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Zine Club Chicago ONLINE: People Have the Power Edition, Tues, July 28th, 7pm

Jul ’20
7:00 pm

For folks who want to help transform our world into a better place for everyone, zines are a dynamic tool for sharing information, resources, and inspiration. This month at Zine Club Chicago Online: People Have the Power Edition, we’ll be discussing self-published works focused on the many ways we can all support radical change in the name of justice, equality, and peace. July is International Zine Month, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than by focusing on this important topic. The suggested activity for #IZM2020 July 28th is about using social media to get the word out about your favorite zines, so grab your favorite titles, BYOS(nacks), and join us on Zoom for a great conversation!

** Zoom info ** We want to make sure that our online Zine Club events are a safe space, so we won’t be releasing the Zoom link and password publicly. If you’d like to attend, please email to RSVP by 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 28. We’ll email you the Zoom link and password one hour before the event begins.

Zine newbies and longtime enthusiasts alike are always welcome at Zine Club Chicago, the city’s only book club-style event for people who read zines. This free monthly series is produced by Chicago Zine Fest/Midwest Perzine Fest organizer Cynthia Hanifin and hosted by Quimby’s Bookstore. As always, Anna Jo Beck made this month’s lovely flyer.

More info:

Instagram: @zineclubchicago

Use #IZM2020 when writing online about International Zine Month.

Download the #IZM2020 bookmark here.

Ian F. Svenonius Talks The Psychic Soviet: New Expanded Edition in Conversation with Matt Sweeney, ONLINE Event, Thurs, July 23rd

Jul ’20
7:00 pm

essays by IAN F. SVENONIUS
A reissue of Ian F. Svenonius’s cult-classic debut essay collection, including brand-new writing in this expanded edition.

A new, expanded collection of essays and articles from one of the mainstays of the Washington, DC, underground rock and roll scene, The Psychic Soviet is Ian F. Svenonius’s groundbreaking first book of writings. The selections are written in a lettered yet engaging style, filled with parody and biting humor that subvert capitalist culture, and cover such topics as the ascent of the DJ as a star, the “cosmic depression” that followed the defeat of the USSR, how Seinfeld caused the bankruptcy of modern pop culture, and the status of rock and roll as a religion. The pocket-sized book is bound with a durable bright-pink plastic cover, recalling the aesthetics of Mao’s Little Red Book, and perfect for carrying into the fray of street battle, classroom, or lunch-counter argument.

** Zoom info ** We want to make sure that this online event is a safe space, so we won’t be releasing the Zoom link and password publicly. If you’d like to attend, please email to RSVP by 5 pm Thursday, July 23rd. We’ll email you the Zoom link and password one hour before the event begins.

Quimby’s has limited SIGNED copies of this new edition of The Psychic Soviet. Purchase yours here at

Ian Svenonius will be in conversation with musician Matt Sweeney for this event.

Matt Sweeney is a rock guitarist, songwriter, and producer. His work can be heard on albums by Adele, Current 93, Johnny Cash, Endless Boogie, Neil Diamond, Superwolf, and Chavez. He saw Nation of Ulysses perform back when Ian Svenonius would play with his shoes on fire.


IAN F. SVENONIUS is the author of the underground best sellers Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ’n’ Roll Group and Censorship Now!! He was also the host of’s Soft Focus, where he interviewed Mark E. Smith, Genesis P. Orridge, Chan Marshall, Ian MacKaye, and others. As a musician he has created more than twenty albums and countless singles in various rock and roll combos (Chain & the Gang, Weird War, The Make-Up, The Nation of Ulysses, etc.). He lives in Washington, DC.

“In a sense the book is Mr. Svenonius’s love letter to the good old days of do-it-yourself punk concerts, though it’s cleverly disguised as a series of Marxian essays.”

—New York Times

“The pocket-sized book—given Svenonius’s communism infatuation, the parallel to Mao’s Little Red Book is no mistake—contains well-thought-out arguments on a variety of subjects, from vampires to the origins of punk rock. It’s often funny, but never in a self-consciously ironic way.”

—Washington Post

“Ian Svenonius has come a long way since Sassy Magazine first dubbed him the ‘Sassiest Boy in America’ in 1991. The DC singer has never been anything less than political to the extreme.”

—Village Voice

More info:

Here’s the Facebook invite.

Akashic Books Author Site


Instagram @ian_f_svenonius


New Stuff This Week


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Now that’s some shit. 2 new zines about poo. That’s what we call bathroom reading! ? ? ? ? #quimbys

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Behind the Zines #10 A Zine About Zines by Bully McCall and friends $3

Mini Drag Marathon Drag 201 by Anna Jo Beck $2

I’ve Worn All the Shirts In the Drawer: 64 Days of T-Shirts During COVID-19 by AJ Michael $5

Listening to the Ending of Fossil Fuel Based Civilization by Brett Bloom $4

More Microcosm Stuff:

Shit Talk: What Happens After It Goes Down the Drain by Nick Kawa $3.95
It’s Going to be Anarchy: Anarchist Analyses of the Coronavirus Pandemic by Jim Donaghey $4.95
Essential Oils to Destroy the Patriarchy: Remedies Formulated for Modern Women (& 1000-Year-Old Witches) by Eryn Nicole O’Neal $4.95
Speaking of Trains: A Glossary of Modern-Day Hobo and Railroad Worker Slang by Brakeshoe $7.95
What the Ladies Have to Say: Activists in Palestine, Indonesia, and the Philippines $3.95
Wherever We May Roam: Tour Stories & Other Tales by Greg Simmons $6
Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games: Stay Free by Shutting the Fuck Up! by Harold H. Thompson $2.95
Against Prisons by Catherine Baker $2.95
Queer Attachment: An Anti-Oppression Toolkit for Relational Healing by Fizz Perkal and Leah Jo Carnine $5.95
My Personal History of Race: Parts 1 + 2 by Lauren Hage $4-$6
Obsessed with Bass: The Essential History of Miami Bass, 1985-1993 by Aaron Nemec $4.95
Bread of the Resistance by Tessalyn Morrison $9.95

Mis Merch’d #2  by Heather Link-Bergman (is PRESS) $6.99

Alternative Incite #1 spring 2020 $3

Posthumous #1 Love and Horror by Joseph Findeiss (Posthumous Publishing) $15

Urban Guerrilla Zine #23 $10

Comics & Minis

Cat Friends, Bird Acquaintances, and Their Human Furniture by Kriota Willberg $6

Graphic Novels

Drifting Classroom vol 3 by Kazuo Umezz $34.99

Art Books

Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement: 20th Anniversary Edition by Bryan Ray Turcotte and Christopher T. Miller (Gingko Press) $45

Punkouture: Fashioning a Revolt: 1976 to 1986 by Matteo Torcinovich (Gingko Press) $39.95

Skateboard Museum Zine Collection by Jurgen Blumlein (Gingko Press) $34.95

Politics & Revolution

Strike!: Revised, Expanded and Updated 50th Anniversary Edition by Jeremy Brecher (PM Press) $28.95

Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle by Silvia Federici (PM Press) $17.95

Ritual Healing Books

The Witch’s Book of Shadows: The Craft, Lore & Magick of the Witch’s Grimoire (The Witch’s Tools Series) by Jason Mankey $15.99

The Devil’s Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One by Gemma Gary $16.99

The Sacred Art of Brujeria: A Path of Healing & Magic by Katrina Rasbold $17.99

Wake, Bake & Meditate: Take Your Spiritual Practice to a Higher Level with Cannabis by Kerri Connor $17.99

Treading the Mill: Workings in Traditional Witchcraft by Nigel G. Pearson $17.99


Big Girl by Meg Elison (PM Press) $14

Criminal Child by Jean Genet (Contagion Press) $8

Outer Limits

Religious Delusions, American Style: Manipulations of the Public’s Mind by Blair Alan Gadsby (Trine Day) $19.95

SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick by Juliette M. Engel (Trine Day) $24.95


The Gamesmaster: My Life in the ’80s Geek Culture Trenches with G.I. Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, and The Transformers by by Flint Dille (Rare Bird) $27

Lit Journals

Sinister Wisdom #117 A Multicultural Lesbian Literary and Art Journal $25

Brick #105 summer $19

New Stuff This Week

Pandemic Movie Watchlist by Johnny Misfit $3

Mutations by Corinne Halbert $8


Communicating Vessels #30 summer $3.50

As You Enter the Yard #1 $10


Vacuum Decay by Harry Nordlinger & friends $10

Sleepless Sights by Dane Georges $4

Dog and Pony: Baby Fever by Allie Trigoso (Really Easy Press) $10

Crackle vol 2 by Phillip Maira & friends $4

Graphic Novels

Wendy, Master of Art by Walter Scott (Drawn and Quarterly) $24.95

The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress by Ralph Nader, illustrated by Mr. Fish (Fantagraphics) $21.99

Long Story Short: Turning Famous Books into Cartoons by Mr. Fish & friends (Akashic) $17.95

Nobody Left: Conversations with Famous Radicals, Progressives and Cultural Icons about the End of Dissent, Revolution and Liberalism in America by Fish (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Old Growth by Michael Olivo and Niv Bavarsky (Fantagraphics Underground) $35

Streets of Paris, Streets of Murder: The Complete Graphic Noir of Manchette and Tardi (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Cankor by Matthew Allison (Adhouse) $19.99

Fuzzy Princess vol 2 Full Color Edition by Charles Brubaker $15.99

Art Books

The Stencil Graffiti Handbook by Tristan Manco $29.95

Perramus: The City and Oblivion by Alberto Breccia and Juan Sasturain (Fantagraphics) $49.99

Great Crump Presents His Magic: The Art of Rolly Crump by Rolly Crump (Baby Tattoo) $30

Outer Limits

Antarctica and the Secret Space Program: From WWII to the Current Space Race by David Hatcher Childress (Adventures Unlimited) $22

Film & Music Books

More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets: The Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Film by Stefan Hammond and Mike Wilkins (Headpress) $28.95

Sigh, Gone: A Misfit’s Memoir of Great Books, Punk Rock, and the Fight to Fit In by Phuc Tran $27.99


In These Times july $4.95

Harpers Magazine july $7.99

Mother Jones july / august $8.99

New Stuff This Week


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Going over fun things and doing a crowd solicited zine pack! ?

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We live-streamed some new stuff this morning so people could see stuff and then come in and get it — because now it’s Day 3 of us being open. Wanna order the zine pack we talk about in it? It’s this.


Notes From Boying: A Pressing Concern Book Mark by Lu Heintz $7

Wonder of It All #3 Empty Eyes $3

Amygdala by Dirty Art Press $12

Ode to My IUD by Heather Andhercats $3

Comics & Minis

Ginseng Roots #4 by Craig Thompson (Uncivilized) $6

Gaslight Babylon #1 One Last Day by Adam Yeater $4

Psychodrama Illustrated #1 by Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $4.99

Graphic Novels

Dancing After TEN by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Windows On the World by by Robert Mailer Anderson, Zack Anderson and Jon Sack (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Lottery by Adam Yeater $12

Art Books

Punk Shirts: A Personal Collection by Bryan Ray Turcotte (Gingko Press / Kill Your Idols) $39.95


The Monthly Review vol 72 #2 june COVID-19 and Catastrophe Capitalism $6

Taproot #39 Tides $12

The Progressive june / july What Comes Next $5.95

Lit Journals

Granta #151 Membranes $19.99