant Snider, Sam Spina, Nathan Stapley, Julia Wertz, and Matt Weigle.

Lucky Peach #7 Travel $12.00 – McSweeney’s popular food mag. ANTHONY BOURDAIN talks Deliverance, Apocalypse Now, and Southern Comfort. Punk rock touring with BROOKS HEADLEY. Travel tips from AZIZ ANSARI. The most beautiful Taco Bell in the world. Chicken tamales at a gay cantina in Mérida. The history of curry. And much, much more.


Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks
Mere by CF $19.95 – In 2012 C.F. began to produce a series of more than a dozen mini-comics, which he distributed via Twitter. Each mini-comic offered a take on, and expansion upon, a classic comic strip genre-from crime and sci-fi to punk and sex-all of them infused throughout by C.F.’s absurdist humor and loose improvisatory drawing. Those comics, along with unpublished art and photos, are collected here. Introduction by Nicole Rudick.

Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries ed. by Emi Gennis (Hic and Hoc) $12.00 – Contains over 30 non-fiction unsolved mysteries by relative newcomers and small press comics legends alike, including J.T. Yost, Julia Gfrorer, Noah Van Sciver, Simon Moreton, and Sam Spina. Previews below from pieces by Nikki DeSautelle, Sam Alden, and Graham Kahler. Featuring tales of slaughtered hikers, vanishing prime ministers, suicide forests, and meat falling from the sky.
Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life by Ulli Lust (Fantagraphics) $35.00
Oswalds Mound by Ben East $6.00
Good Dog by Graham Chaffee (Fantagraphics) $16.99
The Watchmen Deluxe Edition by Alan Moore $35.99
Batman Noir Deluxe Edition by Eduardo Risso and Brian Azzarello $24.99

Comics & Comix
Lose #5 by Michael DeForge (Koyama Press) $8.00 – “Hit list, top of the pops” says Edie. Don’t miss DeForge here with Lisa Hanawalt & Patrick Kyle on 6/14, followed by Ezra Claytan Daniels’ Comic Art Battle, as part of CAKE festivities!
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever & Ever #2 by Igloo Tornado {Josh Bayer, Tom Neely, Mark Rudolph} (Microcosm Publishing) $5.00 – In the latest installment of the greatest love story ever told, Glenn’s mother, freshly unearthed from beneath the bricks, moves in with him and Henry. Without giving too much away, Glenn’s mommy issues come to the surface as she critiques his art, replaces his wardrobe, scrubs their dungeon, and recalls his childhood. Glenn tries to sell his signature to a UPS driver, takes a punch, and has some daydreaming adventures with a plunger. Henry, “a loud guy with a good work ethic,” shows his darker side and indifference to a fan as he drinks black coffee and bonds with Glenn over their distaste for their own bands; two men who suffer best alone together. Additional pin up art by Andy Belanger, Katie Skelly, and Tom Scioli. Darkest and best issue yet. Plus! We have more H&D sticker sets for 5 bucks too. Lucky you.
Radiator by Jon Marchione $7.00
Bots is Bots #2 by Gregg K. $1.00
Dumpling King #2 by Alex Kim $1.00
Word and Voice #5 by Aaron Cockle (Oily) $1.00
Lou #13 by Melissa Mendes (Oily) $1.00
Jo Dery In Conversation With Melissa Mendes (Oily) $1.00 – This is a 12 page interview zine with cartoonist/animator Jo Dery. Jo talks with Melissa Mendes about being an artist, identity, and how they are affected by their environment.
derymendesHome Ache by Marta Chudolinska $5.00
Gay Heart Throbs 3 $4.95
Me And Jana on Valentine’s Day by JR Milmoe et al. $5.00
Red by Bryn Adams $1.00
Heavy by Krystal DiFronzo $5.00
Grand Gestures by Simon Moreton (Retrofit) $6.00

Peops #8 by Fly $5.00
Evan Mecham Eco-Terrorist International Conspiracy by Leslie James Pickering $5.00
Taking the Lane vol 10 Bikes in Space a Feminist Science Fiction Anthology by Elly Blue $6.00
Frontier #1 Uno Morales, Youth In Decline $8.00

Art & Design
Oversize Mega Art and Installations by Victionary $39.95
Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual for Controlling the Masses by Nick McFarlane (Carpet Bombing Culture) $19.95 – Spinfluence will appeal to crooked politicians, media manipulators and corporate big-wigs alike, in fact anyone interested in how to exploit people for profit or power. Covering fun techniques and tactics such as emotional hijacking, brainwashing and hysteria harnessing – Spinfluence is a glorious and insightful read about how to bend the truth and subvert the will of the herd. Wolf&Co. are a propaganda agency who are proud to say they’re in the business of “making people happy”. Nick McFarlane was commissioned to distil the secrets of propaganda into an agency induction manual – issued to everyone required to learn the black art.

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs, Music & Misc
Wilderness: Essays and Art by Rennie Sparks $14.98 – By the lyricist from The Handsome Family. This book is a companion release to the album of the same name. Expands on themes such as the meticulously researched and little-known enigmas of the natural world: immortal jellyfish, woodpecker tongues, dancing octopi, fly royalty, the secret language of crows, and mysterious ant spirals.
True Crime: Real-life Stories of Grave-robbing, Identity Theft, Abduction, Addiction, Obsession, Murder, and More ed. by Lee Gutkind (InFact) $15.95TrueCrime_Cover

Politics & Revolution
Atheist In the Foxhole: A Liberal’s Eight Year Odyssey Inside the Heart of the Right Wing Media $26.95

Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains by Matt Mernagh (Green Candy Press) $15.00
Fireweed 2 A Zine of Grassroots Radical Herbalism and Wild Foods Connecting with Kids & Family Life $4.00

Insufferable Gaucho SC by Roberto Bolano $14.95

Sex & Sexy
Nudity Today: Revealing Work By Emerging Photographers ed. by Jesse Pearson (Picturebox) $34.95 – Work Tim Barber, Jordan Bennett, Sandy Kim, Sasha Kurmaz, Maggie Lee, Nicole Lesser, and more.
Wild Girl’s Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories by Sacchi Green (Cleis) $15.95
Beach Bums: Gay Erotic Fiction by Neil Plakcy (Cleis) $15.95
Billy Miller stopped by and restocked us on past Straight to Hell issues and other sexy zine-y stuff. Come and check it out.

Decibel #105 Jul 13 $4.95
Mojo #235 Jul 13 $9.99

Poetry, Lit Mags, Lit Journals, Chap Books
People Portraits #2 Palmistry by Alex Cohen $5.00
Journal of Ordinary Thought Win 13 $10.00

Kids Stuff
Lost Sloth by J. Otto Seibold (McSweeney’s) $16.95

Other Stuff
More Moleskine planners, both 2014 and 2013. The 2013 ones start in July 2013 and go through the end of 2014. Perfect for folks who don’t get it together for a planner the first half of the year.