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New Stuff This Week


Tips, Gags & Jokes For Girls In Captivity: A Pressing Concerns Book Mark by Anne Elizabeth Moore (Pressing Concern) $7

Zines by Karina Killjoy:
Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors
Surviving to Thriving: A Trauma Survival Toolkit
Femme Filth #1 & #4

The Wonder of It All #4 Kidding Yourself to Live $3

Late to the Party summer 2020 by Erik Jacobson $3

Consume #2 Fanzine by Caleb $6

Not Like You 80s Skate Photos $8

Not Like You Zine #8 $8

New zines by Kuwa Jasiri Indomela:
Wild Wisdom
Sacred Land

George Floyd by Jesse Greene $20

Spells to Kill Your Boss by Julia Arredondo $8

Excuse Me #3 Stories Art Angst by RW Spryszak & friends $5

zines by Mick Moran:
LOL Dying Stuff: A Zine About Planning End of Life
Disability Manifesto: Thoughts on Crip Value

Skeletor’s Guide to Self-Quarantine by Skeletor (Eternia Press) $6

I Am A Unicorn and I Like to Fight: A Kids Guide to Standing Up to Fascism and Bullies (Eternia Press) $5

Bow Low Ho Bo $1

Comics & Minis

Blood of the Lamb #1 by Sara Guzman and Nevyets $10

New comics by David Soileau and Reginald Soileau

Dame Darcy Meat Cake Calendar 2021 $16

Graphic Novels

Translator Without Talent by Ryan Holmberg (Bubbles Books) $20

Post Apocalyptico by Tenacious D (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Theater of Terror! Revenge of the Queers by Justin Hall and William O. Tyler (Northwest Comics) $29.99

Politics & Revolution

Black Power Afterlives: The Enduring Significance of the Black Panther Party edited by Diane Carol Fujino & Matef Harmachis (Haymarket) $26.95

The Brother You Choose: Panthers, Politics, and Revoltuion by Susie Day (Haymarket) $16.95

Music Books

This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else: Joy Division: The Oral History by Jon Savage


How to Be an Investigative Journalist by Brian Thompson $9.99

Outer Limits

The Temple and the Lodge: The Strange and Fascinating History of the Knights Templar and the Freemasons by Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh (Skyhorse) $17.99

Mindshaft by Steve Finbow (Amphetamine Sulphate) $20

Blackthorn’s Botanical Brews: Herbal Potions, Magical Teas, and Spirited Libations by Amy Blackthorn (Weiser Books) $18.95

The Witches’ Almanac: 50 Year Anniversary Edition: An Anthology of Half a Century of Collected Magical Lore by Andrew Theitic (Witches Almanac, Ltd) $15.95

Magazines & Lit Journals

Tape Op #139 $5.99

The Baffler #53 $14

The Believer #132 $12

In These Times october $4.95

HorrorHound #84 $6.99

VegNews #124 $9.99

Skeptic vol 25 winter $6.95

Elska #30 Sydney Australia $20

Sinister Wisdom #118 $14

New Quimby’s Patch!

Our 29th birthday present to ourselves: new Quimby’s patches!

Flaunt your Chicago love with the most recent iteration of the Quimby’s Bookstore logo patch, inspired by Chris Ware’s iconic art. This most recent patch is outlined with the same salmon color featured inside. Our Quimby’s logo patches are 5-color, 3″ round, heat sealed beauties and crafted by our friends at Patches4Less.


Order them in our webstore here!

New Stuff This Week


Chicago Gets 4 Stars History Zine #2 by Joe Mason $1

Republican Hair August 2019 by Michael Lee Nirenberg $6

The Matrix: A Fanzine by Heather Anacker $4.44

Comics & Minis

Comics from Josh Simmons! Micky $4, Ghouls #1 $1

Bearplane by Ally Shwed $10

Back Piece by Gerardo Alba $10

Burn: A Tale of Ilunea by Zak Kinsella $7

Future #5 by Tommi Musturi (Boing Being) $6

No Pants Revolution #5 Silly Sticker Magic Fun Time by Andrea Pearson $10

Graphic Novels

William Softkey and the Purple Spider by CF (Anthology Editions) $20

Votes for Women: A Comics Anthology, edited by Ally Shwed  (Little Bird Press) $25

Manga Yokai Stories: Ghostly Tales from Japan $14.99

WOODS by Mike Freiheit (Birdcage Bottom Books) $15

Politics, Revolution & Essay Books

Conspiracy to Riot: The Life and Times of One of the Chicago 7 by Lee Weiner (Belt Publishing) $26

Black In the Middle: An Anthology of the Black Midwest, edited by Terrion L. Williamson (Belt Publishing) $20

The Gary Anthology, edited by Samuel A. Love (Belt Publishing) $20

Unflattering Photos of Fascists: Authoritarianism in Trump’s America edited by Christopher Ketcham, photographs by Jeff Schwilk (AK Press) $18

Art Books

Fashion illustration: Outfit of the Day $29.95


Black Card: A Novel by Chris L. Terry (Catapult) $16.95

There Is a Graveyard That Dwells In Man: More Strange Fiction and Hallucinatory Tales by David Tibet & Mark Valentine (Strange Attractor Press) $21.95

Card Catalog by Alistair Ian Blyth (Dalkey Archive) $14.95

Rise of Midnight vol 1 by Sara A. Freites $16.99

Outer Limits

The Day It Finally Happens: Alien Contact, Dinosaur Parks, Immortal Humans and Other Possible Phenomena by Mike Pearl $18

Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: And Other Questions About Dead Bodies by Caitlin Doughty, illustrated by Dianné Ruz $15.95


The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook by Dr. K. Mandrake PhD & Virginia Haze (Green Candy Press) $20

Comestible Seven Day Meal Plan Food as Text by Pat Badani $24.99

Comestible Seven Day Meal Plan Food For Thought $24.99


Wire #439 september $12.50

Harpers Magazine october – Self Storage $7.99

The Monthly Review vol 72 #4 september – Working Class Revolt $6

New Stuff This Week


Slutcake #9 July 2020 by Jolie Ruin $2

Midnight Service: A This and That Tapes Benefit For Mutter Museum $10

Reglar Wiglar #26 $6

Four Anecdotes About David Bowie From My Own Life by Joseph Carlough $3

Comics & Minis

You Don’t Get There From Here #55 by Carrie McNinch $4

Freaky #4 Go Fourth edited by Andrew Goldfarb $5

Comics by Sean Mac

Streetview by Jam $10

Kenny Vs the Dark Web: A Prologue by David Cohn $8

comics and zines by Miss Jacuzzi

Graphic Novels

Contradictions by Sophie Yanow (D+Q) $24.95

Aquatlantic by Giorgio Carpinteri (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Art Books

Ruin Book by Jolie Ruin (Riot Grrrl Press) $15

Music Books

Red Wave: An American in the Soviet Music Underground by Joanna Stingray and Madison Stingray (DoppelHouse) $26.95


Drip issues #3 and #4 $15 each


Out and About: Joe and Katie Walk Around Philly by Joseph Carlough & Katie Haegle $12

You Are an Artist by Bob and Roberta Smith $19.95

Tea Krulos Talks American Madness: The Story of the Phantom Patriot and How Conspiracy Theories Hijacked American Consciousness VIRTUAL EVENT 10/20

Oct ’20
7:30 pm


Q-Anon. Fake News. Bohemian Grove. False flag attacks. Deep state. Crisis actors. Whatever Gate. Is any conspiracy worth the life of a believer?

The mainstream news media struggles to understand the power of social media while conspiracy advocates, malicious political movements, and even foreign governments have long understood how to harness the power of fear and the fear of power into lucrative outlets for outrage and money. But what happens when the harbingers of “inside knowledge” go too far?

In American Madness: The Story of the Phantom Patriot and How Conspiracy Theories Hijacked American Consciousness (Feral House), author Tea Krulos tells the story of one man, Richard McCaslin, who’s fractured thinking made him the ideal consumer of even the most arcane of conspiracy theories. Acting on the daily rants of Alex Jones and his ilk, McCaslin takes matters into his own hands to stop the unseen powers behind the world’s disasters who congregate at conspiracy world’s Mecca- The Bohemian Grove. It all goes wrong with terrible consequences for the man who styled himself-The Phantom Patriot.

McCaslin is not alone, as conspiracy-driven political action has bubbled its way up from the margins of society to the White House. It’s no longer a lone deranged kook convinced of getting secret messages from a cereal box, now its slick videos and well-funded outrage campaigns ready to peddle the latest innuendos and lies in hopes of harnessing the chaos for political gain. What is the long term effect on people who believe these barely believable stories? Who benefits, and who pays the price?

Krulos investigates and explains the power of conspiracy and the resulting shared madness on the American psyche.

Tea Krulos is a Milwaukee-based writer who documents the underground world of fringe sub-cultures. His previous books, Apocalypse Any Day Now-Deep Underground with America’s Doomsday Preppers and Heroes in the Night-Inside the Real Life Super Hero Movement explored the driving beliefs and lives of the people who choose to reject accepted reality and substitute their own.

Join Tea Krulos on Quimby’s Bookstore’s You Tube Channel for an evening of discussion about this book, trivia, weird swag and more!


Watch this preview we did with Tea on Youtube!:

More info:

Facebook Event Post if you get into that kind of thing.

Feral House

Tea Krulos Talks American Madness
Tues, October 20th, 7:30PM CST