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New Stuff This Week


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Strange Tapes Hamburger Dad: Special Edition Zine by Scott R. Miller & friends $5

Rain Barrel #2 april by Jordan Sea $3

Religion, Politics, Sex vol 2 The Family Issue by Robert T. Glen $6

I Think You Might Write a Body Once and Awhile: Passive Aggressive Vintage Postcards 1909-1949 by Robert T. Glen $6

GenderFail stuff: Urgent Publishing After the Artist’s Book: Making Public in Movements Towards Liberation by Paul Soulellis $24, Manifesto Profit for Survival by Be Oakley $12, Some Definitions, Some Thoughts, Some Assertions, Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance by Be Oakley $16

In Your Chest in Your Gut Everywhere All Over by Caitlin McCann $7

zines by Jilly Foo: My My Moemon $2, Hallowzine 2020 $5 & more.

The Match #122 spring $3

Learn English with Mr. Wood by Antek $2

These Are All Inadequate #3 by Jesse Maximum $3

Great Rock N Roll Dwindle #2 by No One $4

Reglar Wiglar #27 by Christopher Auman $8

Flux in Green Air $24

Comics & Minis

Vixen Black $2

Myrodemus #2 by Finn Walker $24.99

Prey Pray by Stokes Breanan And Lei $6

Campfire Comics and Stories Biannual january $10

Get To You by Gabe Mason Howell $10

Rust Belt Review #1 Comics Anthology $10

Graphic Novels

Heart Shaped Tears: Art, Comics and Dark Secrets by Abby Jame (Silver Sprocket) $24.99

The Gift by Zoe Maeve (Conundrum) $18

Super Magic Forest by Ansis Purins $16.95

Crash Site by Nathan Cowdry (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Scoop Scuttle and His Pals: The Crackpot Comics of Basil Wolverton, edited by Greg Sadowski (Fantagraphics) $29.99

It’s Life as I See it: Black Cartoonists in Chicago, 1940 – 1980 edited by Dan Nadel (MCA/NYRC) $24.95


Pharmako-AI by K Allado-McDowell (Ignota) $19.95

Hollow by B. Catling $17

Music & Movies Books

Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany by Uwe Schütte $18

Fallopian Rhapsody: The Story of the Lunachicks by The Lunachicks with Jeanne Fury $18.99

More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A. Punk by John Doe & Tom DeSavia $16.99

Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide (2nd Edition, Revised) by Josiah Howard (FAB Press) $29.95


In a Car On a Road Going to a Place by Caitlin McCann $24.99

There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness by M. Leona Godin $28


Witches Guide to Wildcraft: Using Common Plants to Create Uncommon Magick by JD Walker $17.99


Lost In #24 Veggies $13

Yes Magazine #98 summer $6.50

Mojo #331 june $11.99

Monocle #143 $14

Harpers Magazine jun $7.99

Bust #125 summer $7.99

Wire #447 $12.50

Offscreen #24 $22

Chap Books

You Make Me So Mad Sometimes by Caitlin McCann $12

I’m Home and Theres Nothing by Dustin Struckman $5

New Stuff This Week


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Stuff From Fiddlers Green!: Place of the Song Dream: The Animal Spirituality of Kenneth Grahame by Clint Marsh and Timothy Renner $6, Purple Thread: The Supernatural Doom of Oscar Wilde by Nina Antonia, Illustrated by Nathaniel Winter-Hebert $10, Tales From Fiddlers Green vol 1 edited by Susan Redington Bobby $15

Someplace Special, edited by Aim Ren Beland and Cynthia E. Hanifin $10

The Most Unwanted Zine by Liz Mason $5

Razorblades and Aspirin #12 $8

KerBloom #149 In Which I Interview My Nine-Year-Old by Artnoose $2

Freaky 4 Farley: The Many Moods of Motern Quaterly by Leor Galil $5

Weeds Never Die by Heather Anacker $4.99

Gay Ass Dishes $8

Not Like You Zine #9 $8

zines by Lucy Isadora: Hail King Kong: A King Kong Fanzine $5, X Zine X

Adita #12 A Day in the Air $4

Somnambulist #35 Tax Deductible Rome $5

Crystal Ephemera: A Prosaic Mosaic by Cold Prick Lee $5

zines by Kat Crow: Things Listed Things Understood, We Will Survive, Universe Next Door and more.

Wishbone #10 $6

Macedonia Disposables Oct 2017 – May 2018 by Nick Ramsay $12

Halcyon Days: A Group Zine by Dirty Art Press $12

One VVoman Show Juxtaposition by Kassandra Pinero $12

Skurt Cobain #3 A Zine About the 90s by Jolie Ruin & friends (Riot Grrrl Press) $2

Weird Tales: The Iconic Pulps, Chicago Connections by Joe Muszynski $4

Never Step In the Same River Twice: The South Branch of the Chicago River Across Time and Space by Annie Howard $5

Image Not Found: Captions to Burning Men Photos $5

Quit Your Job And Eat Pizza #4 & #5 $2 each

Comics & Minis

Bubbles #10 An Independent Fanzine About Comics and Manga $8

Love and Rockets Magazine #10 by Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez $4.99

Cuts of Me #1 by Nacho Nova $8

Bird Comic #1 & #2 by Ruby Giles Carter $6 each

New Wave Comics Presents #17 and #18 $1.50

Magic Depressive #38 A Words Issue by Cacciola $3

Graphic Novels

My Begging Chart by Keiler Roberts (D&Q) $19.95

Chartwell Manor by Glenn Head (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Poison Flowers and Pandemonium by Richard Sala (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Fictional Father by Joe Ollmann (D&Q) $24.95

Across the Tracks: Remembering Greenwood, Black Wall Street, and the Tulsa Race Massacre by Alverne Ball & Stacey Robinson $15.99

Pizza Punks by Cole Pauls (Conundrum) $15

The Comics Journal #307 winter spring 2020 Comics and Animation $16.99

Flash Forward: An Illustrated Guide to Possible (and Not So Possible) Tomorrows by Rose Eveleth $24.99

Black Star by Eric Anthony Glover & Arielle Jovellanos $24.99

The Wonderful Year Book by Becca Taylor $24.95

Art & Design Books

Sign Painting: A Practical Guide to Tools, Materials, and Techniques by Mike Meyer & Better Letters $35

Politics & Revolution

How to Think Like an Activist by Wendy Syfret $14.99

The Economic Case for LGBT Equality: Why Fair and Equal Treatment Benefits Us All by M. V. Lee Badgett $18

On Violence and On Violence Against Women by Jacqueline Rose $30

Postcolonial Astrology: Reading the Planets through Capital, Power, and Labor by Alice Sparkly Kat $17.95

Remembering the Armed Struggle: My Time with the Red Army Faction by Margrit Schiller (PM Press) $19.95

The Operating System: An Anarchist Theory of the Modern State by Eric Laursen (AK Press) $16


What We Don’t Talk About: Sex and the Mess of Life by Joann Wypijewski $19.95

F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow: A True Story by Action Bronson $26

Hotel: My Cancer Story by P. Guizzetti $5

Mayhem & Outer Limits

The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy, Updated and Expanded Edition by Elizabeth Kendall $16


Juneteenth: A Novel by Ralph Ellison $25

Poetry & Chap Books

Lydia Tomkiw Poems, edited by Dan Shepelavy (Universal Exports of North America) $15

Music Books

Boyz n the Void: a mixtape to my brother by G’Ra Asim $24.95


Tape Op #143 june july $5.99

Para Llevar #1 Gjusta $20

Shindig #114 april $13.99

The Baffler #57 $14

Jacobin #41 $12.95

AnOther Magazine vol #40 $22.50

New Stuff This Week


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Popular Pandemics Fall 2025 $10

Broken Pencil #91 $7.95

Journal of Yokai Studies vol 1 #1 May 2021 $4

Pizza Dream by Erin J Watson $1

New Stuff from Radix Media, all $12 each: BINT by Ghinwa Jawhari, No Prohibido by Nikki Cardona, Solar Grid #1 by Ganzeer

Comics & Minis

Freaky #5 Take Five by Andrew Goldfarb $5

Hell Is In Your Heart by Steven Thomas $8

Traffic Jam by Julia McBride Menzel $11.99

Graphic Novels

Cyclopedia Exotica by Aminder Dhaliwal (D+Q) $24.95

Stone Fruit by Lee Lai (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Scumburbia by Sam Grinberg $10

The Metabarons: The First Cycle by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Illustrated by Juan Gimenez (Humanoids Publishing) $39.99

Politics & Revolution

King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes $15

Outer Limits

American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic by J. Allen Cross $18.95

Ancient Language of Sacred Sound the Acoustic Science of the Divine by David Elkington

UFOs and the Deep State: A History of the Military and Shadow Government’s War Against the Truth by Kevin D. Randle $22.95


Dawn by Octavia E. Butler $16.99

Vernon Subtex 3 A Novel by Virginie Despentes $18

Music & Film Books

Roxy Music’s Avalon by Simon Morrison (33 1/3 series) $14.95

Duran Duran’s Rio by Annie Zaleski (33 1/3 series) $14.95

Sing Backwards and Weep: A Memoir by Mark Lanegan $17.99

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours: The 100 Wackiest Action Movies by Christopher Lombardo & Jeff Kirschner $29.99


Cinema Scope #86 spring $5.95

In These Times may $4.95

Skeptical Inquirer vol 45 #3 may june $5.99

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New Stuff This Week


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Women In Print #6 by Jennifer Trontz $8

Highgate Eye #7 by Dean Squishman $4

Three Seasons by Monica Sheets $12

In Time by Matt Albertini vol 1 $10

Special Delivery by Adel Souto $4

Cotton Fetish by Robert L. Pepper $6

Comics & Minis

Acid Nun #1 by Corinne Halbert $10

Vacuum Decay #3 April 2021 by Harry Nordlinger, Corinne Halbert & more $10

Violet Goes Into Business by Maisy Byerly $5

Why I Don’t Visit You Part 1 by Shaun Levin $9

Rimeski Comics #16 $3

Graphic Novels

The Secret to Superhuman Strength by Alison Bechdel $24

Billionaires: The Lives of the Rich and Powerful by Darryl Cunningham (D+Q) $24.95

Vulnerability Is My Superpower: An Underpants and Overbites Collection by Jackie E. Davis $14.99

Art Books

Bestiary of the Anthropocene: Hybrid Plants, Animals, Minerals, Fungi, and Other Specimens by DISNOVATION.ORG and Nicolas Nova (Onomatopee) $34.95

Art of Yogisa: Fantasy Illustrations From an Enchanted Bookshop by Yogisya (PIE Books) $29.95

Politics & Revolution

Immunodemocracy: Capitalist Asphyxia by Donatella Di Cesare (Semiotext(e)) $15.95

Disobey!: A Philosophy of Resistance by Frederic Gros $19.95

Nothing Personal: An Essay by James Baldwin $18

Dangerous Ideas: A Brief History of Censorship in the West, from the Ancients to Fake News by Eric Berkowitz $29.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Inside a Magical Lodge: Traditional Lodge Methods for Modern Mages by John Michael Greer $29.95

Sacred Symbol Magic: Harness Their Power for Mind, Body, and Soul by Sarah Bartlett $18

In Ghostly Japan: Japanese Legends of Ghosts, Yokai, Yurei and Other Oddities by Lafcadio Hearn $12.99


Make Shift: Dispatches from the Post-Pandemic Future by Gideon Lichfield (MIT) $19.95

Utopia Avenue: A Novel by David Mitchell $18

Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier $16

Sin Eater: A Novel by Megan Campisi $18

DIY Book

Out of the Chrysalis by Tesia Watkins $20


ID Magazine #362 summer $18.50
Wire #446 april $12.50
Harpers Magazine may $7.99
Mojo #330 $11.99

Other Stuff

LGBTQIA Moon Mission Patches by Michelle Marie Murphy $8